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Aries Zodiac Sign: 25 Things To Know About The Ram

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Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. It is ruled by the planet of passion, Mars and is symbolized by a headstrong animal, the Ram. It is mostly an April zodiac sign but starts from March 21 through April 19. Aries is the cardinal sign that ushers in the Spring season, the time of rebirth and revival. The Aries zodiac sign represents new beginnings and daring enterprise. Aries eminent personalities include: Jackie Chan, Eddie Murphy, Robert Downey Jr., Hugh Hefner, Lady Gaga, Leonardo da Vinci and Akon.

 2.  Aries Is Their Own Boss.

aries is the boss

Rams ultimately want to be in control over their destiny and are not keen on having other people direct them or tell them what to do. Aries is able to be an excellent team player when they need to be so long as they respect their team mates and appointed leadership. Aries’ headstrong nature may sometimes clash with the demands and expectations of authority figures, forcing Aries no choice but to leave and go their own way. This zodiac sign doesn’t like being beholden to anyone for their livelihood and many Rams strive to build their financial independence through entrepreneurship and risky but lucrative ventures.


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