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Sagittarius Sun Virgo Moon Personality

sun in sagittarius moon in virgo

Sagittarius Sun Virgo Moon

Orderly and adventurous, the Sagittarius sun Virgo moon man or woman is someone who goes through life with an open mind and humble heart. They are self disciplined and organized and set about accomplishing their objectives with rational pragmatism. They think a lot, often ruminating on mundane details sometimes noticing the silliness and irony in many of their life’s misadventures. They tend to analyze and judge and often do not resist sharing their views and assessments with others despite the contention they may stir.

Sagittarius sun Virgo moon can often feel neurotic and anxious. They are very self aware and conscious of their flaws or perceived flaws and may put a lot of effort in managing them. They can be perfectionistic with a desire to improve and do better at whatever they do. Maintaining a certain standard helps give them peace of mind and alleviate the neurotic fixation with trying to be good enough. They can be very critical but have a tough time with receiving criticism. They try to keep themselves above reproach but when they are at fault, they humbly take corrective action.

Sagittarius sun Virgo moon men and women love the outdoors and appreciate the structure and beauty of nature. They take special interest in health and nutrition in support of maintaining longevity and mobility. Staying active is important as they like to remain industrious and productive throughout their lives. Careers in politics or law may be of interest to them because the platform they provide facilitates the application of some of their lofty and idealistic views. They are truthful and can be counted on to fulfill their obligations dutifully.

Studious and inquisitive, people with sun in Sagittarius – moon in Virgo are likely to do well academically and higher education may of great importance to them. They are seekers of knowledge and meaning and may be drawn to the world of philosophy and metaphysics where they can flex their strong abstract thinking muscles. As student of the world, they may share a love of travel and having the opportunity to experience many places and people. They are generally very respectful and polite.

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For Sagittarius sun Virgo moon, the little things matter. Although they like to think big and focus on the larger picture, they may nonetheless pay significant attention to the granular, technical specifics that make everything possible. They can be very calculated and obsess about details that others would scarcely bother with. They can be demanding and pushy at times and act as though only they know best.

In love and friendship, Sagittarius sun Virgo moon people may be attracted to companions who are not clingy but are receptive to being taken care of by them. This sun moon combo is independent but they take an interest in being helpful and supportive of their partners, making certain provisions and looking out for their best interests. Making others happy makes them happy but trying to do the same for Sagittarius sun Virgo moon can be a lot more tricky. They can be very picky and hard to please but fortunately they don’t really expect others to do much for them.

Sun in Sagittarius
Your nature is marked by a constant concern for elevation and evolution. You want to project the image of a moral person, inhabited by a natural sense of justice and fairness. Your desire for discoveries prompts you to appreciate changes of life settings, explorations of the world, spiritual and inner journeys. Your enthusiasm may conceal a form of shyness and reserve. But the will to broaden your horizon prevails over your modesty. Sagittarius gathers. He readily listens to all arguments, even to those he is not familiar with, and he has the ability to synthesize different logic.

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Moon in Virgo
You have a strong need for security and your constant concern is to keep your intimate environment under control. You treasure and you protect all the things that make you feel comfortable. You have no exaggerated ambitions, no grandiose and boundless dreams. You only strive to organize all the elements of your everyday life, to find a place for each thing and to improve yourself. You can relax only if your habits are not disturbed by external events. You are selective in your intimate sphere and with your attachments, you are perfectly organized and in line with the self-set rules you establish as time goes by. For you, life is a puzzle composed of human pieces, a chessboard where you move according to an obvious logic.

Famous People with Sagittarius Sun Virgo Moon

Nicki Minaj – Born: December 8, 1982
Keith Richards – Born: December 18, 1943
Jane Birkin – Born: December 14, 1946
Katherine Heigl – Born: November 24, 1978
Samuel L. Jackson – Born: December 21, 1948
Patricia Kaas – Born: December 5, 1966
Frank Zappa – Born: December 21, 1940
Zoë Kravitz – Born: December 1, 1988
DMX (rapper) – Born: December 18, 1970
Corinne Touzet – Born: December 21, 1959
Ashley Benson – Born: December 18, 1989
Rama Yade – Born: December 13, 1976
Steve Buscemi – Born: December 13, 1957
Christophe Hondelatte – Born: December 17, 1962
Tom Verlaine – Born: December 13, 1949
Chantal Nobel – Born: November 23, 1948
Kenneth Branagh – Born: December 10, 1960
Jean-Louis Trintignant – Born: December 11, 1930
Krysten Ritter – Born: December 16, 1981
Tyson Beckford – Born: December 19, 1970
Sanjay Gandhi – Born: December 14, 1946
Frankie Muniz – Born: December 5, 1985

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