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35 Signs You are an ISTJ Personality

istj personality traits

ISTJ are one of the 16 MBTI personality types. They are said to comprise as much as 10% of the population according to certain estimates. The ISTJ type has been dubbed the “logitistical inspector” by David Keirsey and belongs to the guardian temperament group along with ESTJ, ISFJ and ESFJ. ISTJs are noted for their commitment and sense of duty. They rely on practical thinking and maintain a grounded outlook that is realistic and reliable. Here is are 35 signs that you or someone you know might be an ISTJ.

  1. You like doing things by the book. You are good at learning the rules and following instructions to the “t”.
  2. You prefer to stick to what you know best and avoid venturing outside your comfort zone without good reason.
  3. You tend to be suspicious and skeptical about the tenability of methods that are untested or unprecedented.
  4. You tend to resist change and avoid having to disrupt the traditions, structures and systems in place that you are accustomed to.
  5. You pride yourself on your work ethic, reliability and integrity.
  6. You are meticulous and very detail-oriented. You are good at inspecting and ensuring that guidelines and regulations are adhered to.
  7. You have a strong sense of nostalgia and tend to look at the past with fondness.
  8. You take special interest in history and believe it is important to preserve, protect and learn from the vestiges of the past.
  9. You have a great memory and capacity for memorizing facts, dates and other data about the topics you care about.
  10. When feeling low, you find yourself harping on little details about how things aren’t as they should be and/or contrasting situations negatively against some similar past experience.
  11. You have a tendency to dislike people who seem: vague, unrealistic, impractical, inconsistent, unreliable, careless, unconscientious, and bombastic.
  12. You are cautious by nature and tend to avoid anything that carries unnecessary risk.
  13. Uncertainty makes you uncomfortable and you tend to be cynical about new trends and taboos.
  14. You’re not a trend follower and tend to stick to your foundations.
  15. You are like a more calm and less controlling version of ESTJ.
  16. You tend to be hypersensitive to changes and sensations in your body and can be a hypochondriac at times.
  17. You are careful about what you put into your body and tend to eat bland foods.
  18. Your values tend to lean toward conservative.
  19. You have a tendency to “think out loud”.
  20. You like to gossip and speculate about people and things outside your purview.

  1. Trivia games are your thing. You love crossword puzzles and sudoku.
  2. You’re not very creative but occasionally have some quirky thoughts and ideas that you don’t express or bother to act on.
  3. You like to work with numbers and are drawn to the world of commerce.
  4. You are not very showy or fancy and prefer to keep things simple, neat and plain.
  5. You value durability and dependability more than fancy luxury.
  6. You are fond of relics, antiques, and classics and are attracted to things that are old and have historical significance attached to them.
  7. You view certain social rituals and ceremonial and professional gatherings such as office parties and meetings as a necessary nuisance.
  8. Your word is your bond and you take your commitments and responsibilities seriously.
  9. You are a very loyal, faithful and dutiful spouse and friend.
  10. You can be sharply critical of others while still being compelled to help them.
  11. You are quiet and reserved and people find you to be serious and mature.
  12. You have an offbeat sense of humor and can be a lot of fun at family or work-related gatherings.
  13. You are not comfortable with breaking laws or going against the rules.
  14. You prefer to work alone, but work well in teams when the situation demands it.
  15. You tend to express affection through actions, rather than through words.

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