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What Each Zodiac Sign is Like as a Boss

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Bosses come in all forms and there is more than one way to manage a group of people. Here is a look at how the zodiac signs operate as boss.

The Aries boss

As a Boss, Aries expects their employees to be able to perform well with minimal supervision. Aries bosses are not micro-managers, and they rely on their employees to keep up with them and bring their A-game. They are impressed by employees who go that extra mile or do something outstanding. Other employees who are diligent, and reliable but not outstanding will often get overlooked by the Aries boss. Aries is annoyed by incompetence and doesn’t like having to nag or constantly remind their staff how to do their job. Aries extends the same amount of freedom and autonomy to their staff that they enjoy as a worker, but only as long as they deliver the goods. Aries can be pushy and demanding at times. Generally, there is no personal malice behind Aries’ anger, but thin-skinned, sensitive employees may find it difficult to handle the Aries boss and their hot temper.

The Taurus boss

Taurus bosses have been described as sometimes bossy with an occasional mean streak. Unlike the Aries boss however, Taurus is impressed by the reliable, dedicated worker more than the flashy hot-shot. Taurus expects their employees to follow simple guidelines but they are generally hands-off in their management style. They are willing to give their subordinates plenty of breathing room to do their thing so long as they are being productive and useful. They are also quite generous and accommodating of worker’s practical needs. The Taurus boss makes an effort to create a comfortable and relaxed work environment. They tend to have strong standards and a sometimes rigid idea about how things should be done. The Taurus boss, although calm and pleasant in demeanor, is not as receptive and malleable as they may appear. You will have to be very compelling and show them tangible evidence, if you expect to change a Taurus boss’ mind on most things.

The Gemini Boss

The Gemini boss has a very communicative style of management. They like to keep everyone in the loop and updated with the latest developments. They also bring a certain level of enthusiasm and amiability that is appreciated. Although capable of handling the various tasks of management, Geminis are not considered to be natural leaders. Typically, Gemini bosses prefer to busy themselves with correspondence, networking and briefings. They enjoy holding court and including others in the decision-making process but intend to have the final say on all important matters. Most of the time, they are rather agreeable or at least seem to be. Their moods and opinions can change with the wind and so timing is key if you want to ask them for a raise or pitch an idea to them. Gemini bosses can also be high-strung and temperamental when under stress. In some cases, they can be downright tyrannical. Gemini bosses can also be very tricky and evasive in response to criticism and complaints. They are spin masters capable of gaslighting and deflecting blame away from them.

The Cancer Boss

The Cancer boss is inclined to either treat their staff like family or maintain a certain distance and aloofness that lends them an air of mystery. Cancer bosses are shrewd business-people and can seem a bit shy and reserved but many exhibit a wonderful sense of humor. Staff who get to know them long enough will realize that the Cancer boss is really a big softy. Still, when it comes to taking care of business, they are very keen on protecting their bottom line and are capable of making tough, cold hearted business decisions despite their sentimental nature. Cancers genuinely care about their staff and they can be very generous in many ways. They err towards fiscal conservatism and are careful to save money and resources wherever possible. Because the Cancer boss can be so tight fisted about finances, persuading them to give you a promotion or raise can be a very hard sell. They tend to have a strong idea about what you do or don’t deserve and can be very firm in their position.

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The Leo Boss

The Leo boss relishes positions of authority, but they are not power hungry authoritarians. They fancy themselves as being firm but fun and they want everyone to be happy working for them. Leo is a sign naturally suited for positions of leadership. They are comfortable telling people what to do but they are also compassionate and responsive to their staff’s needs. Their management style is fairly generous. Leo bosses are keen on rewarding employees and making them feel valued and appreciated for their contribution. Leo bosses seek to create an enjoyable work atmosphere but they expect their worker bees to be busy, competent and productive. Despite their fun and friendly style, Leo bosses still want to be properly respected and they carry themselves with a certain dignity and pride characteristic of their royal nature.

The Virgo Boss

The Virgo boss is very particular about what they want and how they want it. They run a very tight ship and they hold others to a rather strong but reasonable standard. In reality, the Virgo boss tends to hold themselves to an even higher standard but when under stress, they can sometimes vent their frustrations on others. They focus on improvement and they are always aiming to do their best work. Most Virgos like to keep the work environment clean and orderly but some Virgos can be slovenly. At any rate, they are, by and large, very analytical and inclined to make decisions with caution and careful consideration. Virgo bosses, like most Virgos, have a tendency to nag and blame others when things go awry. Virgo bosses take pleasure in giving performance ratings to their employees. They can seem very hard to please because Virgos have a knack for finding the flaws in everything. Virgo bosses can be shrill and self righteous at their worst, but at their best, they are very competent, knowledgeable and humorous —often in unintentional ways.

