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mbti list Myers Briggs

Here is the Story Arc for Each MBTI Type

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mbti type story arc

Each one of us is the protagonist of our own story and one of the important aspects of story is good character development. Characters at the beginning of a story are incomplete in some way that events of the story will serve to resolve or make whole. In real life, each MBTI type has its own figurative dragons to slay by virtue of their inferior function struggles and the quest to integrate and cultivate healthy use of their cognitive functions. Here is what the story arc for each Myers Briggs type development looks like. Continue reading

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  • mbti list Myers Briggs

    What Each MBTI Type Will Do When The Robots Takeover

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    mbti robots ai

    The robots are coming and there’s nothing you can do about it. For a long time, it has been the stuff of science fiction, but now we are on the cusp of an automation revolution. More and more industries are turning to super smart and efficient A.I. machines to perform tasks once relegated to humans. What does this mean for the future of humanity? Here’s what happens to each MBTI type after the machines rise to power. Continue reading

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  • mbti list Myers Briggs

    The MBTI Types As Super Villains

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    joker mbti

    Villainy has many faces and forms. Some are maniacal like the Joker or calculating like Lex Luthor. Here is the type of diabolical super villain each Myers Briggs type is likely to be.


    The INFJ villain is the tragic character who, due to an extremely unfortunate and traumatic set of events, has their view of humanity deeply corrupted. They’ve come to demonize a population they view as being a menace to another population they are sympathetic to. They no longer see those people as human beings but as devils whose existence stands in the way of realizing their plans for a more perfect world. In their warped minds, their cause is noble and necessary which makes them even more scary.


    The INFP villain is a another unfortunate soul who was likely twisted by their cruel and unlucky lot in life. They endured more pain and loss than anyone should bear and now they follow a philosophy of despair and retribution. They are basically insane but those who know their history may feel they can be helped and reformed. At the heart of their rage is an idealist who has given up. A good person who succumbed to the dark side.


    The INTJ villain is the one who is purely motivated by grand scientific ambitions and doesn’t really give a rat’s ass about who gets harmed in the process. They are not out to kill anyone per se, but the nature of their plans inevitably comes at a high human cost. For the normal person, that would be grounds for scrapping such plans, but for the INTJ villain, it is hardly an issue. They view the populace as though they were ants and only value the ones who are useful to them.


    The INTP villain is dangerous because of their ability to operate anonymously and strike mysteriously leaving little if any trace of their presence. Their motives are nihilistic and seemingly random but only the most clever detectives will notice the patterns. The INTP villain enjoys toying with their pursuers and seeing them struggle to piece together the hidden clues they leave behind ever so thoughtfully.


    The ENTJ villain is the leader in the league of supervillains. They created the league in order to provide a network where villains can connect with other villains to pool resources and coordinate their plans more efficiently. ENTJ established a structured organization (like the united nations) whereby villains can conveniently broker deals, hold conferences and discuss business with other crooks around the world. ENTJ collects an annual membership fee which helps fund their diabolical projects.  


    The ENTP villain is the machiavellian mastermind who creates chaos and mayhem for their own amusement. They play by their own rules and the cleverness of their schemes make it difficult for detectives and superheroes alike to capture and bring them to justice. Their crimes are flamboyant and cheeky and they stay several steps ahead in the game of cat and mouse.


    The ENFJ villain operates like a mafia godfather. Their big picture schemes serve a higher purpose however misguided. They surround themselves with ‘yes’ men and obedient myrmidons who believe in them like a messiah. A code of honor and philosophy underscores the ENFJ criminal enterprise. There are things that they are unwilling to do, lines they refuse to cross. They respect boundaries but if theirs are crossed, then cold-blooded retaliation is in order,


    The ENFP super villain is complicated because they are essentially a good person on the wrong side of the tracks. They are more of an anti-hero like The Punisher and are out to fulfill a personal mission that only they feel is justified. They are fanatical and dangerous because they are prepared to die for their goal. They are motivated by vengeance, or selfish ambition fueled by a rogue philosophy of self-righteous purpose.


