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Here Is Your 2018 Career Outlook Based On Zodiac Sign

career prospects in 2018 for each zodiac sign

2018 Career Prospects Based on Zodiac Sign

For the most part 2018 is actually a great work year, as Saturn comes home to Capricorn. Mars, Saturn, and Pluto conjuncting Saturn in the first part of the year either frustrated or consolidates efforts to get ahead. Narrowing focus and being patient and picky about what you do is how you win.

This year, we’re all tasked with figuring out what’s a winner, what’s a loser, and which of those winners do we make a commitment. Uranus enters Taurus and then retrogrades back into Aries, and material wealth and security is turned upside down, seemingly out of the blue, and those who identify with their wealth will find themselves the worst off.

However, as will all Uranus transits, any change that happens is wished for deep down, even if it doesn’t turn out as expected. The good news is that Jupiter enters Sagittarius near the end of the year, making luck come a little more naturally for those who have been on the right path. Here is a brief look at what 2018 means for each zodiac sign as far as career and income is concerned.

Aries Career in 2018:

This is a year to make or break, as 2018 and 2019 will test your meddle and make you earn your success. Focus on one goal, but expect setbacks and hurdles. Giving up means losing everything. Frustration is not an omen; it’s a sign that you have to be more practical. Set realistic goals and meet them before you move on. You may have to concede to authority figures, but once you earn their respect, they’ll help you.

Taurus Career in 2018:

2018 is a year of personal revolution, and your persona and public image may change, with or without your consent. You may completely change directions, perhaps from something more self-serving to something more humanitarian or from something practical to something more self-expressive. Don’t expect the changes to be gradual or even of your own making: let go and embrace change, because that’s how the magic happens, and you can do things you never dreamed.

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Gemini Career in 2018:

If your focus is material gain, 2018 won’t deliver, but if you want to grow as a person and have a career that is meaningful, this year will make these things unfold. Ambition is low but dreams are lofty. This is a time of self-discovery by reaching into the darkness and feeling your way. Confusion over who you want to be in the world, or revealing your essence, may attract generous people who want to help you.

Cancer Career in 2018:

2018 is not quite letting go of some of the wonderful and scary weirdness of the previous years. Holding onto the past – past ambitions, past dreams, and past social stratum – will only hold back your career. Break away from those people who limit you because they make you think you have limitations you don’t actually have. Those fears are theirs, not yours. Test you courage by going for jobs, clients, or gigs you might otherwise think you can’t do.

Leo Career in 2018:

There’s a growing dissatisfaction with your career, especially if you only work for the weekends, but also if you don’t feel that the real you is shining through. Self-sabotage, or sudden changes in direction can occur, and you may want to blame it on someone else. If you quit, or are fired, or dissolve a business, it’s because you want it that way, and you want to give yourself no alternatives but to take a different route with your career.

Virgo Career in 2018:

The struggle and setbacks you may have felt internally that reflected back on your career and ambition is easing up. Now is the time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Networking and schmoozing will lead to disappointment, so make people want to work with you based on what you can do for them. Ultimately, what you want now is security, and you may get it by the end of the year.

Libra Career in 2018:

This is a great year for planning, but no much execution. Brainstorming, building, and biding time will allow you to find your success in the coming years. Focus on what you believe about yourself that may be holding you back. Moving away – or looking for greener pastures – may seem like the only alternative to getting anyone to really notice your talents, though the prospect of uprooting is a bittersweet one, especially if you have family.

Scorpio Career in 2018:

This could be your career year if you don’t expect too much at once. You can grow a great deal as a person, which reflects on your career. The rat race matters less, and you want to shine on your own terms. This is a good time to figure out who you are, what your unique gifts are, and how to find or make a career that fits around you, not trying to figure out how to stuff yourself into a career.

Sagittarius Career in 2018:

Your luck is going to come back this year, though you my not be your usual carefree self. Staying organized in your personal and public life may prove difficult, and they’ll blur, especially if you work independently in some way. Money comes slowly, and working hard on a few big things now will pay off in the end. It’s possible that you’re working on two separate career paths. Can you blend them, or do you give up one?

Capricorn Career in 2018:

For the last few years, the foundation of your life may have changed in radical ways, often without your help. Now, you’re tasked with creating something new in 2018. Your assets and connections will help you get what you want, and you have an enormous drive to win. You may climb to the top out of sheer will, though the top may be something much different than it was a few years ago.

Aquarius Career in 2018:

This is probably going to be a year of change, particularly in your relationships. These could be the catalyst to career changes. Doors will close and windows will open, but nothing necessarily falls in your lap. You have to be open to new things in order to attract career opportunities, because what initially strikes you as a burden or chore is a blessing in disguise. You may have developed newfound confidence in your ability to meet goals.

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Pisces Career in 2018:

Lately, it may feel as if you’re at the mercy of fate, but fate will be better to you as the months go on. You’ll be investing in other people and doing what they want you to do. Keep giving because what goes around comes around, and for you, it will lead you to success. You’re acquiring skills, connections, and accomplishments that will attract the attention of benevolent people who want what you have to offer.

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