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Love Defined By Each Myers Briggs Type

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via deviantart
via deviantart

“Love is in the air”.by Gingershots

INTJ: Love is being comfortable with someone and being secure in the knowledge that your lives are planned in a similar direction.

INTP: Love should be perfect, and nothing less. I won’t settle. I want someone to truly show me they love me.

ENTJ: Love is letting two lives spontaneously collide and letting life happen as you navigate your way through your relationship and your individual lives.

ENTP: Love is the feeling of knowing you’re truly accepted and fully understood.

INFJ: I will fall in love when I can find someone who is equal to me in both passion and intellect.

INFP: I can only be open with the people I love, if I can express myself openly with someone, I know I love them. I only ask to be understood and accepted in return.

ENFJ: I want someone who will admire me and tell me they think I’m great and I can grab their butt if they say it’s okay so that’s really cool.

ENFP: It’s rare that I fall in love, but when I am in love with someone I give them my entire world. I feel what they feel. I would do anything to make them feel special.

ISTJ: Love is the best way to feel secure in your old age and to create a secure family unit someday.

ISFJ: If someone loves me, they will be interested in the people in my life, and will want to know about every aspect of me.

ESTJ: If someone loves me enough, they will pay attention to me as much as I want, and they will prioritize my needs.

ESFJ: I can’t give anyone enough trust to love them unless they perform a romantic gesture for me so that everyone knows they’re dedicated to me.

ISTP: Love can happen spontaneously, but it takes a lot of work and dedication to make it stay sweet. If I fall in love, I will stay in love even if it turns sour.

ISFP: Love is like a work of art, it is constantly changing, growing, creating itself between two people, like a living organism. Love is dangerous but it’s not worth living without.

ESTP: I just want someone who can keep up with my lifestyle with the same amount of energy as me 🙂

ESFP: I require a lot of space to live as an individual in order to not feel smothered in a relationship.

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