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ESFJ Personality

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ESFJ – The Caregiver.

The ESFJ is also known as the supporter, consul, or caregiver and belongs to the guardian temperament group. ESFJ stands for Extraverted (E), Sensing (S), Feeling (F) and Judging (J). This personality type is fairly common, comprising 12% of the general population, and 17% of all women. They are underrepresented among people suffering from substance abuse and they are the second most likely type to report a belief in a higher power. They are also the most likely of all types to stay in college.

The ESFJ personality is highly sociable with a warm and friendly deportment. They are people persons with an interest in relationships and community. Their dominant extroverted feeling directs their attention and energy towards social activity and team work. They are staunch defenders of their friends and loved ones and will show unconditional support for them – sometimes even when they are wrong.

While ESFJs are generally ethical and well-intentioned, their principles and personal values are usually derived from external sources rather than from, internal evaluation and critical thought. Because they are not inclined to question or challenge the mores and traditions they’ve been taught, they are liable to accept beliefs that may be unsound or unethical. They can fall victim to the obedience and enforcement of rules and policies they do not fully understand.

Compassionate and loyal, ESFJs have a genuine concern for others and their feelings. They are naturally good hosts capable of putting others at ease, making them feel welcome and comfortable. They are happy to make small talk and willingly converse with almost anyone regardless of their background.

The ESFJ personality is responsible and organized with a respect for authority and hierarchical structure. They believe in using by-the-book procedure and relying on tried-and-true solutions as opposed to unorthodox creative approaches. In general, ESFJs are not very creative and theorizing, philosophy and intellectualism doesn’t particularly interest them. They prefer the concrete over the abstract and deal in the world of pragmatism and practical sense.

Day-to-day tasks and routines are no problem for the ESFJ because they prefer the structure and predictability of regimented routines and schedules. ESFJs are typically trustworthy and reliable employees who work well in teams. They are able to keep the peace and can smooth out the rifts that arise in the workplace, in the home and in their social circles.

The ESFJ’s desire to be liked and appreciated can lead them to be too self-sacrificing at times. They are conflict averse and dislike criticism especially that coming from family and friends. If their self confidence is not well developed, their emotional neediness can become a nuisance to their loved ones.

ESFJs as Parents

The ESFJ personality makes a firm, yet unconditionally loving parent who nurtures their children. They can be authoritative without being overbearing and austere but they may have a tendency to shelter their children. They must not inhibit their children’s growth and development as people by denying them the freedom to experience life and learn from their mistakes. However, when their children experience failure or disappointment, the sensitivity ESFJ’s possess allow them to comfort and provide the emotional support needed to make things all better.

ESFJs in Relationships

ESFJs tend to have an old-fashioned approach to relationships. They will often lay down ground rules for themselves for how they want things to progress (no kissing on the first date,  no sex until the third date, etc). They want unwavering support and loyalty from a partner and someone who can keep up with their social lifestyle. Communication and emotional availability is very important to them. They are deeply hurt by people who criticize their interests and habits. Someone who can share their enthusiasm and positivity would be ideal and they will likely get along best with other sensor types like ISFP in particular.

ESFJ Careers

  • Office Manager
  • Counselor
  • Social Worker
  • Bookkeeper
  • Accountant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Minister
  • Buyer
  • Public Relations Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Event Coordinator
  • Funeral Director
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Insurance Agent
  • Merchandise Planner
  • Advertising Sales Agent
  • Office Manager
  • Fundraiser
  • Receptionist
  • Customer Service Rep
  • Nurse
  • Teacher
  • Administrator
  • Child Care
  • Physician
  • Clergy

Famous ESFJs

Alicia Keys
Andrew Carnegie
Andy Rooney
Anne Hathaway
Barbara Walters
Colin Powell
Danny Glover
Desi Arnaz
Desmond Tutu
Don Knotts
Elton John
Gerald Ford
Harry S. Truman
Hugh Jackman
Jamie Bell
Jason Segel
Jennifer Garner
Jenny McCarthy
Jessica Alba
Larry King
Mariah Carey
Monica Bellucci
Nancy Kerrigan
Penelope Cruz
Prince William
Randy Jackson
Reba McIntire
Regis Philbin
Rick Santorum
Sally Field
Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Palin
Selena Gomez
Shania Twain
Tyra Banks
Vanessa Hudgens
Victoria Beckham
Vin Diesel
Whitney Houston
William McKinley
Woody Harrelson

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