The Libra Boss

The Libra boss is a class act. They are idealists with a desire or ability to see the best in their employees. Libra bosses are typically in favor of office parties and team building activities. They tend to be very liberal in their attitude and may often blur the line between their working and social relationships. Libra bosses are highly susceptible to getting too close with their employees and may even engage in secret liaisons. Under stress, Libra bosses can be neurotic, but normally. they are very personable and tolerant. Libras seek to be very fair and objective and avoid taking sides or alienating their staff. Libra bosses can be exceedingly egalitarian and able to appreciate both sides when conflict arises between staff. They strive to reconcile contentions in the most civil manner possible and will experience terrible feelings of guilt if they think they’ve been unjust in any way. They make an effort to engender trust in their employees and ensure that they are comfortable.

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The Scorpio Boss

The Scorpio boss can be intimidating without even trying to be. They give off an intensity that is palpable and makes others think twice before crossing or challenging them. Scorpio bosses tend to be a bit austere and they have little patience or tolerance for insubordination or challenges to their authority. They exercise control unapologetically, doing what they think is right and are hell bent on getting their way. Despite this, there is a depth of feeling that underscores and informs their decisions. Scorpio bosses are tough but not heartless. Their strength of character is typically their best trait and they demonstrate leadership in their ability to persevere in face of adversity and tragedy. The Scorpio boss is likely to be very private and not very flashy. They tend to operate behind the scenes but are very active and hard working. The Scorpio boss will not blow smoke up anyone’s arse and will readily despense tough love and criticism to their employees when needed. On the negative side, Scorpios can be very calculating and vindictive. They can sometimes act tyrannically and take unscrupulous actions motivated by a desire to protect their position and authority or further their agenda.

The Sagittarius Boss

The Sagittarius boss is typically unorthodox and liberal. They are not austere, but they do expect their employees to step up to the plate and perform. The work environment they promote is one where humor and creativity is welcome. Sagittarius bosses like to relate to their employees on their level and don’t care a great deal about titles of authority and hierarchical structures. They tend to treat their employees as their peers and colleagues rather than as their subordinates and underlings. Although they do not coddle their staff, Sagittarius bosses tend to be very forgiving and optimistic and they have the capacity to operate as effective spiritual leaders. The Sagittarius boss has infectious passion that is often inspiring to others. They think big and tend to lead with the heart. They are very action oriented and individualistic and as a result will often leave employees and staff feeling out of the loop and struggling to keep up.

The Capricorn Boss

The Capricorn boss is very competent and capable. Capricorn is a sign that is naturally suited for leadership thanks largely to their maturity and responsible attitude. The Capricorn boss is no slouch either. They are loathe to let anyone outwork them —employee or otherwise. They possess a lot of traditional values and promote a common sense approach to most things. Capricorn bosses respect and take favor with dedicated employees who demonstrate a similarly strong work ethic. They are very comfortable taking charge and telling people what to do and they tend to be very practical, methodical and systematic. Capricorns can be very stern and harsh in response to what they perceive as incompetence and underperformance by their staff. However, Capricorns tend to be great teachers and will take the time to instruct and explain things as needed. Capricorns derive a lot of gratification from building and growing an organization and playing a substantial and leading role in it’s success.

The Aquarius Boss

The Aquarius boss is likely to be very progressive, unorthodox and quirky. They are “ideas people” but can also be arrogant in their intellectualism. Although they are friendly and open-minded, the Aquarius boss may nonetheless be lacking in the tact department. They can be insensitive but you can at least count on them to be honest. Aquarius bosses enjoy embedding themselves among staff and working alongside them. Their humanitarian sensibilities compel them to bridge the divide between boss and employee. Aquarius is not interested in controlling people or exercising power over them. They seek to make themselves accessible and approachable and dislike gratuitous formalities. Aquarius bosses may often skip out on the traditional duties of management, leaving them instead for others to handle. Aquarius bosses can be erratic and impulsive but also fun. They tend to be very inclusive and show a lot of openness to other people’s thoughts and ideas.

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The Pisces Boss

The Pisces boss is marked by their slippery, flip-floppy nature and lack of pragmatism. However, contrary to what you might expect, Pisces are often good at making money and many successful business people fall under this sign. The Pisces boss is flexible and relaxed in most situations. They are not so indecisive, but require time to contemplate and weigh options. Pisces bosses are impressed by employees who work effectively as a team player. They have a knack for putting employees at ease even while their performance is being evaluated. Employees worth their salt will have little trouble convincing a Pisces boss for a raise or promotion. Pisces wants to put their money to good use and so they are very willing to invest in their employees to motivate them further. Additionally, the Pisces boss has an affinity for sophistication and beauty and the role of aesthetics and presentation holds strong influence over them.

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