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Short horror story about a mad scientist

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A. James Harris-Dodder

In most cases, much research is needed to understand that which we cannot explain. Years of study and long nights compiling information are a given. Luckily, that is not the case in this story. Parasites need no introduction to mankind. We drain the earth’s supply of life, just to maintain our exsistence. It was only a matter of time before it fought back with something no one could restrain.

It’s necessary that I get to the point, as I may not be around much longer to document my findings. My name is doctor Carlive Greene, biologist, botanist, and master surgeon. I’ve become, through the years, am esteemed heart and brain surgeon, as well as having a knack for discovering new flora. I’ve traveled to South America, most of Europe, and the more civilized parts of Africa.

This study began after my discovery of a new member of the Cuscuta, also known as Dodder, family.It’s a parasitic plant that attaches itself to the vascular system of others to feed. All previous members of the genus posed no threat to mammals, or any other “living” organism. All of that changed when I stumbled upon a new addition to the family. Villagers in a fairly civilized, rural African town were shocked beyond reason when their livestock began to die suddenly. I was asked to assess the situation, and my studies concluded that an unknown type of vine had become carnivorous and attack the animals.

At first the locals, along with my colleagues, thought me mad for even suggesting such a preposterous idea. It took months of horribly irritating trips back and forth, with countless skeptical scientists, for them to realize I was right. I was asked to bring a specimen back to my laboratory to study, and that is where this experiment began. Through numerous tests, I discovered the cause of the plant’s sudden transformation. It’s environment severely changed when the natives began harvesting wood. One fateful day, one of the men working accidently caused a fire to spark, killing off the majority of the plant life. As the workers began the clean up process, many of them were injured due to their lack of modern technology. When their injuries occurred, their blood naturally fell to the ground, which is where the vine was introduced to it. Since this was the only source of nutrition it could find, it gradually evolved the ability to actively seek out other sources of blood.

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As my studies continued, it became increasingly apparent to me that I must cancel all of my other work. I became obsessed with this new oddity, studying it’s every action. I spent the majority of my funding purchasing animals for it to feed on. After a few months, my funds had run out, but I knew my studies had to continue. I began searching for new sources of blood for the plant.

I knew a friend who owned a blood bank, him owning the one key to the facilities. I brought him to dinner, waiting patiently for him to use the restroom, before I drugged his drink. When he fell asleep in his car, I stole the key and raided the bank. This kept my specimen satisfied for quite awhile, but also forced me into seclusion. I was a wanted man, and I could not risk losing all I’d worked for.

I was able to take a couple pints of blood from myself everyday for awhile, but it was obvious that this would not last. I began searching through adds online for people interested in casual sex. Since my lab was at least an hour away from any city, most people saw this as a great way to not get caught. I prepared three rooms specifically designed to hold them in. After weeks of careful planning, everything was ready. All three individuals were convinced they were attending an orgy, and I took extra steps to make sure my guests never suspected a thing once they arrived. I had two call girls to keep the charade going when they entered the lab.

All they saw were fine curtains, expensive furniture, and priceless art, all being counterfeit versions I had ordered. As they made small talk with the girls, I released gas into the room, causing them to lose consciousness. I drug the girls off first, burying them in the dirt around the vines. It didn’t take long for them to be fully drained. After this, I brought each person to their respective room. My group consisted of very specifically chosen subjects: a husky American male, a lanky Asian male, and a female body builder from Kenya. Our first subject, the American male, died of a massive heart attack not long after waking. Once he fell lifelessly upon the ground, the Dodder attacked. It began to feed, but very quickly shriveled and died.

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Our next subject was the small framed Asian man. He fought hard to get out, which roused the plant, causing it to lunge towards him. After an hour had passed, all traces of the man had vanished, and the plant went back to resting. Which brings us to our final subject, the Kenyan woman. She managed to severely damage the glass through which I was observing. In doing so, she violently swung her arm upwards, smashing out the light fixture. I was unable to see anything for several minutes, only hearing screaming and rustling sounds. Once I was able to find a flashlight, I moved slowly towards the examining room. As I began to open the door, something rammed it, forcefully swinging it completely off the hinges. I scrambled backwards, frantically trying to regain my footing. As I did so, a vine twice the size of all of the others lunged towards me. I jumped far enough back to avoid it, and locked myself in the closest empty room.

As I write this, I am still in that very room. Since I began writing this down, the vine has managed to shake all but one hinge from the door. I must hurry my conclusion, for soon I will be with all the rest who fell victim to this monstrosity. I have concluded, after all above stated tests and findings, that our species no longer reigns supreme. In a very short time, all of you will be in a room similar to this one, awaiting your demise, Live while you can, because man is no longer the dominant parasite. We have become the dominant prey.

Jetta Moon

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