    The ISTJ villain is the one who owns a vast collection of historical objects and orchestrates well thought-out heists intended to extend their collection of rare and valuable artifacts. They are interested in raiding museums and historical sites. They operate from the shadows and rely on the services of high grade professional goons who are competent at what they do.


    The ESTJ villain is a strong schemer who maps out detailed and well thought out plans for accomplishing their ends. Whether they’re staging a bank robbery or a stealing a priceless painting from a museum with heavy security the ESTJ villain will use their knowledge of proven strategies for bypassing every obstacle they can expect as well as a few contingent possibilities that may catch them surprise. They are able to think laterally when they need to.


    The ISTP villain is the evil doer who works alone and is generally motivated by money and material gain. They are highly skilled and formidable on their own and may operate as a hitman for hire, high level thief or a serial killer. They are cold-blooded and stoic which makes them all the more intimidating as a villain.


    The ESTP villain is of the sociopathic variety of criminals who take what they want and are ruthless in the way they go about it. They are the crime boss, the kingpin who intimidates their flunkies with an iron fist and frightening temper. The ESTP villain demands complete loyalty and nothing less. Underlings who kiss their ass will be rewarded but those who are too competent and non deferential will be perceived as a threat to ESTP’s power and get targeted for elimination.


    The ISFP villain is an arrogant snob who believes their superior sense of taste entitles them to steal expensive objects because they are the only ones worthy of possessing them. As a villain, the ISFP is a high-brow criminal and an aficionado of rare and valuable things. They are likely to be world class art thieves and museum raiders.


    The ESFP villain is unpredictable, aggressive and temperamental. They are thrill seeking narcissists driven by greed and lust. The green eyed monster consumes them and they seek instant gratification. When they are unhappy, they become cruel and volatile toward the people around them. Their evil Fi makes them immune to other people’s feelings and their Te makes them want to control, dominate, and inflict pain on other people.


    The ISFJ villain is fueled by past hurt and internalized umbrage they refuse to let go of. They are tormented by the trauma that turned them into the warped and psychologically damaged person they’ve become. They are obsessed with making those responsible pay for what was done to them and may now want to inflict that pain on others. Their evil Fe allows them to fool people into trusting them until it’s too late.


    The ESFJ villain has a team upon which they rely for advice and counsel. They involve their underlings in the planning process but some of their flunkies may question and challenge their judgement and ability as leader. The ESFJ villain thinks they are great at what they do and are often blind to the brewing mutiny their backstabbing crew is plotting against them.

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  • article Myers Briggs

    The MBTI Types of 13 Reasons Why

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    13 reasons why mbti


    13 reasons why mbti

    The Netflix series “13 Reason Why” is based on a book written by Jay Asher. It follows the story of a high school student named Clay Jensen as he gradually uncovers the tragic details that lead his former schoolmate and crush, Hannah Baker to take her own life. Only weeks after her death, Clay finds a box of audio tapes sitting at his doorstep and he begins listening to them. It is a recording of Hannah’s voice and Jensen learns that prior to her suicide, Hannah made the recording to tell her story and the 13 reasons why she ended her life. Among the reasons, many people are named and Clay Jensen is #11. Here is an assessment of the MBTI types of the characters in “13 Reasons Why”.

    clay jensen infp mbti

    Clay Jensen – INFP

    Given his social awkwardness and self-professed lack of interest in chit chat, Clay Jensen falls squarely on the introverted side of the MBTI spectrum. Throughout the series, Clay frequently collided with stationary objects or got hit by projectiles because of his inattention to the external environment. His mind is often distracted and off in the clouds but he expresses a sense of integrity, and a desire to “do the right thing”. Clay’s a nice guy and everyone seems to like him. The fact that he was named among Hannah’s 13 reasons for killing herself left him and others agog since nobody would think Clay capable of hurting anyone especially Hannah. At one point, Hannah mentioned that one of the things she admired about Clay was that he was unafraid to just be himself. He displays a sense of authenticity and follows a strong moral compass.

