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The Major Vice of Each Myers Briggs Type


“Pills And Threeways 2” by hakanphotography


Vice: Scheming and connivery

ENTJs in their blind ambition may be tempted to dance with their dark side. They have the ability to draw up a plan that will fatten their wallets or rig the system in their favor. Some may develop an interest in magic and become skilled in the art of misdirection and manipulation. ENTJs are well suited as grifters or magicians such as Penn Jillette who uses an astute insight into human behavior to construct clever machinations designed to get the best of other people. ENTJs would also make excellent crime bosses with an ability to orchestrate an elaborate scheme and get away with it, at least for a while. Charles Ponzi, the notorious father of the titular Ponzi scheme, was likely an ENTJ. Fortunately most ENTJs direct their energy into more honest professions.

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