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Mercury Retrograde Explained

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Who’s Afraid of Mercury Retrograde?

It’s in fashion to blame Mercury retrograde for everything, even for things Mercury doesn’t rule, but Mercury really can’t affect that many things. Think papercuts, not stab wounds. Mercury is the planet of little things, so Mercury retrograde affects little things. It causes misunderstandings, misinterpretations, mistakes, and missing details.

That doesn’t mean that these little things could be the catalyst to a big problem, like not reading a contract thoroughly before signing, but it doesn’t cause tsunamis or deadly epidemics.

The best thing to do is to take on less and be patient. This isn’t a time to stretch yourself or juggle a lot of things. It is a time, however, to focus on fewer things that require more dedicated observation. Instead of completing all the tasks on your to-do list and screwing them up, focus on one or two big things, and don’t sweat the small stuff. Continue reading

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