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The Hidden Superpower of Each MBTI Type

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In the real world, there are no Spidermen, no mutants or hulking radioactive brutes to protect earth. However, although no one can fire pulsar beams from their palms or leap tall buildings in a single bound, your MBTI type imbues you with special powers that come with great responsibility. Here’s what hidden superpower you have according to your Myers Briggs Personality Type.

INFJ – The Power to Finish People’s Sentences.

INFJs are psychic like Professor Xavier in that they can foresee the end of your sentences before you do. They can do this because their Ni intercepts your thoughts by picking up the micro-signals in your facial map that they can then subconsciously and instantaneously decipher into coherent language.

INFP – The Ability to Communicate with Animals.

Only INFPs know the depths of wisdom and knowledge contained in the animal kingdom. Scientists have to study animals intently just to get an ounce of understanding about them. But this is just a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of intel an INFP can extract directly. INFPs are our ambassadors to the Animal Kingdom because they are the only people animals are comfortable sharing their secrets with.

INTJ – The Ability To Hide In Plain Sight.

INTJs don’t need an invisibility cloak because they have meta camouflage. They’re so stealthy and stoic that you forget they’re standing next to you collecting data and quietly judging you for every dumb statement that escapes your pitiful pie-hole. For this reason, INTJs make excellent spies and agents of espionage.

INTP – The Ability to Solve The Big Problem.

Oh no! The universe is collapsing! This looks like a job for INTP. Because of their unassuming nature and tendency to operate in the background, people may often underestimate INTP until they chime in with the perfect answer to a problem that had everyone else flummoxed. This is why INTPs can appear like heroic dark horses who step to the fore at just the right time. In this regard, an INTP is like an intellectual superman masquerading as Clark Kent. They only reveal the magnitude of their true power when they find a worthwhile goal to obsessively focus on.

ENFJ – The Ability to Form Their Own Legion.

ENFJs have the ability to inspire people around their vision and goals. They know how to speak to the heart of the people and affect them emotionally. This is why they could potentially become powerful leaders of their own cult following. With their army of brainwashed sheep, ENFJs could conceivably become a danger if they used this power for malevolent purposes.

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ENFP – The Power To Read Other People’s energy.

ENFPs have special antennae for detecting the energy in a room and adjusting themselves as needed. They know right away when they are dealing with negative energy and people who likely have bad intentions. It is like a social spider-sense that allows them to dodge curve balls that haters throw their way and either launch a reprisal or defuse the situation with charm.

ENTJ – The Ability to Make People Give Them Money.

When ENTJ sees INTP eating ramen and panhandling outside the laboratory they work at, they look upon them with great condescending pity. “Making money is so easy”, ENTJ will think to themself. “Why isn’t everyone wealthy like I am?” Everybody and their mother’s parole officer knows that the ENTJ is statistically the highest earning MBTI type, so clearly ENTJs know something most of us haven’t figured out. Fortunately there are ENTJs who will happily share their secrets in the form of a 27 step program that you can purchase for a nice hefty sum.

ENTP – The Power of Persuasion.

Because of their crafty way with words, a clever ENTP could probably convince many people that the moon is made of cheese despite all evidence to the contrary. If anyone can find a compelling argument for an absurd assertion, it is the ENTP. Whether or not they actually believe what they are saying, ENTPs have the ability to make a strong or persuasive case for almost anything they choose which can be very useful when talking their way out of a sticky situation.

ISFJ – The Power To Heal.

ISFJs have Jesus-like healing abilities. They have the mysterious x-factor for reviving and restoring living creatures back to health. Chicken soup prepared by an ISFJ is far more potent than that prepared by any other type. This is because they make it with ISFJ love which is the secret ingredient that turns all their concoctions into miracle potions.

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ISTJ – The Power To Absorb Vast Amounts of Useless Data.

ISTJs have super memory and can soak up facts and details like an industrial grade sponge. They are good at studying and retaining volumes of encyclopedic information and then keep it all in proper order inside their noggins. ISTJs are the trivia masters who can use that mnemonic gift to make a fortune winning Jeopardy tournaments.

ESFJ – The Ability To Construct A Strong Defense.

ESFJs are good planners and this allows them to anticipate and prepare accordingly. They emphasize conservative defensive strategies meant to protect and sustain rather than attack and destroy. ESFJs instinctively understand what’s needed in order to maximize the safety, comfort and wellbeing of the group.

ESTJ – The Power To Intimidate.

Even though they can be very humorous, ESTJs have a strong willed and forceful presence. This can make them intimidating to others especially when ESTJ becomes a hypercritical efficiency-tyrant. It is hard to argue with an ESTJ because they tend to be obstinate and because they often acquire more money and resources than most people, this can give them more leverage, credibility and clout that intimidates others.

ISTP – The Ability To Master Any Tool.

ISTPs are the weapon masters of the MBTI who can both forge and utilize almost tool. Their special skill is their ability to manipulate physical objects. They understand how things work and how to make great use of it. They have the blueprint for excalibur inside their head and once it is built, they will become the most qualified expert to use it as well.

ISFP – The Power To Beautify Anything.

ISFPs have the Midas touch when it comes to style and design. They are like makeover doctors. They can take one look at an unaesthetic mess and make an instant diagnosis. They know instinctively what is needed to remedy the situation and turn something that is visually offensive into something that is visually stunning.

ESTP – The Power To Achieve the Impossible.

ESTPs are the ones you should almost never bet against or underestimate. They thrive on ambitious challenges that promise a big payoff. Haters and naysayers may guffaw when they hear about ESTP’s aspirations or intentions. They try to discourage ESTP, saying things like “That’s impossible” or “That will never happen”. ESTP relishes seeing the haters jaws drop after being proven wrong.

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ESFP – The Ability To Make Anything Exciting.

ESFPs know how to jazz up just about any drab and boring situation with their playful humor and great taste. They naturally know what is needed to bring things to life and attract more people. With their charm and charisma, they could sell garlic to a Vampire or a kryptonite wrist watch to Superman. For this reason, they are excellent marketing people and can use their powers to make companies a boatload of money.


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