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The Learning Style of Each MBTI Personality

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 INTPs are most comfortable learning when:

 ♠ encountering new problems or opportunities from which to learn
 ♠ able to stand back from events and listen/observe, e.g. taking a back seat in a meeting, watching a video
 ♠ allowed to generate ideas without constraints of policy or structure or feasibility
 ♠  allowed to think before acting, to assimilate before commenting, time to prepare or do background reading
 ♠ acquiring knowledge which is part of a system, model, concept, or theory, even when this is not immediately relevant
 ♠ given the chance to question and probe the basic methodology, assumptions or logic behind something, e.g. by taking part in a question and answer session
 ♠ listening to or reading about ideas and concepts that emphasize rationality or logic and are well argued
 ♠ analyzing and then generalizing the reasons for success or failure

INTP’s are least comfortable when:

 ♠ asked to repeat essentially the same activity over and over again
 ♠ given precise instructions to follow with little room for maneuver
 ♠ asked to attend to detail and tie up loose ends
 ♠ ‘forced’ into the limelight, e.g. to act as leader/chairman, to role-play in front of onlookers;
 ♠ given precise and specific instructions of how things should be done
 ♠ asked to do something without a context or apparent purpose or to participate in situations emphasizing emotions and feelings
 ♠ faced with a lot of alternative techniques without any being explored in depth
 ♠ there is more focus on facts and figures than intellectual exploration


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