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Libra Sun + Moon Combinations

librasun moon tasty.

The sign of Libra is the 7th in the zodiac roster. Libra is described as being friendly, harmonious, polite, and romantic among other things. As a sun sign, the Libra characteristics may be modified or obscured by the traits of the moon sign. Here is a look at each Libra sun-moon sign combination showing how the Libra personality may vary across each. If you don’t know your moon sign, you can find it here using this free natal chart calculator and generate a full birth chart replete with all planetary positions.


Libra Sun Aries Moon

The Libra sun Aries moon combination suggests a personality that is somewhat contradictory. Their core sense of identity would primarily be described as friendly, polite and diplomatic. But inside, their emotions are a bit turbulent and impulsive. This Libra may often find themselves suppressing some of their more bellicose instincts in order to maintain the peace. The sense of harmony they desire is sometimes at odds with what their emotions stir up in themselves.

The Libra sun Aries moon man or woman is likely to be very sanguine in temperament with a positive outlook and strong-willed mindset. They are friendly and they love to be with people and have a good time. They are likely to be very popular and never short of friends and romantic interests. They are also passionate, especially with regards to romance. They prefer to be forward and direct with people and they tend to be honest about how and what they feel. Commitment may pose a challenge for them as their charm and strong desires compel them to compulsively flirt.

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A Libra sun Aries moon person is generally polite and respectful but when faced with conflict they can go on the offensive and become combative. They have a forceful, pugnacious side that emerges when their emotions get the best of them but afterwards, they quickly return to their amiable and likeable self. They can be a bit impatient sometimes and may have to curb some of their over-eagerness and try not to get too ahead of themselves. They may be a little vain and competitive with other people they perceive as more successful, prestigious or better looking than they. This fuels some of their drive to accomplish and achieve and can serve them well if they do not allow it to get out of hand. They are full of vitality though and they are almost always game to take on whatever challenges come their way.

Libra Sun Aries Moon Celebrities

  • T.I. (rapper) – Born: September 25, 1980
  • Thom Yorke – Born: October 7, 1968
  • Buster Keaton – Born: October 4, 1895
  • Amber Rose –  Born: October 21, 1983
  • Luciano Pavarotti – Born: October 12, 1935
  • Heinrich Himmler – Born: October 7, 1900
  • Heather Locklear – Born: September 25, 1961
  • Giuseppe Verdi – Born: October 10, 1813
  • Marc Bolan – Born: September 30, 1947
  • Mario López – Born: October 10, 1973
  • Mia Wasikowska – Born: October 14, 1989
  • T-Pain – Born: September 30, 1985
  • Gore Vidal – Born: October 3, 1925
  • Margot Kidder – Born: October 17, 1948
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  1. Of course libra is always the one that is forgotten! All of the other signs have individual postings for their sun-moon combinations. When you click on the options, they don’t work!

  2. @QuaPaid I’m also a libra sun/scorpio moon but I’m low key devastated that fully 10/12 libra suns are just big gaping gaps of nothing on this website. the libra part of me is feeling forgotten about and/or excluded i.e. good as dead either way; the (much more influential) scorpio part is already sharpening the grudge I’ll be holding against the list creator for the remainder of all time, starting now.

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