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The G-Spot of Each Zodiac Sign

zodiac sign g spot


Aries’ G-spot is on their face and scalp. Aries men and women love having their hair combed and played with. Gently stroke their melon and nibble on their earlobes like a hungry chipmunk. Now rub their forehead like a magic lamp. Massage in a circular motion and then tease their face with a feather like you’re dusting furniture. Lightly run your finger from the base of their skull to the top of the head until they climax.


Taurus’ G-spot is located on their neck and throat, so this is where you should direct a lot of attention. Sneak up behind them, reach around and grab them by the larynx. Pull them close to you like you’re taking them hostage. Now suck on their neck like Dracula. Taurus is prone to getting hickies because they love getting their neck kissed on. Go ahead and massage their voice box and lymph nodes and then work the neck muscles to release tension after a hard day’s work.


For Gemini, the hands and arms are the most receptive to erotic stimuli. Gemini women especially like having their hands kissed like a fair lady of the Victorian era. For Gemini, clasping palms with another person is a very intimate and arousing experience. High fives and handshakes also turn them on. Go ahead and grab them by the wrists and raise their arms above their head. Now lightly blow on their armpits. The sensation of air on their pits is very stimulating for them. Another technique is to take two fingers and walk them up and down their arm from palm to pit like a spider.


Cancer’s erotic zone is the chest and stomach. Go ahead and grab a handful of titty or pectoral and knead it very sensually like a perverted baker. Males of this sign like it when you stroke their chest hair and twirl it around your fingers like pasta. Don’t forget the nips. Take your index finger and lightly graze the area around the nipple called the areola. Cancers also like having their tummy rubbed. However, many Cancers prefer to have their stomach stimulated from the inside, with food. For Cancer, a good meal prepared by a lover is basically foreplay.

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Leo’s G-spot is their heart and spine. Stimulating the heart can be done surgically or with a defibrillator but we don’t recommend that, so let’s focus on the back. Leos love a vigorous back massage. Have them lie on their stomach and work their spine with the thumbs and base of your palms in a circular motion. Work it so good, it rattles their chakra and sends shivers up and down their kundalini. You can also give them a sponge bath and scrub their hyde with a luffa. Don’t neglect the buns.


Virgo’s G-spot is their nervous and limbic system. You can stimulate this by making them feel anxious or embarrassed in an erotic context. People of this sign are turned on by sensual humiliation. Role play with them and treat them like your lap dog. Assert control and dominance. Give them stupid commands and have them perform demeaning things for your amusement. A lot of female Virgos are into BDSM and secretly wish someone would put them through the ringer, 50 Shades of Grey style.


Libra’s G-spot is their lower lumbar region and buns. Many Librans are blessed with abundant buns and they like to have them serviced. Go ahead and play patty-cake with their cheeks. Beat those buns like a bongo. Libras get turned on when you put your hand on the small of their back or give their rump a loving pat and squeeze. With Libra, balance is very important, so whatever you do to one cheek, you must also do unto the other.

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When it comes to Scorpio, the family jewels are where it’s at. Direct all your attention on the reproductive organs and forget about the rest. They enjoy scissoring and ambush reach-arounds. Scorpios also enjoy an element of sadomasochism in the bedroom. A little bit of aggression, bondage and teasing will take them to the edge of ecstasy.


The thighs and hips are Sagittarius’ erogenous zone. Sagittarians often have athletic and toned hips and thighs. Their hip mobility is usually impressive and allows them to thrust and work the middle like a pro. Activate their passion by showing their thighs some love. Give their quads and hip flexors a deep tissue massage that warms their muscles up for the main event.


When it comes to Capricorn, the pleasure center is in the bones joints and knee caps. They literally get weak in the knees when you stimulate them right. The back part of the knee is sensitive and responsive to sensual massage. During foreplay, incorporate maneuvers that require joint flexibility like that found in yoga. Capricorns also enjoy playful biting of different body parts like a wild animal.


The Aquarius G-spot is their lower leg region comprising the calves, ankles and shins. Aquarians are believed to often have well-shaped, sexy ankles that you just want to sink your teeth into like a chicken drumstick. Stimulate the calf muscle with a vigorous massage.and rub it down with various ointments and liniments. Don’t forget to shave their legs. Aquarians love the sensation of rubbing smooth legs together with another person.


Pisces’ erogenous zone is their feet so if you have a foot fetish, you’re in luck. To turn on a Pisces, go ahead and pamper their tootsies. Slide off their chanclas and give them a sensual foot bath and a pedicure. There is also a spiritual significance to the act of humbly cleansing someone’s feet. It is a common custom for the bride and groom to wash each other’s feet on their wedding day. Once they are nice and clean, feel free to put their foot in your mouth and suck on each little piggy. They also love to play footsies under the table, it’s one of their favorite forms of flirting.

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