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INTP/ISTP Inferior Fe Subtypes | mbti-info

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1) the confidently eccentric inferior Fe: You maybe used to care what people think about you, but you don’t anymore. And even if you did, they probably wouldn’t like you anyway. You might as well be as weird as you want. Social skills- why bother.

2) the quintessential nerd/gamer/goth/anime freak/computer geek: A lot of people consider themselves to be these things, but for you it’s an identity and a way of fitting in to compensate for not being able to fit in with normal people. You’ve found your niche, and you see no need to get out of your comfort zone. Social skills? I’ll socialize with people like me.

3) the sociopath: Fe? Fi? Who needs feeling? Feeling is for the weak. Morals and ethics are completely irrelevant. All I need is cold, calculated logic, and with it I will rule the world.

4) the brainiac philosopher: Knowledge is everything. Thinking is your hobby. You have an argument for everything, and will argue with anyone at any time over anything at all. You will frequently play the devil’s advocate and even argue something you don’t believe just to be a smart ass. Social skills are irrelevant, since most people aren’t intelligent enough to have a conversation with anyway. It’s not that you use Fe inappropriately perse, you just kind of ignore it in favor of thinking about how smart you are. Now if only you could take to heart what Socrates said about the wise man knowing that he knows nothing…

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5) the stalker inferior Fe: Inside you don’t really think anyone should like you, and you’ve probably had no friends for most of your life. So if someone shows any interest in you, you latch onto them like a leech. They are your New Best Friend or your love obsession. You secretly crave attention and human connection so much that it’s like a drug, and you think if this person were to leave you, you wouldn’t find anyone else who likes you for a long time; so this person must be special, since they actually pay attention to you. Try raising your self esteem, and getting out of your comfort zone to develop some social skills.

6) the emotional inferior Fe: You are very concerned with what people think of you, and are sensitive to rejection. In fact, you are sensitive to a lot of things. You don’t really know how to deal with emotions, and they burst out of you inappropriately. You often get mistaken for a feeling type. You really want people to like you. You’re trying to develop social skills, but you overcompensate.

7) the righteously indignant inferior Fe: You’ve been treated unfairly, and you’re going to say something about it. So have your peers, and you will defend them. In fact, you are a member of several oppressed minorities. You see it as your job to fight societal injustice and live as uniquely as you want. You are very rebellious and argumentative, and kind of naively idealistic. You also sometimes get mistaken for a feeling type. You have developed Fe in service to your beliefs, but your social skills are variable.

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8) the pothead: I dunno, man. It’s all good. Life is mysterious and complex. Take it easy. Get laid. Your Fe doesn’t really cause you problems, but you’ve kind of dulled your Ti with all the pot you’ve smoked. Which can turn out to be a good thing, because you’ve learned to relax and not over think everything. You actually seem human. You probably have excellent social skills.

9) the cute and perky inferior Fe: You happen to have a charming personality and a great sense of humor. You like people, and want to be popular. You are mostly cute because of your lack of social skills. Maybe when you were younger people used to make fun of you, but you would always just laugh along with them, and pretty soon they liked you. When you make a social blunder, you do it in a cute and funny way. After all, taking life seriously leads to suffering. Occasionally you are mistaken for an extrovert, even though you might actually be very shy. Most people like you.

10) the healthy and functional, well developed inferior Fe: You have learned how to develop your Fe over the years. You can convince most people that you are actually normal. You have a lot of friends, and most people like you. You’ve learned how to balance your intellect with your intuition, and are in touch with your emotions. You are able to effectively use whichever judging function a situation calls for. You have a comfortable sense of values and ethics, and under your detached exterior, you have a heart. Good job!

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