    hannah baker enfp mbti

    Hannah Baker – ENFP

    Hannah showcases both extraversion and introversion. She is friendly, engaging and was active within the social circles at her school. But despite this, she often felt alienated, misunderstood and alone. She developed a growing distrust of the people around her after experiencing one betrayal after the next. She would sometimes push people away when they were trying to reach out to her and sometimes she did it secretly as a test to see how much they cared. She was flirtatious but also gave off the impression that she was more promiscuous than she really was. Hannah was naive about the intentions and motivations of guys like Bryce and Justin. What she thought was a special and meaningful connection just turned out to be humiliating and scandalous betrayal of her trust. She shows flexibility and openness to new experiences such as the poetry group she joined and her willingness sacrifice her college savings to help out her parents. Hannah also displays a sense of integrity and moral obligation when she insists on calling the police after Sheri knocks over the stop sign because it could cause an accident.

    marcus cole estj mbti

    Marcus Cole – ESTJ

    Marcus exhibits a concern for maintaining his image and as a member of the honors board enjoys a bit of prestige and status at his school. He is outgoing and extraverted and shows no lack of confidence. When he asked Hannah out on a date, he refused to take ‘no’ as an answer and twisted her arm until she said ‘yes’. He deliberately showed up late to the date and on top of that brought his coterie of friends with him as well. It is clear that he wanted to show off and make himself look good in front of his friends at Hannah’s expense. For this reason, Cole is not likely to be a feeler as he is not only arrogant but also un-empathetic. He doesn’t seem to pick up on Hannah’s discomfort and pushes her too far to the point where she lashes out. ESTJs are typically very poor at reading people and they can become so focused on achieving their objectives that they fail to recognize the harm they might be causing in the process.

    jessica davis esfp mbti


    Jessica Davis – ESFP

    Jessica has issues with punctuality and has a tendency to be unpredictable which probably makes her more of a perceiver than a judger. She doesn’t seem to get the puns and turns of phrases Hannah uses so Jessica is probably not a strong intuition user. Extraverted sensing seems more likely as she is fairly impulsive and can really go off the rails when she engages in recreational drinking and drug use. She seems to thrive on sensory thrills and fun times and she’s on the cheerleading team so she’s apparently athletic too. She seems to be a feeler but not an extraverted feeler. She is a bit subversive and confrontational and Fe users tend to avoid conflict as much as possible. Jessica is more effusive and volatile with her emotions. She can be very snarky and surly for no apparent reason and seems to operate according to what seems right by her and will readily cut ties and end relationships after she’s been scorned or wronged.

    sheri holland isfj mbti

    Sheri Holland – ISFJ

    Sheri seems to have her priorities in order and is academically ambitious which suggests she may be a judging type. She is also super friendly and nice to everyone. She shows concern for others and offers Hannah a ride home from the party after noticing that something is wrong with her. Sheri seems to show a Fe preference with a slightly introverted temperament, but it’s hard to say. She could easily pass as an ESFJ. Like Courtney Crimsen, Sheri’s concern for her image and esteem in the eyes of others seems to be a large influence on her decisions. After knocking over the stop sign, she panics and leaves the scene out of fear of the trouble calling the cops might get her into. After Hannah’s tapes came out with the truth about what she did and how her actions indirectly led to the death of Jeff, Sheri tried to ingratiate herself with Clay in an attempt to ensure he wouldn’t try to expose her secret.

    justin foley estp mbti

    Justin Foley – ESTP

    Justin seems like a smaller version of Bryce but with slightly more of a conscious. Justin exhibits a lot of the same confidence and typical jock persona that Bryce displays, but is not nearly as much of a dick. Justin showed the pictures of him making out with Hannah to his buddies but it was Bryce who broadcasted it to the entire school. Justin was relatively not so bad and was mostly tarnished by the company he kept. His allegiance to Bryce was understandable since Bryce was there for him when his family was not. When Bryce did what he did to Justin’s girlfriend Jessica, it was hard for Justin to reconcile his commitment to his girlfriend with his loyalty to his “brother” and so he chose to pretend it didn’t happen. Even still, this fact weighed heavily on his conscious such that he became noticeably less intimate with her for reasons she did not understand until finally the truth came out. Justin’s moral dilemma suggests he has trouble making tough ethical decisions and cares more about keeping his relationships in tact rather than do what is morally or ethically just.

