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The Intelligence Each MBTI Type Displays

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Myers Briggs personality types are not a direct reflection of intelligence, but it just so happens that some types statistically perform better than others on standardized intelligence tests (cough INTP).

Even though people of any type can be really smart, there may be certain types of intelligence that each MBTI type specializes in more than others on account of their functional preferences. Here is a look at the type of intellectual strength each MBTI type is likely to display.


INFJs display powers of perception that allow them to understand human behavior on a deep and comprehensive level. They tend to read people well and make keen observations about them that can be surprisingly accurate and insightful. Because they are able to analyze the behavior of others the way they do, this may strongly suit them for professions in psychology, and the behavioral sciences.


INFPs display a strong emotional intelligence which, coupled with their imagination and verbal fluency can allow them to become powerful and poignant writers of poetry and fiction. They have strong creative intelligence with an ability to express mental images others could faintly fathom. INFPs can be very clever and masterful wordsmiths and sometimes astonish people with the beauty, profundity and humor of their writing or other forms of creation.


INTJs display a strong engineering mind and an ability to devise effective solutions to real-world problems. They are good at taking data and concepts and compiling them into useful applications. Creating efficient systems and shoring up weaknesses in their structure is their forte. Independent and self driven, INTJs don’t really need most of their education spoon-fed to them. They are able to learn almost exclusively through independent study and copious amounts of reading.


INTPs display an intelligence that is conceptual and creative in nature. They have a capacity for deeply abstract and analytical thinking that centers around either a question, problem or puzzle. INTPs are sharp critical thinkers whose logical minds are able to easily detect inconsistencies, fallacies and flaws in a given claim or rationale. They are more theoretical than practical and are good at making sense of things that can seem too opaque for many to understand.


ENTPs showcase a strong aptitude as cunning linguists and verbal gymnast. This is why they are reputed as being excellent debaters and intellectuals. As Ne-doms, they are adept at making leaps of intuition, connecting dots and identifying patterns others would fail to notice. As problem solvers, they are good at thinking outside the box, brainstorming and generating a bevy of interesting potential solutions and experiments to try.


The type of intelligence ENTJ displays is the ability to visualize opportunities and understand how to make them successful. ENTJs are masterminds in their ability to turn what appears like a lump of coal into a pot of gold. They have a special understanding of what it takes to be successful and a willingness and ability to bring all the right pieces together in the service of their goal or objective. Their success can seem like magic but it is more likely their tireless work ethic and relentless obsession with improvement that is to blame.


ENFPs showcase a creative intelligence much like that of the INFP but also an interpersonal insight that is astute. They are excellent communicators who have the ability to use all the right words to charm, motivate and sometimes manipulate. Even if their vocabularies are pithy and scholarly, they know to how to speak in the most effective terms that allow them to be well received and understood. They learn a lot about people through their own self analysis and keen observations of others.


ENFJs display a strong intellect in the realm of people and how they work and devising solutions that are fair and balanced. They know how to use diplomacy skillfully in order to get the response they desire. This can be used to unite or divide depending on the ENFJ’s purposes but their level of perception and understanding for the human condition makes them very capable as leaders. They are well equipped for organizing, inspiring and galvanizing groups around a cause or goal that is beneficial and meaningful for everyone involved.


ISTJs have the type of information storing mind that is perfect for competing in game shows like Jeopardy. Their style of learning allows them to excel and thrive academically in the traditional public education system. They are good at memorizing and absorbing facts and procedures. Taken to the extreme, ISTJs can become impressive savants who can recite 500 digits of pi or recall the dates of obscure historical events.


ISFJs are good at working smart and employing all the techniques and tricks for efficiency they’ve been taught over the years. ISFPs are not very interested in lofty intellectualism and philosophical concepts. However they may possess an interest and aptitude for the behavioral sciences and counseling. They themselves are less likely to possess the natural intuitive insight of the INFJ, but ISFJs are good at absorbing and learning the rhetoric and becoming adept at doing things by the book.


ESFJs showcase a brand of intelligence that is socially savvy. They tend to be up to date and hip to the goings on of the people and events around them. Generally speaking ESFJs may display good people skills and an ability to identify the strengths of each person and how best to utilize them as part of team. They may also be good at anticipating others needs and in the process of orchestrating provisions ensuring that professional standards are met.


ESTJs are often bright and able to excel in the academic realm. They are likely to be studious and serious about their future in part out of a desire for status within society. ESTJs are adept at learning standards and procedures and working their way to the top from within the system. Their strengths lie in their significant logistical ability and their capacity to leverage data in the service of organizing and out-strategizing in a competitive environment.


ISTPs display strong mechanical intelligence and an ability to learn things quickly through a hands-on approach. They are good at engineering clever tricks or crafting intricate models and at troubleshooting and figuring out the cause of malfunctions and finding ways to fix it. ISTPs are inclined to being tech-wizards who other less tech-savvy folks seek out to help with various technical issues like setting up an online account or getting their new gadget to work.


ISFPs show a flair for style and so their sense of fashion is bound to be very smart and well put together. Even if they don’t actually dress to look smart, their understanding of color schemes, accessories and eye for interesting pieces will ensure that whatever they throw on, it will look like somebody knows what they’re doing. Furthermore, their eye for design may extend to any domain where creative aesthetic decisions are to be made.


ESTPs display instincts that can’t be taught in schools or learned from books. It is something inherent to their competitive and conniving personality preferences. Their powers of observation and ability to think on their feet allow them to capitalize on fleeting opportunities before they slip away. ESTPs are often good at finding and exploiting loopholes allowing them to bypass obstacles and improvise quick and easy solutions.

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ESFPs have a strong aesthetic sense and like the ISFP, can have a great eye for what works stylistically. Although they can be very impulsive and spontaneous ESFPs are able to work smart, if not unconventionally in going about their craft. They can also be very smart about how they organize their resources and structure their workflow and inner chaos and creativity intelligibly.

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