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The Ideal Dog Breed For Each MBTI Type

dog breed mbti

Oh, how happy life would be if we could take home every dog in the world.

Sadly, such a noble goal is not humanly possible, so we must be careful when picking our fuzzy best friend and companion. While some people report feeling an instant click with the right dog, some other folks struggle to pick one amidst all the adorable puppies that need love.

So, why not try to pick a friend that matches your personality?

Check your MBTI type and get ready to go. We have some puppies to see.



tibetan terrier infp

Wistful and sweet, an INFP is prone to daydreaming and getting lost in thoughts. Creative and artistic souls, they thrive in quiet and cozy environments, as socialization in large groups is tiresome.

The soulful INFP might find a perfect buddy in the Tibetan Terrier. Originally raised as companions for Tibetan monks, these dogs’ spiritual origins match the inner rich lives of their INFP counterparts.

In temperament, Tibetan Terriers are sweet and kind introverts—while friendly and kind enough to strangers, they are happier with a small family, much like an INFP.


dogue de bordeaux enfjFull of charisma and confidence, ENFJ people are the great leaders of the world—they are bold, outgoing, and willing to do whatever it takes to defend what they believe is right, and are caring enough to do so for everyone’s sake.

The perfect companion of such charismatic leaders is without a doubt the Dogue de Bordeaux. They are natural leaders—fearless, stubborn and powerful. However, they are devoted, protective, sweet and docile with their family.

The Dogue de Bordeaux requires consistent training and extensive socialization, but that’s a piece of cake for a natural-born leader like the ENFJ.


st. bernard infjThose with INFJ personality traits are idealists with a deep morality. Despite being relatively quiet, they do their very best to make the world a better place by working hard for their vision, providing assistance to anyone who may need it.

For these selfless folks, the St. Bernard breed is the perfect match—they are sweet and amiable hard-workers, famous for their rescue work and friendly behavior.

St. Bernards are loyal to a fault and get along with everyone, despite being described as quiet and reserved—terms that INFJs might be all too familiar with.


Golden Retriever enfpPeople with ENFP personality traits are perpetually enthusiastic—they are social butterflies blessed with a positive disposition towards life. Their free-spirit comes from their deep desire to bond with people and enjoy human contact.

Golden Retrievers are, without a doubt, the ENFPs of the dog world. Their empathic nature makes them insightful yet easygoing dogs. They enjoy social situations and crave affection—same affection they give back twofold.

Both ENFPs and golden retrievers find joy in giving love and making others smile, so they are perfect for one another.


newfoundland dog mbtiThoughtful and reliable, ISFJ folks are hardworking and steady, but always for others’ sake—they are silent protectors for what they care about, and their humble and modest disposition means they dislike the spotlight and prefer to work in the background.

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For these shy yet warm guardians, the perfect companion is the Newfoundland. The very definition of gentle giants, they are large and imposing yet intelligent and sweet—they are known for constant heroic acts and fiercely protective behavior, despite their placid disposition.

Loving, and caring, both the Newfoundland and the ISFJ would enjoy each other’s friendship.


welsh corgi pembrokeThe average ESFJ is the heart of their group—popular, supportive and social. They enjoy spending time with their friends and understanding people’s beliefs and needs, all while relying on their own to interact with the world.

For this charismatic type, the ever-popular Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a match made in heaven—energetic, social and friendly, these corgis enjoy attention and meeting new people, something unavoidable with the equally popular ESFJ.

Corgis are friendly and easy to train, so they’d find themselves right at home with the open ESFJ—certainly, the most popular pair at the party.


german shepard mbti No-nonsense, practical and fact-driven, the ISTJ person is dedicated to duty, order and structure. They do their best to achieve their goals, work hard for them, and have little tolerance for inefficiency. They thrive when there is order, loyalty, and stability.

Reliable and responsible, the perfect match for the ISTJ is the German Shepherd. Hard-working dogs, they are not good at being idle and would much rather have something to do, hopefully under clear orders.

Devoted, courageous, and excellent at doing anything they are trained to do—German Shepherds and ISTJs are more similar than otherwise.  



border collie mbti Without a doubt, the ESTJ group is composed of the most organized and structured folks in society. They are outgoing, yet practical and realistic—hard work is their motto, but only when it’s done so in a regulated manner.

ESTJs are the best managers in nature, so their perfect match is the best manager in puppyland—the Border Collie.

