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The Role of Each MBTI Type in the Apocalypse

the mbti types in the apocalypse

Whether it’s the zombie apocalypse, a nuclear holocaust, a biblical Armageddon, or any other threat of world-annihilation, the end of the world is a terrifying prospect. What would you do? Here’s what each MBTI type is likely to do when the apocalypse is nigh..


In the midst of a threat to humanity, INFJs may be inclined to provide advice because they will likely have a lot of foresight with regards to how things will play out and what should be avoided. They may also be among the most prepared because INFJs will likely have anticipated the crisis of an apocalypse before most people. INFJs may take on a teaching role and try to impart wisdom and caution to fend off moral decay.


In an apocalypse, INFPs may become mostly reclusive and retreat to their bunker or secret sanctuary likely located in an abandoned library. They might have a number of animal friends around and a few good humans. For food they subsist on a vegan diet and they while away the time reading every book in the building.


In an apocalypse, a good science person would be handy. INTJs may often be experts in some scientific field which could be useful in order to maximize what resources are available. INTJs know how to apply their knowledge in order to engineer out-of-the-box solutions that are effective and hardy. INTJs would systematically collect data and from it be able to devise a master plan to achieve objectives related to survival.


During an apocalypse, the normally solipsistic INTP may suddenly take their relations with others more seriously for the sake of survival. They neither follow nor lead, but will try to be an invaluable contributor to the group’s perseverance. INTPs may be something of a dark horse who mostly operates behind the scenes and goes relatively unnoticed until they suddenly discover or produce something that changes the game and opens up new possibilities for everyone.


ENFJs may become like a shaman in an apocalyptic scenario. They may receive prophetic omens and harbingers through their dreams and nightmares that spur them to take an active role in guiding others and averting them from the dangers and pitfalls that lay before them. ENFJs will provide moral support and perspective that could be beneficial in averting unnecessary tragedies stemming from foolish strife. They may see the light at the end of the tunnel and inspire others not to lose hope or become demoralized despite their dismal circumstances.


In the apocalypse, ENFPs may take up an overzealous and borderline psychotic mission to destroy any threat to their loved ones, be it zombies, aliens or demons. The ideas and solutions they propose may often be unrealistic but they get extra points for their passion and optimism. As long as they have people they care about to fight for, ENFPs may continue to have hope for the future and have faith that it can be saved.


For ENTJ, the apocalypse is just another problem that just happens to be life-threatening. They will undertake a more ambitious and aggressive mission to not only survive but defeat the apocalypse and restore order and save the future of humanity. They will want to be in a position of control where they can actualize their plans which will be designed to deracinate the source of the threat; not just cope with it.


In the apocalypse, the ENTP will likely be the crazy wildcard that nobody is too sure they can trust. Under these circumstances, ENTPs may feel it is every person for themselves and so they may sometimes resort to Machiavellian schemes that serve their self interests. In other cases they may go insane and lose their grip on reality such that they can no longer tell their friends from their enemies.


Aside from hyperventilating and having panic attacks, ISTJ will likely bunker down and stockpile supplies. They will forage and try to amass as big a cache of resources as possible and may operate as a sort of supply clerk or store keeper managing inventory and procuring whatever items necessary. They may be the ones who distribute rations and resources and organize the most efficient system for doing so.


In an apocalypse, ISFJs will likely have their hands full distributing provisions and administering aid. ISFJs will mostly likely oversee the care of others and be involved in food preparation. They may also perform guard duty and be vigilant to threats. ISFJs will feel ill at ease until they can establish a reasonable amount of security. They will try to be of help wherever they can and will be very willing to perform whatever tasks designated to them by their group or community.


During the apocalypse, ESFJ will likely focus on organizing the people around them and advocating for what is needed collectively. They will try to direct resources and make their encampment or fortification a comfortable haven for everyone. Conducting group meetings and coordinating teams in the service of creating a functional and harmonious dynamic between all players involved. The ESFJ may also play an integral part in mediating conflicts and infighting.


In the midst of the chaos and disorder, ESTJs will naturally try to seize control over their immediate surroundings. They may find their way to the top of the group hierarchy on account of their competitive and ambitious tendencies. They may become the leader by sheer force of their personality and because of their competence, others may accept them as such and take comfort in their staunch but efficient leadership.


In an apocalypse, the ISTP will likely busy themselves with devising makeshift tools and adhoc fortifications and traps. They will be among the first to respond when things go wrong and will be relied upon to figure out how to make things work and operate various machines. They may also have an unusual and specially developed skill that happens to be incredibly useful.


If the ISFP knows they are facing certain doom, they will naturally try to live it up and make the most of their time before it runs out. Otherwise, if they are trying to survive, they will also attempt to beautify and raise the quality of the circumstances they must deal with. They may also try to lighten up the situation and introduce or help produce entertaining distractions such as music, games and booze.


When the going gets tough, it’s ESTP to the rescue! ESTP will likely lead expeditions and hunts and everyone follows them because they seem to know what they’re doing. ESTPs become the popular charismatic leader, the people’s champion. They are just crazy enough to do what others consider too dangerous or impossible and whenever they pull it off, they become like saviors in the eyes of others.


The apocalypse can be a real bummer for the life-loving ESFP. But they know that tomorrow is promised to no one anyway and so the end of the world may only intensify their “live like there’s no tomorrow attitude”. ESFPs like to be the center of attention and so they may tap into their heroic side in undertaking some spectacular risks and stunts that offer a big payoff. ESFPs may be among those who venture off on dangerous expeditions to scout and acquire resources but can cut some of the fear and tension with their humor and positive attitude.

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