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INFJ in Love: 6 Things To Love About INFJ.

infj in love

When it comes to love and romance, INFJs have a lot to offer. They are fairy tail romantics with lofty ideals. They are emotionally complex and enigmatic. To woo them, you will have to prove yourself an interesting and layered individual in your own right. Getting to know them better can be a challenge, but those who do will likely find it rewarding. Here are 6 reasons why INFJs are great.

1. They Understand You (Sometimes Better Than You Do).

Like a Wheel of Fortune contestant who miraculously guesses the right answer with only one letter as a clue, INFJs can figure out what you’re thinking or feeling with very little information to go by. INFJs read people well and can detect a lot of the non-verbal signals and telegraphing that gives us away. While this can make some people feel scrutinized, this feature of the INFJ personality contributes to their gift for making people feel seen, understood and listened to. They don’t simply take people’s words at face value but instead read between the lines and consider what’s not being said. They have a special knack for teasing out what’s really on our mind when we aren’t being completely honest or transparent.

2. They Take Interest in Your Interests.

INFJs like to feel closer to their partners by showing interest in the hobbies and interests that they enjoy. INFJs are willing to make an effort to learn and develop appreciation for what their friends and loved ones find interesting as a way of building deeper bonds with them. Consequently, the information INFJs acquire from studying their partner’s interests, makes them very good at knowing what types of gifts will make them happiest. INFJs are great listeners and can surprise their partners with what they can remember from the conversations, stories and comments their loved ones shared with them.

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3. INFJs Are Faithful and Devoted.

Although INFJs can engage in some casual dating, and short term flings, they are more interested in finding “the one”. Someone they can see themselves with “until death do they part”. For this reason, INFJs are very selective and can tolerate the single life for as long as needed until they can find “Mr. or Ms. Right”. INFJs take commitments seriously and so once they’ve decided they want to be with you, it really means something and you should feel honored. Furthermore, INFJ’s loyalty can make them willing to stick by their partners and support them even when they are at their worst. Their moral integrity and idealistic values make them unwilling to easily give up or abandon the people they care about even when it might be convenient to do so.

4. INFJs Are Encouraging and Supportive.

Toxic people are the bane of INFJ’s existence. INFJs seek to provide the positive sentiment that they would appreciate from others. As a partner, INFJs are keen on providing words of encouragement and positive reinforcement even when giving criticism. INFJs have a knack for inspiring and uplifting others rather than put them down harshly. Their empathic nature allows them to give fair consideration for other people’s perspective. They often know just the right thing to say or do to cheer you up when you’re down. At other times, it is their ability to simply listen and be a shoulder to cry on or be the sympathetic ear to vent to that makes them great.

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5. INFJs Desire to Improve Their Relationship.

INFJs are ever on the lookout for new ways to better themselves, not just for their own sake but for that of others as well. The perfectionist in them compels INFJ to be a better parent, a better lover, a better professional. They work hard on their relationships and when things get a little rocky, they are willing to take a step back to understand where it went wrong. INFJs are inclined to look mostly within themselves to see what they can do to improve rather than just play the blame game. Furthermore, INFJs are rather insightful and good at identifying areas to work on. They are willing to compromise and although they can be stubborn about certain things, they are not necessarily content to have their way if it comes at their loved one’s expense.

6. Patient and Tolerant.

INFJs are rather accepting of others faults and shortcomings. INFJ partners can feel comfortable confiding in them and being themselves without getting shamed or put down for it. INFJs strive to be honest, both with themselves and others and seek not to betray whatever trust people put in them. Moreover, INFJs exercise patience and empathy where many other people might be quick to criticize or impute ill-intent. INFJs tend to appreciate quirks and differences among people rather than judge them for it. By the same token, people who first meet and want to get to know the INFJ may need to have patience of their own. INFJs may need some time before they open up to people and come out of their protective shell. Even those who’ve known them for a while may still feel as though there is a lot about the INFJ that they don’t understand and perhaps never will.

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