    courtney crimsen esfj mbti

    Courtney Crimsen – ESFJ

    Courtney Crimsen is nice to everyone. She wears a mask of congeniality that sometimes belies the inner turmoil she experiences on account of her fear of being outed as being gay. She cares too much about what people think of her and she avoids criticism by deflecting and shifting attention away from herself onto other people like Hannah. She threw Hannah under the bus after a fellow student revealed rumors he learned about the two girls. She shared salacious details about Hannah just to take some of the heat off of Courtney’s back. Courtney wanted to present a squeaky clean image and couldn’t handle the embarrassment of having the aspects of herself that she couldn’t accept getting out into the open. It is typical for ESFJs to focus themselves on their public roles and relationships at the expense of cultivating a true and authentic sense of self. Their values and beliefs are mostly shaped by what is socially accepted and considered normal.

    alex standall isfp mbti

    Alex Standall- ISFP

    Alex seems rather introverted although he manages to implant himself with a popular set of kids at school. Alex seems to display a similar Fi preference to that of Clay. After hearing the part he played in Hannah’s demise, Alex seems ridden with guilt and self loathing. At one point he wanders outside and allows himself to fall into Bryce’s pool and sinks as if he has resigned himself to drowning. He doesn’t though, but later on, he makes a more serious suicide attempt. Even before that, he displays a death wish when he continues to drive dangerously fast while his friends plead with him to stop. At Monet’s restaurant, Alex mentions his goal of trying everything on the menu and he also plays the guitar in the school band. All this suggests that Alex has a high preference for extraverted sensing.

    bryce walker estp mbti

    Bryce Walker – ESTP

    Bryce is the big man on campus so to speak. He has all the connections and resources and seems to be the life of the party. He is pure confidence and seems to relish the attention and status he holds at Liberty high. Bryce is also a jock and ESTPs are considered the most athletic of all the MBTI personality types. He isn’t dramatic or desperate for attention. He just kind of commands it naturally like a charismatic a-hole. Despite his cocky disposition, he is actually quite affable and friendly but exhibits a lack of moral character. With him it’s all about having a good time but he doesn’t seem to recognize boundaries and his sense of entitlement comes out with regards to his incidents with Jessica and Hannah.

    zach dempsey esfp mbti

    Zach Dempsey – ESFP

    Zach exhibits a good naturedness beneath his sometimes entitled and childish behavior. He’s one of the popular kids and is accustomed to getting what he wants including attention and admiration. He rolls with the rest of the jocks but seems more compassionate than they are. The kindness he showed to Hannah following the Marcus incident demonstrated that he has more empathy than the people he associates with. He tries to amuse her by balancing a spoon on his nose. He has a silly side and also seems to be a good brother to his younger sister. When Hannah rejected his attempt at asking her out, he resorted to petty childish acts of revenge, namely by stealing the complimentary notes left for her by other classmates.

    tony padilla istp mbti

    Tony Padilla – ISTP

    Tony sits in the cafeteria by himself reading a book. He’s incredibly down to earth and chill and isn’t seen interacting with many people besides Clay. This means he is probably an introvert. He is also seen doing mechanical work like fixing cars and he apparently likes to go climbing. Based on this, he probably has a strong extraverted sensing preference and is likely an ISTP. ISTPs are good with their hands and enjoy doing outdoorsy things despite their introverted nature. Tony tries to honor his late friend Hannah by distributing the tapes to the people Hannah intended them for. This he believed, was the right thing to do. Later on he decides that their is more that he must do beyond just what Hannah wanted. He believes a greater justice must be served by sharing the tapes with Hannah’s parents probably to ensure that Bryce is brought to justice for what he did to Hannah.

