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35 Signs You Might Be an ENTJ

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The ENTJ is one of the 16 MBTI personalities and belongs to the temperament group known as the “rationals” along with INTP, ENTP and INTJ. ENTJs are dubbed as the “Field Marshal” by David Keirsey and are known for being among the most successful and driven of all MBTI types. Here are 35 signs you or someone you know might be an ENTJ.

  1. Everywhere you go, you naturally recognize and seek out problems in need of fixing.
  2. You tend to be impersonal and emotionally detached.
  3. You don’t like to dwell on your feelings and consider doing so to be largely unproductive.
  4. You are driven by a sense of purpose and a desire for meaning in your life.
  5. You are both a dreamer and a doer with high hopes for the future.
  6. You are emotionally low maintenance and rarely if ever seek emotional support or feedback from others.
  7. You tend to take over projects that you are involved in and can be pushy and aggressive in how you direct and exercise control.
  8. You are decisive and good at maintaining a clear focus on your goals and ultimate objectives.
  9. You find it easy to detach from your own feelings and are not particularly concerned or in tune with the needs and feelings of others.
  10. You tend to express yourself and your opinions with firmness and directness.
  11. You have a tendency to tell people what to do rather than ask them.
  12. You have a plan and purpose mapped out in your mind for almost everything.
  13. You are good at managing time and resources efficiently.
  14. People tend to perceive you as a leader and admire your confidence, perseverance and drive.
  15. You exude competence and self-assuredness.
  16. You tend to focus on the broader picture and plan for the future well in advance.
  17. You like to analyze patterns and predict outcomes relying more on your intuitive notions than concrete facts.
  18. You have a low tolerance for setbacks and try to resolve them as efficiently as possible.
  19. When you are unable to accomplish what you want to do, or are unable to overcome challenges, you tend to feel weakened by it and indulge in self-pity.
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  1. You are highly interested in self-growth and obtaining knowledge.
  2. You take constructive criticism well.
  3. You are highly assertive and love to engage in lively, challenging conversations.
  4. You take commitments very seriously and can be counted on to follow through on your plans.
  5. Your temper can be explosive when under stress.
  6. You have respect for those who stand up to you and argue their point persuasively.
  7. You sometimes have strong affectionate, sentimental streaks.
  8. You’re not naturally good with expressing love/affection and may seem awkward/inappropriate while doing so.
  9. You have a “type-A” personality and others tend to feel hurried or rushed to get to the point when interacting with you.
  10. You have better control over your external world than you do of your internal world.
  11. You have a flair for showmanship and storytelling.
  12. You are undeterred by conflict and like to see yourself as edgy and boundary-pushing.
  13. Even from a young age you were very goal-oriented, precocious and responsible…
  14. You are not comfortable relaxing and doing nothing for very long and need to feel you are moving forward and making progress in some way.
  15. You like to “go with your gut”.
  16. In response to a person in emotional distress, you are more likely to offer help in the form of advice or effective solutions rather than showing emotional support through listening and commiserating.

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