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What is Stefan Molyneux’s MBTI Type?

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stefan molyneux mbti type

Stefan Molyneux is a philosopher, author and host of the Freedomain Radio podcast. Since 2006, his youtube channel has amassed a substantial audience with over 225,000,000 views as of Feb 2018. But what is Stefan’s MBTI personality? Here is a look at what MBTI type he might be based on some function stack analysis.

Introvert or Extravert?

Molyneux appears to be an extravert. He speaks very fast and seems pretty comfortable with public speaking. He is verbose and seems to relish the practice of communicating to an audience be it live and in person or over an internet broadcast. He is pensive and thoughtful, but on the whole, responds very quickly and doesn’t take very long to process things in his head.  He seems to be comfortable articulating his thoughts out loud. Even introverts who manage to become good public speakers still tend to exhibit more reservation and measuredness in their speaking style than what Molyneux typically shows.

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