    Tyler Down istp mbti

    Tyler Down – ISTP

    Tyler seems to be a quiet kid with a strong skill. Photography is his thing and he seems to be very good at it. He’s kind of an outsider an is not really accepted as a member of any of the school cliques or factions. There is not a whole lot known about the Tyler character except that he doesn’t really understand why he is excluded from the student alliances that begin forming in anticipation of the impending prosecutions coming their way. He is in the same boat as they but somehow what he did is too despicable. As a thinking type, his perspective is probably objectively consistent whereas the other characters seem to be making more of a feeling based distinction between them and Tyler that renders them hypocrites with double standards.

    ryan shaver entj mbti

    Ryan Shaver – ENTJ

    Ryan could be either an INTJ or ENTJ. He demonstrates a penchant for pursuing his own ends with little regard for the ethics of his actions. He is ambitious and success oriented and the humiliation or harm he might cause to some people doesn’t seem to factor into the calculus of his decision making process. He pursues what is in his own interests and is fairly pragmatic and logical in doing so. He is the chief editor of his own school magazine and this suggests that he is very enterprising and comfortable with leadership. As a writer and poet it is likely that he is an intuition user as many creative writers are.

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  • article Strange

    Short horror story about a mad scientist

    Published by:

    A. James Harris-Dodder

    In most cases, much research is needed to understand that which we cannot explain. Years of study and long nights compiling information are a given. Luckily, that is not the case in this story. Parasites need no introduction to mankind. We drain the earth’s supply of life, just to maintain our exsistence. It was only a matter of time before it fought back with something no one could restrain.

    It’s necessary that I get to the point, as I may not be around much longer to document my findings. My name is doctor Carlive Greene, biologist, botanist, and master surgeon. I’ve become, through the years, am esteemed heart and brain surgeon, as well as having a knack for discovering new flora. I’ve traveled to South America, most of Europe, and the more civilized parts of Africa.

    This study began after my discovery of a new member of the Cuscuta, also known as Dodder, family.It’s a parasitic plant that attaches itself to the vascular system of others to feed. All previous members of the genus posed no threat to mammals, or any other “living” organism. All of that changed when I stumbled upon a new addition to the family. Villagers in a fairly civilized, rural African town were shocked beyond reason when their livestock began to die suddenly. I was asked to assess the situation, and my studies concluded that an unknown type of vine had become carnivorous and attack the animals.

    At first the locals, along with my colleagues, thought me mad for even suggesting such a preposterous idea. It took months of horribly irritating trips back and forth, with countless skeptical scientists, for them to realize I was right. I was asked to bring a specimen back to my laboratory to study, and that is where this experiment began. Through numerous tests, I discovered the cause of the plant’s sudden transformation. It’s environment severely changed when the natives began harvesting wood. One fateful day, one of the men working accidently caused a fire to spark, killing off the majority of the plant life. As the workers began the clean up process, many of them were injured due to their lack of modern technology. When their injuries occurred, their blood naturally fell to the ground, which is where the vine was introduced to it. Since this was the only source of nutrition it could find, it gradually evolved the ability to actively seek out other sources of blood.

    As my studies continued, it became increasingly apparent to me that I must cancel all of my other work. I became obsessed with this new oddity, studying it’s every action. I spent the majority of my funding purchasing animals for it to feed on. After a few months, my funds had run out, but I knew my studies had to continue. I began searching for new sources of blood for the plant.

    I knew a friend who owned a blood bank, him owning the one key to the facilities. I brought him to dinner, waiting patiently for him to use the restroom, before I drugged his drink. When he fell asleep in his car, I stole the key and raided the bank. This kept my specimen satisfied for quite awhile, but also forced me into seclusion. I was a wanted man, and I could not risk losing all I’d worked for.

    I was able to take a couple pints of blood from myself everyday for awhile, but it was obvious that this would not last. I began searching through adds online for people interested in casual sex. Since my lab was at least an hour away from any city, most people saw this as a great way to not get caught. I prepared three rooms specifically designed to hold them in. After weeks of careful planning, everything was ready. All three individuals were convinced they were attending an orgy, and I took extra steps to make sure my guests never suspected a thing once they arrived. I had two call girls to keep the charade going when they entered the lab.

