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Virgo Sun Libra Moon Personality

sun in virgo moon in libra

Virgo Sun Libra Moon

The Virgo sun Libra moon man or woman has the keen intellect of Virgo and the emotional temperament of Libra. They are bright, sociable, deliberate, practical and diplomatic in their dealings with others. They put effort into maintaining harmony and balance in their world and sometimes they may simply avoid confronting unpleasant issues directly for the sake of sustaining the semblance of harmony.

They are true thinkers with an idealistic and calculating mindset. They enjoy stimulating discussions and debates on politics and social issues. Their social skills and agreeable manner allow them to be well liked by many of the people who meet them. They can however, sometimes be argumentative and sarcastic. For the most part, they try to be a team player and foster positive energy among others.

Sun in Virgo moon in Libra people are progressive with a desire to gain knowledge and work on mentally stimulating projects. Although they appear laid back and easy going, they are quite willful and ambitious. They possess an ample amount of discipline and focus to make their dreams a reality. With their critical thinking skills and analytical expertise, people with this sun moon combo are well suited for careers in journalism, teaching and science. Their ability to work with people may also draw them into sales and public relations occupations.

Virgo sun Libra moon men and women have a fine eye for what looks good and they appreciate good quality and the ability to have nice things. They like to keep it classy yet unpretentious. Their sense of style is neat and simple with a touch of unconventional and creative. Their image and appearance is something they are highly aware of and they seek to leave a good impression on people They like to give advice and tips and their insight is likely to be well received by most.

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Although largely self reliant and independent, connecting with others and being surrounded with stimulating company is essential to their happiness. Their emotional balance can fluctuate making them moody and cold and deviate from their otherwise congenial demeanor. It is important for Virgo sun Libra moon people to feel that they are getting a fair level of give and take between them and the people they work with and care about. Nervous tension and stress can make them irritable and obstinate and sharp-tongued.

Love and companionship is deeply important to the Virgo sun Libra man and woman. They are always looking for the perfect partner with whom they can settle and form a long lasting union with. As a partner and friend they, are attentive and romantic. They enjoy spending quality time doing activities together and planning for the future. Even when disillusioned by the state of the relationship, they may remain optimistic and faithful that they can fix things.

Famous People with Virgo Sun Libra Moon 

Mylène Farmer – Born: September 12, 1961
Tom Hardy – Born: September 15, 1977
Shania Twain – Born: August 28, 1965
Agatha Christie – Born: September 15, 1890
Michel Drucker – Born: September 12, 1942
Ray Charles – Born: September 23, 1930
Tyler Perry – Born: September 13, 1969
Ivan the Terrible – Born: August 25, 1530 (Julian cal.)
Aaron Paul – Born: August 27, 1979
Luke Wilson – Born: September 21, 1971
D.H. Lawrence – Born: September 11, 1885
Sarah Chalke – Born: August 27, 1976
Alexandra Vandernoot – Born: September 19, 1963
Holly Hallstrom – Born: August 24, 1952
Mireille Dumas – Born: September 10, 1953
Wes Bentley – Born: September 4, 1978
David James Elliott – Born: September 21, 1960
Alessandra Martines – Born: September 19, 1963
Virginia Madsen – Born: September 11, 1961
Goran Visnjic – Born: September 9, 1972
Madeline Zima – Born: September 16, 1985
Richard I of England – Born: September 8, 1157 (Julian cal.)
Xzibit – Born: September 18, 1974
Arnold Schoenberg – Born: September 13, 1874
Cameron Dallas – Born: September 8, 1994
Caterina Murino – Born: September 15, 1977
Ruud Gullit – Born: September 1, 1962
Tula (model) – Born: August 31, 1954
Sophie Dahl- Born: September 15, 1977

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