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Virgo Sun Leo Moon Personality

virgo sun leo moon

Virgo Sun Leo Moon

Bright and big-hearted, the Virgo Sun Leo moon man or woman is a hybrid of emotional exuberance tempered by a down to earth sensibility. They are both creative and analytical and likely possess a bit more pride and appetite for attention than Virgos with other moon signs. They’re magnanimous and friendly and are generally of a sanguine temperament. When they are upset however, their tantrums can be uproarious.

Although they maintain a polite and well mannered mien, there is also an element of swagger and easy charm to them. They exude confidence without being arrogant and know how to straddle the line between hubris and prudence. Virgo Sun Leo moon men and women have strong imagination and an eye for details. They can often be perfectionistic in their work and do things over and over again exhaustively until they are finally satisfied with the result.

The Virgo sun Leo moon person needs creative stimulation in their life and an outlet through which they can express themselves meaningfully. They take their image seriously and put much effort into making sure they have their stuff together. They can be a bit materialistic and covet the symbols of success so they can feel and appear more significant and desirable. Virgos are not known to peacock but with a Leo moon, they may feel tempted to do so.

Fun times are to had when around this Virgo because they have a playful spirit and an attraction to drama. Although they can be shy and modest, they enjoy attention and can milk it when they really want to. Sometimes they are also bossy and may express their personal opinions as though they were facts. Virgo sun Leo moon can sometimes get carried away with lofty sanctimony. Their intentions are often noble but they should avoid acting like they are the moral authority for everyone else.

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They can be very helpful though and will go to great lengths for the people they care about. They like making people happy and seeing them smile in response to something they did for them. Sun in Virgo moon in Leo personalities take pride in their work because they know their worth and the time and energy they put into it. Being undervalued or underappreciated for their contribution is nothing short of a black eye to their ego. Being forced to campaign and defend their merit is something they are loathe to do because in their mind it should be obvious.

Virgo sun Leo moon people have a keen sense of fairness and honor and others can often trust in the soundness and wisdom of their counsel. As a friend, they are pretty loyal and true. They have a lot of love and warmth in them but they may initially have to overcome some bashfulness before they really open up. This sun moon combination is not that superficial and may be attracted to people based more heavily on other factors besides looks. They desire a smart companion with whom they can connect intellectually and create a sanctuary of love and laughter that nourishes their idealistic soul.

Famous People with Virgo Sun Leo Moon

Adriana Karembeu – Born: September 17, 1971
Niall Horan – Born: September 13, 1993
Louis XIV of France – Born: September 5, 1638
Alexander Skarsgard – Born: August 25, 1976
Pippa Middleton – Born: September 6, 1983
Stephen Fry – Born: August 24, 1957
Jeon Jungkook – Born: September 1, 1997
Idris Elba – Born: September 6, 1972
Hicham El Guerrouj – Born: September 14, 1974
Frédéric Beigbeder – Born: September 21, 1965
Amy Poehler – Born: September 16, 1971
Ludacris – Born: September 11, 1977
Jacqueline Bisset – Born: September 13, 1944
Carlo Rambaldi – Born: September 15, 1925
Twiggy – Born: September 19, 1949
Alison Lohman – Born: September 18, 1979
Skandar Keynes – Born: September 5, 1991
David Fincher – Born: August 28, 1962
Diane de Poitiers – Born: September 3, 1499 (Julian cal.)
Alex O’Loughlin – Born: August 24, 1976
Chloe Vevrier – Born: September 18, 1968
Deva Cassel – Born: September 12, 2004
Rachel Hunter – Born: September 9, 1969
Laura Vandervoort – Born: September 22, 1984
Sabine Azéma – Born: September 20, 1949
Jean Sarkozy – Born: September 1, 1986
Laurence Parisot – Born: August 31, 1959

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