    All they saw were fine curtains, expensive furniture, and priceless art, all being counterfeit versions I had ordered. As they made small talk with the girls, I released gas into the room, causing them to lose consciousness. I drug the girls off first, burying them in the dirt around the vines. It didn’t take long for them to be fully drained. After this, I brought each person to their respective room. My group consisted of very specifically chosen subjects: a husky American male, a lanky Asian male, and a female body builder from Kenya. Our first subject, the American male, died of a massive heart attack not long after waking. Once he fell lifelessly upon the ground, the Dodder attacked. It began to feed, but very quickly shriveled and died.

    Our next subject was the small framed Asian man. He fought hard to get out, which roused the plant, causing it to lunge towards him. After an hour had passed, all traces of the man had vanished, and the plant went back to resting. Which brings us to our final subject, the Kenyan woman. She managed to severely damage the glass through which I was observing. In doing so, she violently swung her arm upwards, smashing out the light fixture. I was unable to see anything for several minutes, only hearing screaming and rustling sounds. Once I was able to find a flashlight, I moved slowly towards the examining room. As I began to open the door, something rammed it, forcefully swinging it completely off the hinges. I scrambled backwards, frantically trying to regain my footing. As I did so, a vine twice the size of all of the others lunged towards me. I jumped far enough back to avoid it, and locked myself in the closest empty room.

    As I write this, I am still in that very room. Since I began writing this down, the vine has managed to shake all but one hinge from the door. I must hurry my conclusion, for soon I will be with all the rest who fell victim to this monstrosity. I have concluded, after all above stated tests and findings, that our species no longer reigns supreme. In a very short time, all of you will be in a room similar to this one, awaiting your demise, Live while you can, because man is no longer the dominant parasite. We have become the dominant prey.

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  • article Strange

    5 Super Short Stories To Creep You Out

    Published by:

    via deviantart

    My New Doggie!

    by Ratfink333

    I went to the animal shelter a couple weeks ago and adopted a beautiful young golden retriever. He’s the smartest dog I’ve ever met. Within days, he knew “sit,” “stay,” and “roll over.” I even taught him the old trick where you make a gun with your hand and say “bang,” and he rolls onto his back and plays dead. The problem is, dogs are much better with hand signals than voice cues, so now, as soon as I make a finger gun, he rolls over onto his back and eagerly looks at me for his treat.

    I’m sitting on the couch watching a movie in the dark and my puppy is on the hardwood floor in front of me, chewing on his new toy. He looks up towards me, pauses, then rolls onto his back, his tongue out and begging for a treat. I realize he’s looking over my head, beyond the couch. The floor behind me creaks.

    Mister Nobody

    By IPostAtMidnight

    Everyone knew Cassie. She was a friendly child, sure, but I think the neighborhood knew her because she knew us. She was the reason our block felt like a family.

    “Girl’s got second sight,” Alletta Johnson would proclaim from her window perch.

    I’ve never believed in such things, but I’ll admit Cassie had a gift. To her, Alletta Johnson was “Miss Grandma,” while the girl who drove the ice cream truck was “Miss Dog Doctor.” Our mailman was “Mister Painter.” She played hopscotch and jump-rope with kids she’d dubbed “Singer,” “Teacher,” and “Fireman.”

    I asked her about all the nicknames once, and from what I could understand they came from how she saw people—as potential. She didn’t exactly see our futures, she just saw us at our ideal.

    “Everybody glows, Mister Writer,” she told me. “Everybody’s good.”

    I’d never told anyone I wanted to write. It was a secret dream, not one I’d let myself take seriously. Yet somehow, she saw it in me. That’s how she saw all of us.

    One afternoon I was cooling off on my front stoop when she skipped down the sidewalk with a stranger at her side. She had obviously enchanted him, just like everyone else. We smiled and waved, and as they passed I asked, “Who’s your friend, Cassie?”

    She paused, tilting her head in confusion before exclaiming, “Oh! You’re being writery, Mister Writer!”

    I should’ve paid more attention as she laughed and twirled off down the street, followed by the stranger. I should’ve realized.

