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The Worst Enemy of Each MBTI Type

mbti enemies

Here is a an account of what the worst enemy for each Myers Briggs type probably looks like.


The arch nemesis of the INFJ is the toxic family member, friend or loved one who has a foothold on INFJ’s heart and knows how to manipulate them well. INFJs may be prime targets for sociopaths who sense their empathy. Narcissists and sociopathic types can charismatically weasel their way into INFJ’s life, earning their trust only to exploit or betray them later on.


The overbearing authority is the bane of INFP’s existence. INFP cannot stand feeling controlled or dictated by someone else and their rebellious side will emerge in response to tyranny. They are free souls who kind of drift around in their own world. INFP despises the pushy micromanager and task master who tries to regiment their way of life and stifle their creativity..


The worst adversary for an INTJ, is another INTJ who is much better at being INTJ than they are. Because of their rarity in the population, INTJs may feel accustomed to feeling like they are a cut above the people surrounding them. Should they have the misfortune of encountering a super-INTJ, who can beat them at their own game, it might put a serious dent in their ego and knock them off their elitist pedestal.


The antithesis of INTP is someone who does not answer to, respect, acknowledge, or utilize logic. INTPs can win the war of ideas and submit adversaries with logic-chokeholds, but only against opponents who understand when they’ve lost the argument. Irrational zombies never yield to logic and cannot be defeated through reason alone. Arguing with them is a waste of time so it is best that INTP avoid them by all means or risk being dragged down to their level.


The worst enemy of the ENFJ is pretty much anyone who knows too much about them, judges them harshly and has the power to turn everyone against them. ENFJ may have a certain image they want to maintain in the eyes of others which is a part of their desire to be valued and loved by other people. A nosy, scrutinizing person who might maliciously dig up ENFJs embarrassing skeletons and expose their insecurities and flaws would pose a serious threat to their social dignity.

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The worst enemy to the ENFP would be the fake and/or self righteous person who tries to persecute ENFP for being different or true to themselves. ENFPs have their own special vibe and way of expression that most people appreciate, but some don’t. ENFPs may run into certain haters or close minded individuals who try to take them steam out of ENFP’s dreams and passions. Whether it is coming from an authority figure or peer, this something that ENFP will likely encounter at some point.


The worst foe to the ENTJ is basically a more powerful ENTJ competitor. Being outdone and outperformed at what they do best is something that no ENTJ is liable to take lightly. Although they respect and even admire competence and excellence in other people, this is mainly only when it is not in direct opposition to them. A formidable adversary who is operating in the same lane as them can push ENTJ to their limits as a calculating mastermind.


The worst enemy to the ENTP is the politically correct virtue signaller who wants to put ENTP in a cognitive strait-jacket. ENTPs for the most part, pride themselves on their maverick persona and propensity for saying clever and sometimes ribald things that sensitive and uptight types may take offense to. ENTP has some social awareness in how far they should push boundaries, but letting other people try and sterilize, water down and rein in their words is an affront to their creative spirit.


The worst foe to the ISFJ is anyone or anything that threatens an upheaval to their settled and comfortable way of life. This may take the form of a change in management at their place of work or radical politicians who want to change their world. ISFJs tend to dislike big changes and often take a long time to adjust and acclimate to them. Even then, their strong memories will likely always view the past more favorably than the present or future.


For the ISTJ, the worst enemy is likely to be the unpredictable and incompetent boss who doesn’t respect or appreciate the ISTJ’s diligent work and contributions. ISTJ may become resentful when they are beholden to anyone who occupies a higher position of power or authority but is apparently less capable or competent.



The ESFJ’s worst adversary is likely to be someone who scrutinizes and questions the rational of their judgment such as an INTP would. ESFJs may often get called out by certain thinking types who disagree with their decision choices. ESFJs tend to stand by their harmony-based values and often view those who are logic-focused  as insensitive, contentious and harmful to the social dynamic of a group.


The worst enemy to the ESTJ is likely to be a rival ESTJ or ENTJ. Someone who threatens their status and place within their group or community either through out-performing them and making them look bad or by standing in the way and preventing them from attaining the amount of control they desire.


The worst enemy to the ESTP is the cunning Ni-using enemy who can foresee outcomes that ESTP is too impatient to consider properly. It can be difficult to beat an ESTP at their own game. Competing on their level can be hard since they are good at reacting quickly and shooting from the hip with accuracy. A good long range thinker can out-strategize and entrap the ESTP in the long run.


The worst adversary to the ISTP is probably the intrusive person who violates their space or has a tendency to get too personal and deep into the ISTP’s business. ISTPs like to maintain a certain buffer between them and other people since managing emotion and feeling-based connections are often uncomfortable for them. Anyone who has the ability to access and expose their emotional vulnerabilities and insecurities is a threat to the ISTP’s quantum of solace.


The worst enemy to the ESFP is the restrictive and conservative person who holds them back from doing what they want to do. ESFPs want to be free and able to experience life as they want and so for them, being cloistered or prohibited by strict and unapproving authorities will frustrate them deeply. As far as they are concerned, life is meant to be lived and they do want to be robbed of excitement and fun because of some stodgy rules or traditions.

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The arch nemesis of the ISFP is the strict taskmaster. People who try to dictate what they should and how they should do it is antithetical to the ISFP’s free flowing and independent nature. They dislike being told what to do in general and prefer to have latitude to be trusted enough to do what’s needed without any micro managers hovering over their every move.

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