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6 High Paying Jobs For ISTJs

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ISTJs are detail-oriented introverts who are dutiful and responsible in nature. In a national sample, ISTJs reported “clear structure”, “independence and achievement”, “loyalty & security”, and “variety of tasks” as being the most important features desired of their work environment. They are good at following the rules and doing things by the book. They can be trusted to meet standards and deadlines with conscientious diligence. Furthermore, ISTJ types often find themselves in positi0ns of management, administration, law enforcement and accounting. Here is a look at 6 of the best paying career options suitable for the ISTJ personality type.

6. Detective and criminal investigator – Median salary: $79,970.

Detectives and criminal investigators are also called special agents, and it is their primary duty to gather information and evidence associated with crimes. In other words, they are in charge of solving criminal cases that have been already committed, instead of focusing on the prevention.

To achieve this goal, detectives and criminal investigators engage in the investigation of crime scenes to gather evidence, interview both suspects and witnesses to analyze their statements, write reports with their findings, take part in arresting criminals, and a plethora of other crime-related activities.

With an average salary of $79,970, detectives and criminal investigators are some of the highest paid police positions, as it is not an entry-level job. Most ISTJs have no problem with this, as they enjoy the process of escalating positions at the workplace.

Police and investigation work is one of the most preferred career options for ISTJs, and it isn’t hard to see why—it requires outstanding levels of rationality and practical thinking, something they excel at. Similarly, their observational skills and admiration of structure, order, and discipline make them fantastic guardians of the law, and their ability to detach themselves makes them less likely to be emotionally compromised during crime solving.

5. Judge or Hearing Officer – Median salary: $115,520

Judges and hearing officers are law professionals that are in charge of overseeing every legal process taking place inside a court, and subsequently, make decisions based on an unbiased analysis of the situation and the applicable law.

According to their expertise, judges and hearing officers can preside over trials associated with every type of legal problem found in society. To do this, they must listen to the arguments presented, analyze the evidence available, and determine the best outcome based on absolute rationality, as emotions can cloud judgment.

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ISTJs fill professionally fulfilled whenever they can establish and guarantee order and principles, precisely the duty of a judge. Likewise, their sharp observational skills and objective outlook to problems makes them natural born judges and hearing officers.

Both positions require a long experience within the legal system, as it is needed to have extensive knowledge of the law and the ability to research and understand it. Once they manage to fulfill the requirements, judges or hearing officers can expect an average salary of $115,520.

4. Air Traffic Controller – Median salary: $124,540.

Highly important yet overlooked, an air traffic controller carries the task of coordinating the movements of aircraft to maintain order in the skies, prevent accidents, and ensure safety both on air and ground. Likewise, they also are tasked with providing instructions to pilots during takeoff and landing, controlling the traffic on the airport’s runways, inform flying aircraft about weather conditions and coordinate efforts during emergencies.

Air traffic controllers are highly skilled and must handle pressure well, as they monitor multiple aircraft at once—and, quite often, must make fast decisions to handle unexpected circumstances. Unsurprisingly, ISTJs’ assertiveness, practical logic, and sense of duty are suited for this task.

But it goes beyond talents—ISTJs would actively enjoy working as air traffic controllers, as it appeals to their need to serve institutions that support society’s structure and guarantee order. Likewise, they are well suited for authority positions and enjoy giving commands and instructions rooted in their analysis and logic.

3. Financial Manager – Median salary: $125,080.

Any organization must keep track of its finances to make sure they are balanced and aligned with the established goals, and that is the duty of the financial manager.

Achieving this position usually requires a bachelor’s degree in an associated area, such as accounting, and a few years of experience in similar jobs. It is then that the financial manager assumes the assigned duties—gather financial information, analyze it, emit reports, and plan strategies to guarantee the wellbeing of the organization through maximum profit.

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For the structured and organized ISTJs, few jobs are more satisfying—they are focused on stable, long-term careers, so they would feel comfortable achieving the position of financial manager within a company.

Financial duties are also a favorite of ISTJs, for they are not as unpredictable as social or abstract issues—they follow a set of rules that remain fixed in time. Likewise, their logic and rationality allow them to see patterns and mistakes, making them efficient and highly dedicated managers.

2. Dentist – Median salary: $158,120.

Dentists are in charge of the diagnosis, treatment, and maintenance of teeth and gums, as well as other aspects associated with oral health. This set of duties involve the handling of cavities, fixing or removing teeth, treatment of gum illnesses, design dental appliances, and many more.

While the profession is well paid, salary differs wildly between each specialization. While the average is $158,120, orthodontists and maxillofacial surgeons’ salary goes past $200,000.

ISTJs are notoriously adverse to careers that require intense levels of emotional involvement; they prefer a pragmatic, distant approach. Subsequently, health occupations are not their favorites, unless they are more structured and procedural in their nature—explaining why so many ISTJs gravitate around dental practices.

Dentist work involves little to no emotional involvement with the patient, and relies mostly on technical aspects, something that attracts ISTJs. Likewise, ISTJs are talented at detecting and solving problems, so they will be able to diagnose patients quickly and effectively, and their careful handicraft will make them thrive in the industry.

1. Surgeon – Median salary: $383,504.

Surgeons are talented medical specialists dedicated to the treatment of diseases, malformations or injuries through surgical procedures, be them invasive or non-invasive. Alongside the actual surgery, surgeons also handle the diagnosis process, as well as the preoperative and postoperative treatment of the patient.

Year after year, surgeons have been considered the most valuable professionals, with average salaries that go way past $380,000—maybe even more.

Beyond the monetary appeal, working as a surgeon would be highly rewarding to an ISTJ. Its distinct status within society, as well as its immense value to humanity, make it virtually irresistible to most ISTJs, who seek jobs that are essential to the community.

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Likewise, it’s a profession that rewards rationality and practicality and features procedural tasks that require a set of given rules. In other words, it shuns spontaneity and improvisation, something that makes the ISTJ feel at ease.

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