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What Each Myers-Briggs Type Was Made To Do

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The storm catcher by iNeedChemicalX

Certain personality types are better suited than others for certain purposes. Here is a look at what you are made to do based on MBTI personality type.


Plumbing the depths of what is knowable, providing clarity and making sense of complex epistemological issues. INTPs are attracted to complicated problems where they can really apply their intense and obsessive overthinking to good use. INTPs are haunted by conundrums and enigmas they cannot decipher but they will persist doggedly until they either succeed or die trying. For this reason, INTPs by virtue of their personality traits, put themselves in a better position than others to work out solutions to the most perplexing problems of both philosophical and theoretical nature. The vast amount of thinking they do provides them ample opportunity for forming ingenious insights society can benefit from.

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