    Cassie always saw the good in people.

    Cassie could only see the good in people.

    But not everybody is good.

    What they don’t tell you about the dead

    by Crimsai

    I don’t want to sound mean, but the dead are pretty clueless. I’ve always seen them. When I was younger everyone thought I was just talking to imaginary friends. After a couple years, when I overheard my parents talk about calling a psychologist, I realised what I was talking to. See, ghosts don’t tend to realise they’re dead, and they don’t look like in the movies, they look just like us.

    I’m pretty smart for a 13 year old, so I started noticing certain patterns to tell them apart from the living. They could be a bit distant from living people, or you’d see them try to talk to people who wouldn’t even notice them. Some of them could tell I was different, that I noticed them. Like this guy I saw after school yesterday. I’m a big boy now, see, I don’t need my parents to pick me up, home is just a short walk away. He was standing away from the other parents, didn’t talk to them, just stared at me, that’s how I knew he was one of the ghosts. I went over, told him I knew what he was and asked how I could help him. I don’t remember much after that, I think because of what happened this morning.

    Downstairs, my parents were crying. I tried talking to them but they ignored me. They must have died last night somehow, sometimes the new ghosts wouldn’t talk to me. Some police officers and reporters just arrived, they won’t talk to me either, just my parents. It’s weird, I’ve never seen so many ghosts together before. Why won’t anyone talk to me?

    Behind Closed Doors

    by Lillpi

    The neighbor was a weird man, he was reclusive and never really spoke to anyone. Tom liked to scare me by saying he must be a murderer, that he always kept to himself so people wouldn’t catch on. I didn’t like the jokes and would tell him off, the neighbor was probably just shy. Although I got mad at the jokes I had to admit, the neighbor did make me uncomfortable. Tom worked a mix of day and night shifts, tonight happened to be one of his night shifts, I don’t like the idea of being home alone at night, everything seems more sinister but I tend to shake these feelings by watching some TV and going to bed.

    I was jolted awake by a loud noise, maybe Tom had come home? I looked at my clock and saw it was 2:30 in the morning. Panic rose, my mind was racing and I didn’t know what to think, there was only two facts that kept repeating in my mind; Tom didn’t finish work till 6 and that noise came from inside the house. I quickly looked out the second storey bedroom window to the drive way below in case he did come back early, his car wasn’t there but what I saw made my blood run cold, it was my neighbor breaking into my house. I grabbed my phone and called the police. I waited in my room, too scared to go downstairs and prayed the police would come in time. They did, they caught him.

    I was still in my bedroom, watching from my window as they took him to the car, he was struggling and screaming, he really was a mad man. “You don’t understand!” He yelled ” I saw someone else go in the house!” as my brain was processing his meaning I heard my bedroom door shut behind me.

    The President is Human

    by OsoBrazos

    Philip started the video clip as soon as Rose closed the door to the editing bay. Charlie Clark, the newly elected President’s head speech writer moved on screen. He was familiar to the small group in the sound-proof room; he had worked at their news station for three years before taking his current position in November of 2016. He was dressed nicely and spoke eloquently enough, but his hands betrayed his nerves. He kept running fingers through his hair, straightening his tie, and sipping water.

    “…and, unlike the President, I can say whatever I want,” Charlie quipped onscreen to the laughter of the assembled journalists. “But seriously, the goal of a speech writer is not to tell the President how he feels – we are not in danger of running the world accidentally – it’s to put the President’s feelings, the feelings he was elected to have, into the perfect words.

    “Say the President is fuming over a human rights violation. The President is human, he’s allowed to be angry. In fact, he’s so angry his commendable diction slips. It’s my job to craft a statement that encapsulates the President’s anger – is the verbal embodiment of his sense of injustice – so he can deliver that to the world.”

    Philip stopped the video and spoke. “As the Secret Service led us away from this conference, one of them pressed a paper into my hand. It was a code Charlie and I used as war correspondents in Afghanistan. It says the phrases made when he touched his tie were false.”

    Philip played those segments. “I can say whatever I want.” “We are not in danger.” “The President is human.”


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