Border Collies are famed herding dogs, with the ability to control and manage any unruly sheep. They are hard workers, intelligent, friendly and highly talented—characteristics the ESTJ is bound to enjoy.


chow chow mbti Intellectuals and strategists, INTJs are pragmatic and logical, using analysis to deal with any problem that may come their way. They are not fond of excessive emotionalism and are more comfortable within the realms of rationality and control.

These highly independent folks would form an instant kinship with Chow Chows. Much like them, Chow Chows are aloof, independent and pragmatic, not fond of excessive displays of affection and preferring quiet bonding and proximity.

Loyal and proud, Chow Chows and INTJs would find mutual enjoyment in staying close to one another, without any need for excessive socialization.

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Schipperke mbtiENTPs are often described as the “devil’s advocate”—they are shrewd, witty and charming. Smart and outgoing, they are clever in more ways than one. People may call them the tricksters of the MBTI. They are innovative and enjoy giving creative solutions to problems, but are not too interested in executing them.

For these enthusiastic, crafty folks, the ideal pet is the Schipperke—they are nicknamed the “little black devils”, after all.

Schipperkes are clever and curious, characteristics that make them prone to mischief. ENTPs are bound to appreciate this breed’s independence and creativity, not to mention their energy and loyalty. 


Greyhound dog intpThe absent-minded professors of the world, INTPs are intellectuals that often get lost in thought. They are deeply intelligent, creative and inventive, and don’t enjoy the social experience too much, as they are shy with strangers.

For these quiet analysts, the perfect pet is the Greyhound. While the athletic abilities of this breed may seem like the antithesis of an INTP, the truth is Greyhounds prefer to nap and rest quietly indoors.

They are sweet, quiet and affectionate. Likewise, they require little grooming and training, so they are the perfect companion for the distracted and busy INTP.


Basenji mbti With a commanding personality, ENTJs are natural born leaders. They project authority and confidence, yet tend to keep a rational head upon their shoulders. They are determined and often work hard to achieve their goals, all while being strategic about it.

Setting this bold and brash personality type next to the daring Basenji is like watching two peas in a pod. Basenjis are independent and hard to train, yet they are bound to submit to the authority of an ENTJ.

Smart, bold, fun and loyal, the Basenji will provide the ENTJ with a highly energetic and playful companion for life.


french bulldog mbti Restless and creative, ISTPs gain knowledge by working. They enjoy decoding problems and implementing the solution themselves, making them the most natural mechanics and engineers in the world.

French Bulldogs are the perfect match for ISTPS—free thinkers that are stubborn and curious. They are not the most disciplined of all, but that rambunctiousness is something ISTPs enjoy.

They thrive indoors and don’t need much exercise, so they are the perfect companions for the ISTPs whenever they get lost in their brand new favorite project. Similarly, they enjoy being near their human and will provide the ISTP the warmth and love they need.


Beagle mbti No one likes to live on the edge more than an ESTP. They live to have fun, and enjoy being the center of attention—they do first, think later. Spontaneous behavior is their rule, and they dislike being tied down.

Beagles share many of these traits, making them ideal dogs for the adventurous and perceptive ESTP. Beagles get bored if left alone for long, so they would enjoy having a fun-seeking owner.

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Likewise, they are known for being gentle and loving, yet spontaneous and independent—traits that are also prominent in the outgoing and friendly ESTP. 



labrador mbtiISFPs have artistic souls. They are free-spirited, spontaneous and unpredictable because they live to experiment. Despite being introverts, they enjoy adventures and explorations, so they dislike being caged in or repressed.

For these wild and creative personalities, the Labrador is the ideal dog.

They are highly energetic pets that love to explore and discover new places and activities—they like to have fun, and hyperactivity is their second name. Likewise, they are incredibly loyal and perceptive, not to mention affectionate, so they will enjoy assisting their ISFP owners in their constant adventures.


Papillon mbtiESFPs are the life of the party wherever they go—they belong in the spotlight, and they know it. They thrive when in social situations, for they are very perceptive about others’ emotions and moods.

It is no coincidence that the biggest social butterflies match the Papillon. Both are fun-loving, in a perpetually good mood and curious. Papillon dogs are energetic and social—they are distraught when left alone, much like ESFP folks.

Thanks to their love for attention and affection, both ESFPs and Papillon dogs will find in one another the best companion and partner they can imagine.



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