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What Each Myers-Briggs Type Is Like At A Party

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Some people hate parties, others love them but whether you are for or against, you likely have attended a party or two sometime in your life. Here is a look at how each Myers-Briggs personality likely behaves when it’s party time.


The Party of five –  INFJs can be so sociable that you might mistake them for an extravert. INFJs like engaging with people, but in moderation. They prefer their parties small, intimate and limited to people they approve of. That’s their idea of a nice fun time. When parties exceed single digit attendance numbers, INFJs become less and less at ease until they eventually need to abort the situation. INFJs tend to attract people through their calm warmth and air of mystery. INFJs have a hard time really cutting loose except with their closest cohorts unless of course booze is involved.


The Pity party –  When it’s time to party, INFPs can likely be found somewhere near the outer perimeter of the room mostly observing. They’re comfortable just chilling with one or two people they know in a nice quiet enclave on the party premises. They don’t need to be in the middle of things and can enjoy themselves at a safe distance away from the epicenter of action. If you give them some fermented beverage the INFP may turn into an ENFP or possibly a level 3 ESFP later on if they get really hammered. Otherwise, the INFP will be very low-key and before long will be eager to return to the privacy of their home where they can curl up with a book or something.


The Political party –  At a party, INTJs keep it classy and carry themselves like mature adults. They want no part of the outlandish shenanigans that sometimes take place and may constantly facepalm over other people’s buffonery. They aren’t crazy about mingling for mingling’s sake but they can be moderately social when they need to be. INTJs will likely want to spend their time getting into discussions about politics, social issues or talking about themselves and the special work they’re doing. INTJs can have a very suave and senatorial presence at parties and will try to inject some dry humor into the mix.


The Search Party –  Where did INTP go? Now you see them, now you don’t. INTPs are like the Harry Houdini of social gatherings so don’t be alarmed if they go missing. They do their best to be social but when they need a break they vanish like the legendary escape artist. In the unlikely event that an INTP attends a soiree, they will probably drift in and out of the action, probably to go off exploring areas of the party with the lowest population density. They’ll probably try to spot another introvert they can converse with so they don’t look like a complete asocial weirdo.


The Block party –  ENFJ is the patron saint of parties and everyone likes them. They are cynosures who can hold people’s attention with their funny stories and witty gab. ENFJs are like the heart and soul of the occasion who put out positive energy that unifies the people. When everyone at the party sort of balkanizes into their separate cliques, the ENFJ can bring them together with their benevolent presence that makes them seem accessible and relatable to all people. They thrive on the collective energy of a crowd and they want to immerse themselves in the connection and spread the good vibes.


The Surprise party –  ENFPs are just full of surprises and they try to stand apart from the crowd at a party. They can be very amusing and attention-seeking when they get into party mode and they know how to bring the humor. They’re very flirty but sometimes others may interpret their behavior as flirtation even when that is not their intention. They are just very intimate and engaging with people and have the ability to make others feel listened to and genuinely valued. But just when you thought they were becoming enamored with you, the ENFP goes off to talk to someone else in the same flirty way.


The Party Tricks –  ENTJs are probably the coolest people at a party. They command attention and they often take an active part at events or gatherings. ENTJs usually have a large social circle including their friends, colleagues, and contacts made at parties and they probably use such events as an opportunity to network and promote themselves. When they are the organizers of a party, ENTJs are very meticulous and skilled planners who can put together some of the most ambitious events that will knock people’s socks off. ENTJs think big and they’ll go the extra mile to make sure everything is perfect with beautiful presentation, quality food and great entertainment.


The After party –  ENTPs come to a party and salivate over any number of possible things that could go down. They might anticipate some drama or look forward to the chance of hooking up with a special someone either during the party or afterwards. A lot of ENTPs are probably in favor of social drinking to loosen them up. They can really go nuts and they probably become a bit of an obnoxious jokester when they’re sauced up.  They’re already insensitive as it is so there’s no telling what they’ll say and do when their inhibitions are lowered.


The Party favor –  Even if they are not the actual host, ESFJs will likely have a desire to help out and play an active role in the facilitation of party events. They are likely to try an initiate group games and get party goers to participate in activities. They are very welcoming of the guests and their enthusiasm sets the tone for social events. They try to be the peace keeper and they do their best to immediately smooth out any conflicts or disagreements that may arise. They will spend a great deal of time schmoozing and chatting it up with almost everyone there.

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ISFJs enjoy nice social gatherings so long as they aren’t the center of attention. They’re shy but social and will likely prefer to play a helping role in the preparation of food and assisting the guests. They are probably the first responders to unexpected spills and accidents that will likely occur. They will come to the aid of party-goers who start vomiting or need to lay down and if they see someone sad or by themselves they will likely try to keep them company. Even when they’re at a party, ISFJs feel the need to be productive somehow.


When ESTJs go to a party, they are probably quick to point out and complain about it’s flaws and how it doesn’t compare to other parties they’ve been to. They probably go to parties in part for the chance to hobnob with important or influential people that might be there. ESTJs will get into discussions primarily as an opportunity to talk about all the cool things they’ve done and where they’ve been in life. ESTJs want to keep up appearances because they are often ambitious and cultivating a positive social presence is important to them and their reputation.


The Party pooper – ISTJs don’t really care about parties and they probably go only because they were dragged there by somebody else. They will likely spend much of the time standing by the punch bowl with their arms crossed. Not that they’re unfriendly or unwilling to socialize, but in social settings they don’t always know what to do with themselves. They’ll probably park themselves near a television or bury themselves in their smart phone until it’s time to leave.


The Private party – When ISTPs go to party, chances are you can probably catch them outside admiring the view and getting some fresh air. ISTPs are probably more interested in the free food and drinks more than anything else, but they wouldn’t want to pass up an opportunity to meet a beautiful stranger either. ISTPs can get into the moment and garner some attention by showing off some of their talents or some parlor tricks. If they start imbibing some happy juice, they may turn into a daredevil who will do just about anything you dare them to or end up getting into melees and petty disputes.


Life of the party – ESTPs love parties as it’s just another prime opportunity for them to shine and show off. They like to live it up and enjoy themselves wherever they are but they want to be where the action is happening. While at the party, they enjoy interacting with others and they will likely be on board to participate in whatever games or activities that take place. They bring a lot of energy and humor to the event and can be counted on to do and say spontaneous and memorable things that others will be talking about for some time afterwards.

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ISFPs can be wallflowers but more likely, they are simply enjoying the moment on their own laid back terms. They are usually up for a good time and will come out to play and be a part of the party experience. They are easily amused by the antics of other people and will be an enthusiastic audience for the attention seekers. ISFPs likely enjoy dancing and music and are good sports about participating in party games. Despite their introverted shyness, they want to live it up when they can. They try not to let their inhibitions prevent them from having a great time.


Party animal. No one needs to  ever tell an ESFP to loosen up because they are always loose and ready to have fun. They would love nothing more than for life to be a continual party, in which they play the role of the fun-loving host. They have no trouble breaking the ice and they talk for hours because they love telling stories. Social gatherings are very stimulating to them and give them a reason to be entertaining and impulsive. They’ll talk about people and stuff that is new. All the latest red hot topics fresh off the rumor mill.

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