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12 Shades of ENTP: MBTI & the Zodiac

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]o two ENTPs are completely alike. Sure they may all qualify as ENTP, but to what degree? Variations among the MBTI types have been attributed to factors such as maturity and level of development of the type’s composite functions. But what if astrology signs played a role as well? Most people are likely to have known their astrology sign long before learning about their MBTI type. It is possible that some people’s self image may be heavily shaped by their understanding of their astrology sign and consequently may behave more like their sign simply because they believe it. Some individuals might feel their zodiac sign really resonates with who they truly are but is it a coincidence or evidence of something more?

Here is an interpretation of how the ENTP personality type may vary under each of the 12 zodiac signs.

ENTP Libra

The Libra ENTP is probably well suited for practicing law because they are skilled at forming comprehensive arguments and they place high importance on justice and fairness. The ENTP Libra likely seeks harmony in their lives and they are able to utilize tact and diplomacy to minimize conflict. They are probably very romantic and possess a fine appreciation for beauty and exquisite quality. These ENTPs may possess an artful way with words that allows them to be skilled in writing and poetry. They are likely connoisseurs of many things and aficionados who know a lot about everything. They are likely to be very nice individuals who get on well with most people. The Libra ENTP is probably very charming and well spoken and they know what buttons to push to get the reactions they want. It is likely they have no shortage of friends and may even have a significant number of romantic admirers.


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