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What Each MBTI Personality Hates

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Everyone has a list of pet peeves that bug them. Here is a bucket of vexing things each Myers-Briggs type is likely to hate.

What INTP Hates:

  • Eating with other people. Rather eat alone in private peacefully.
  • Glib, stupid questions: So how’s life treating ya?
  • When other people ignorantly assume what’s good for them is also good for INTP.
  • When people make decisions based on group consensus rather than making up their own mind.
  • When a boss digs into the details of what they’re doing (micromanagement).
  • When people are more concerned with appearing good than being good.
  • When people make a fuss and complain about trivial things.
  • When people shame other people for doing harmless things.
  • Rules that are unnecessary, senseless or pointless.
  • Working in teams.

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What INTJ Hates:

  • People who are not true to their word.
  • Working without a clear goal.
  • Working with or under incompetent people.
  • Disruptions, surprises and uninvited guests.
  • Being forced to improvise.
  • People who talk too much.
  • People who stubbornly persist with an argument after being proven wrong.
  • People who do not think before they speak and pretend to listen and understand what they are told when they really don’t.
  • People who pry into other people’s business.
  • Going outside during the day.

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What ENTP Hates:

  • When they hear a great idea they wish they’d thought of first.
  • When people take themselves too seriously.
  • Performing domestic duties.
  • Being boxed in by conventional and stagnating circumstances.
  • Having no one to talk to.
  • Doing time-consuming detail work with little creativity involved.
  • Stifling bureaucracy and stringent rules that inhibit creativity.
  • Having to censor themselves or walk on eggshells.
  • Suppressing their individuality and conforming to generic group standards.
  • Regressive people who live in the past.

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What ENTJ Hates:

  • When people take a long time getting to the point.
  • Slow-moving systems and processes hampered by bureaucracy.
  • Being under someone else’s control and having to be dependent on others.
  • When people don’t take responsibility for their own mistakes and failures.
  • Complaining and excuse-making.
  • Moochers.
  • Expressing feelings and being emotionally vulnerable.
  • Stagnation and having nothing to work towards.
  • Political correctness and superficial rhetoric.
  • Jealous haters and emotional manipulation.
  • Plans cancelled at the last minute.

What INFP Hates:

  • When people try to rain on their parade.
  • When people tell them they’re being too sensitive and dismiss their feelings.
  • People who only see things from their own perspective and do not put themselves in other people’s shoes.
  • People who are fake and disingenuous.
  • The impact that other people’s opinions have on their emotions.
  • Following predictable routines and being in restrictive environments.
  • Hypocrisy and people who don’t practice what they preach.
  • Housework, homework, work in general.
  • People who never give others the benefit of the doubt.
  • Impostors, posers, and copycats.

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What INFJ Hates:

  • Loud and crowded places.
  • Coming home to a dirty house.
  • Not being listened to and being misunderstood.
  • Self-righteous pontificators.
  • Emotional manipulation and deception.
  • Conflict situations and toxic people.
  • When people are unnecessarily rude and uptight.
  • Saying goodbye.
  • People who are two-faced and disloyal.
  • Social gatherings full of strangers.

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What ENFP Hates:

  • Doing meaningless, repetitive tasks.
  • Paying bills and managing finances.
  • Killjoys and Debbie-downers.
  • Being boxed in, undervalued and underestimated.
  • Detail-oriented work.
  • Being by their lonesome.
  • Ending a relationship.
  • Rude customer service agents.

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What ENFJ Hates:

  • People who spread negativity and try to assassinate their dreams.
  • Rudeness and poor manners.
  • Being alone.
  • Pessimism and self-defeating attitudes.
  • Gossip and negative rumor-mongering
  • Jealousy and pettiness.
  • How hard they can be on themselves at times.
  • Insensitivity and logic without compassion.


What ISTJ Hates:

  • When people don’t put things back the way they found them.
  • Office parties and forced social interactions.
  • Having their character and sense of integrity challenged or questioned.
  • When people are disorganized, unprepared or lazy.
  • Messy work spaces and messy people.
  • Arrogant mavericks and people who don’t respect the rules.
  • Taking risks.
  • Short notices and deadlines.
  • When others discover flaws and errors in their work.

What ISFJ Hates:

  • When people leave things halfway done.
  • Criticism in general
  • When people are cruel, rude or ungrateful.
  • Being away from home and family.
  • Deviating from their well established routines and methods.
  • People giving them unsolicited advice about things in which ISFJ is already proficient.
  • When they have to learn new things to keep up with the changing world.
  • When people don’t clean up after themselves.
  • When people are selfish, self-centered and arrogant.
  • Making phone calls.

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What ESTJ Hates:

  • People that are too clingy.
  • Emotionally charged situations.
  • Immaturity and people with poor self-control.
  • Laziness and low effort.
  • Ineffective systems and ways of doing things.
  • Arguments that are emotion-based instead of fact-based.

What ESFJ Hates:

  • Being ostracized and feeling left out.
  • When people are belligerent and uncooperative.
  • Working alone.
  • Sharing bad news or having to take disciplinary action.
  • Cheap quality
  • Being criticized.
  • Hyper-competitive people
  • When people are surly, cold and unfriendly.
  • Learning anything technical.

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What ISTP Hates:

  • Auditioning and job interviews.
  • pop up ads and advertisements that run too long.
  • Running into people they don’t want to talk to.
  • Pushy sales people.
  • When other people butt into their 1 on 1 conversations.
  • Divulging feelings and being emotionally vulnerable.
  • Being judged by people who don’t know or understand them.
  • How socially awkward they can be.
  • People who are too desperate for attention and validation.

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What ISFP Hates:

  • Leaving voice messages.
  • Keeping in touch with people.
  • Small talk.
  • Strategizing and coming up with contingency plans.
  • Discussing their inner feelings and thoughts.
  • People who judge them harshly.
  • People invading their personal space or intruding on their time.
  • Cruelty and injustice.

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What ESTP Hates:

  • Missing out on big opportunities.
  • Waiting.
  • Dealing with complicated problems that cannot be resolved quickly.
  • People driving slow in the fast lane.
  • People who complain about their weight yet make no effort to exercise or eat properly.
  • When friends hang out without them.
  • Pompous intellectuals and pontificators.
  • Controlling people and anal-retentive whistle blowers.
  • Shoddy quality.
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What ESFP Hates:

  • People who don’t answer their phones.
  • When they can’t find anyone to hang out with them.
  • People who think ESFPs are shallow or not smart because they aren’t introverted.
  • Dieting and exercise.
  • Spending money on bills.
  • Worrying about and planning for the future.
  • Stressful situations.
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