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Sagittarius Sun Libra Moon Personality

sun in sagittarius moon in libra

Sagittarius Sun Libra Moon

Outspoken and charismatic, the Sagittarius sun Libra moon man or woman has the ability to say and do a lot of things and get away with it. They are candid and confident with a style that is all their own. They like to keep it classy and enjoy stimulating conversations with smart people. A great sense of humor is characteristic with this sun moon combination and they are adept with casual sarcasm.

Sagittarius sun Libra moon men and women can be bohemians. Artistic souls who prefer pursuing what they consider to be meaningful and beautiful while rejecting conventional standards. They love to be in love and tend to have a strong romantic bone and a desire for deep emotional connection. They have good taste and look after their appearance well. They likely enjoy exercising their creativity through fashion and personal expression. They can be a handful but always amusing.

Their relations with people tend to be very good and they are likely well liked by many. Sagittarius Sun Libra moon individuals may have knack for being a little vain or conceited but it doesn’t make them any less popular. They value their relationships although they can sometimes wax hot and cold.  Sometimes they want space from loved ones and other times they want to spend every moment with them.

They are hard to pin down emotionally because they can be very good at manipulating other’s perception of them. They can also seem glib because of the way they seem to say what they think other people want to hear rather than give their honest thoughts. In truth, they are being honest but simply have a more fluid attitude about most things and can often change their minds and flip flop on issues. Because they value harmony, they can also be very tactful when they wish and modify their words so as to serve that purpose.

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Sagittarius sun Libra moon is nothing if not a thinker and a thinker with romantic ideals. They appreciate philosophy and contemplating abstract ideas and principles that explore deeper meanings and values relating to their existence. They feel profound compassion and may be drawn to humanitarian causes as an extension of their desire for peace and goodwill on the widest scale possible.

For people with their sun in Sagittarius and moon in Libra, it is important for them to find and maintain balance in their life. They need reciprocity and fairness because any type of injustice can unsettle them on an emotional level making them volatile and distraught. Despite their egotism and vanity, this sun moon combo can be very noble and earnest in their desire to enrich others and promote prosperity and love.

Sun in Sagittarius
Your nature is marked by a constant concern for elevation and evolution. You want to project the image of a moral person, inhabited by a natural sense of justice and fairness. Your desire for discoveries prompts you to appreciate changes of life settings, explorations of the world, spiritual and inner journeys. Your enthusiasm may conceal a form of shyness and reserve. But the will to broaden your horizon prevails over your modesty. Sagittarius gathers. He readily listens to all arguments, even to those he is not familiar with, and he has the ability to synthesize different logic.

Moon in Libra
You loathe violence. Your nature is sociable and you are keen to maintain harmony in your environment. You are sensitive to “the spirit of the times”, to prevailing trends and currents. Because you pick up the moods of the people who surround you, you can be diplomatic. As you adopt the characteristics of your environment, your may become vulnerable. Your surrounding models may influence your tastes and your habits: you readily espouse your entourage’s standards and aesthetic concepts.

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Famous People with Sagittarius Sun Libra Moon

Jay-Z – Born: December 4, 1969
Joseph Stalin – Born: December 18, 1878
Kat Bjelland – Born: December 9, 1963
Maria Callas – Born: December 3, 1923
Walt Disney – Born: December 5, 1901
Anna Nicole Smith – Born: November 28, 1967
Sinéad O’Connor – Born: December 8, 1966
Ilona Staller – Born: November 26, 1951
Dean Ambrose – Born: December 7, 1985
Jane Austen – Born: December 16, 1775
Jenna Dewan – Born: December 3, 1980
Antoine de Caunes – Born: December 1, 1953
David Carradine – Born: December 8, 1936
Emily Dickinson – Born: December 10, 1830
Noam Chomsky – Born: December 7, 1928
Ray Liotta – Born: December 18, 1954
Theo James – Born: December 16, 1984
Gustave Eiffel – Born: December 15, 1832
AnnaSophia Robb – Born: December 8, 1993
Francis Huster – Born: December 8, 1947
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec – Born: November 24, 1864
Teyana Taylor – Born: December 10, 1990
Françoise Gilot – Born: November 26, 1921
Benny Anderson – Born: December 16, 1946
Gemma Jones – Born: December 4, 1942
Émilie Nef Naf – Born: December 14, 1987
William Fichtner – Born: November 27, 1956
Milton Erickson – Born: December 5, 1901
Liv Ullmann – Born: December 16, 1938
Don Cheadle – Born: November 29, 1964
Seungri – Born: December 12, 1990
Roger Zabel – Born: December 22, 1951
Dulce María – Born: December 6, 1985

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