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Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon Personality

sun in sagittarius moon in taurus

Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon

Outgoing yet reserved, the Sagittarius sun Taurus moon man or woman is an independent spirit with an earthy temperament. A love of nature and the beauty of the natural world entices them to go and experience many things for themselves. Although they are avid learners who likely enjoy reading about exotic places and people, they also have an appetite to experience the real thing.

People with their sun in Sagittarius and moon in Taurus are likely to be deep and thoughtful individuals who like to ponder topics with philosophical salience. With their rich imaginations, they also can be prone to flights of fancy and rampant daydreaming. Immersing themselves in movies and literary works of fiction is likely to be among their favorite pastimes when they are not engaging in stimulating physical activities.

With this sun moon combination, the emotional temperament is bound to be more calm and reserved. Despite their willful nature, Sagittarius sun Taurus moon people are more of a peacemaker than a rabble-rouser. They tend to deal with their feelings privately and scarcely get emotional in front of other people. Only the people closest to them may witness the sensitive side because most of the time they maintain a strong front. Because of this, they are likely better than a lot of people at dealing with stressful situations.

Sagittarius sun Taurus moon people are nonetheless opinionated and may enjoy conversing about politics and the controversial social issues of the day. They have big ideas and a broad picture view of the world. They can seem very malleable and open minded, but when they have an emotional attachment to what they believe, they can be lacking in objectivity. Their pragmatic temperament allows them to persevere with patience and tenacity to achieve long term gains.

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Even though they are attracted to adventure and meaningful experiences, they still require a solid foundation of structure in their lives. Sagittarius sun Taurus moon people can slip into comfortable routines and become addicted to pleasure. To this end, they can be very playful at times and thrill seeking. Ultimately, their independent nature seeks to be self sufficient and in control over their destiny. For them, it is important to never lose touch with their youth and to be true to who they are no matter what people try to impose on them. The Sagittarius sun Taurus moon person is bound to acquire valuable wisdom throughout their life by virtue of their universal mindset and interest in spirituality and metaphysics.

In love and friendship, Sagittarius sun Taurus moon men or women are deep and sensual. They may sometimes place over importance on physical beauty and find themselves falling more or less “in lust” than “in love”. For long term relationships, they may be drawn to people who are more classy and mature and can engage with them on an intellectual level as well as emotional.

Sun in Sagittarius
Your nature is marked by a constant concern for elevation and evolution. You want to project the image of a moral person, inhabited by a natural sense of justice and fairness. Your desire for discoveries prompts you to appreciate changes of life settings, explorations of the world, spiritual and inner journeys. Your enthusiasm may conceal a form of shyness and reserve. But the will to broaden your horizon prevails over your modesty. Sagittarius gathers. He readily listens to all arguments, even to those he is not familiar with, and he has the ability to synthesize different logic. Therefore, he is not satisfied with stiff explanations and he strives to take advantage from the diversity of approaches and standpoints, without denouncing any of them a priori.

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Moon in Taurus
Traditionally, the Moon is in exaltation in this sign: lunar values (quietness, rest, trust) find their complementary landmarks in Taurus… self-defense, need for stability and selectiveness. Your sensuality is strong and expresses itself in all life areas. You equally enjoy the pleasures of the senses and those of the mind and you never waste a single bit of a sensation. You take the time to enjoy life, to dream and to follow your imagination. You do not allow anything to disturb these moments of relaxation and calm. Your basic balance stems from these privileged moments where you can daydream at will and “have your head in the clouds”.

Famous People with Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon

Christina Aguilera – Born: December 18, 1980
Emmanuel Macron – Born: December 21, 1977
Jim Morrison – Born: December 8, 1943
Jamie Foxx – Born: December 13, 1967
Mandy Patinkin – Born: November 30, 1952
Eugène Ionesco – Born: November 26, 1909
Lucy Liu – Born: December 2, 1968
Marion Maréchal-Le Pen – Born: December 10, 1989
Brendan Fraser – Born: December 3, 1968
Dharmendra – Born: December 8, 1935
Corey Taylor – Born: December 8, 1973
Hailey Baldwin – Born: November 22, 1996
John Mayall – Born: November 29, 1933
Damien Rice – Born: December 7, 1973
Jean-Luc Godard – Born: December 3, 1930
Baruch Spinoza – Born: November 24, 1632
Jean Marais – Born: December 11, 1913
Diego Rivera – Born: December 8, 1886
NeNe Leakes – Born: December 13, 1967
Christopher Plummer – Born: December 13, 1929
John Abraham – Born: December 17, 1972
Alain Chabat – Born: November 24, 1958
Jamie Campbell Bower – Born: November 22, 1988
Felicity Huffman – Born: December 9, 1962
Magnus Carlsen – Born: November 30, 1990
Dionne Warwick – Born: December 12, 1940
Oscar Niemeyer – Born: December 15, 1907

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