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7 Great Places to Live For Introverts

Great Places to Live For Introverts

Being an introvert can sometimes be tough and it certainly doesn’t help much if you are an introvert living in a big city like New York or Los Angeles! When there are crowds of people everywhere, things can get a bit overwhelming so it is best that you choose your home town wisely!

If you are an introvert and you are wondering what would be the perfect place to live, don’t discount larger cities or towns as some of these can be sanctuaries for an introvert.

We have put together a list of 7 great places to live if you’re an introvert! Take a look and maybe consider making one of them your new home!


Salt Lake City, Utah

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As an introvert, you probably enjoy the finer things in life, such as great scenery and solitary outdoor pursuits! Salt Lake City is known to be a beautiful city with amazing outdoor activities for its visitors and residents. People come here from all over the country to witness the blooming of their stunning summer flowers! If you choose Salt Lake City as your new home, be sure not to miss this spectacular event! Whether you want to enjoy its 2 incredible ski resorts (Brighton and Solitude), take a slow and easy drive to admire Big Cottonwood Canyon or simply take part in the many outdoor sports the city has to offer, you’ll love Salt Lake City’s great outdoors – in any season!


Washington DC

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You may be wondering by Washington D.C. is on this list as it is considered a large city. Well, although the city is quite large by anybody’s standards, it offers introverts very attractive places in which to find solitude and relaxation, both indoors and outside. Museum and art gallery lovers will adore Washington D.C. as there are endless places to explore. The city is also home to the famous Smithsonian institutions (eg. the gorgeous Renwick Gallery). What’s more, many of these exhibits are entirely free of charge! In terms of the outdoors, D.C offers you an impressive amount of parks, trails and hiking paths in and around Rock Creek Park, alongside the Potomac River and Great Falls National Park.


Madison, Wisconsin

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Over the past few years, the beautiful city of Madison has ranked as one of the most livable cities in the country. This is because of its abundance of jobs, low cost of living and excellent schools. The campus of the University of Wisconsin, Madison is a relaxing and attractive place to take a stroll through. If you enjoy the outdoors, you will love hiking to Picnic Point which is a 1-mile long walking peninsula on the shores of the scenic Lake Mendota. Madison offers great indoor escapes for introverts. For example the Chazen Museum of Art is a wonderful place in which to explore the fascinating exhibits. Entrance into the museum is free of charge so you can spend as much time as you want there! If you are a fan of coffee, you should definitely head over to Madison’s Moka coffee shop where you can enjoy some of the city’s very best coffee!


Charleston, SC

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Most introverts value people who are polite and friendly (without being overbearing). If you are one of these introverts, you will absolutely love Charleston with its hospitable charm! Charleston boasts some incredibly beautiful architecture. To see this first hand, take a stroll through the city’s historic streets and admire the stunningly detailed architecture of the store fronts and homes. You will also love their little stores and coffee shops which welcome browsers. A must-see attraction of Charleston is the interesting Pineapple Fountain which is located in Waterfront Park. The good news is that it never gets too busy, and, when you are done with exploring this area, take a slow and scenic drive to one of the state’s many old plantations. This is southern charm at its finest!


Breckinridge, CO

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The state of Colorado is known for its majestic mountains and scenery. However, if you would like to experience the very best that the state has to offer, Breckenridge is the place you need to be! This quaint, Western town, while undeniably beautiful, offers a relaxing, laid-back vibe that will calm even the most stressed out introvert! The town is surrounded by the breathtaking Smoky Mountains which you will never tire of! Skiing is big in Breckenridge and there are several ski centers throughout the town. Many people enjoy taking a gondola ride up the mountain to fully experience the amazing view. If you feel so inclined, you might even want to cycle back down (or even hike)! When it is not skiing season, why not browse around Breckenridge’s beautiful restaurants, historic buildings, inns and shops.


Colorado Springs, CO

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Colorado Springs is another attractive city in Colorado for an introvert. There are many reasons why this is a popular place, the first being the city’s beauty. A great place to explore the natural beauty of Colorado Springs is the Garden of the Gods. You could spend hours walking around and never get bored! Seven Falls is equally as beautiful, as well as Pike’s Peak, where you can spend an afternoon chilling out on the grass with a good book. If you feel like doing something indoors, there is no shortage of options. The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum is incredibly interesting, as are the other small museums in Colorado Springs. Although Colorado Springs is a beautiful place in which to live, there is definitely not a lack of employment. Consider the fact that Logic Central Online has recently moved here and has offered countless jobs. You can’t go wrong with Colorado Springs!


Santa Barbara, CA

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California is well-known for its lazy beaches, great shopping and scenic drives. Living in Santa Barbara, you will enjoy strolling slowly through the attractive plazas and eccentric little shops. As an introvert, you would probably enjoy a relaxing coffee at one of its many quaint coffee shops or lunching at one of the amazing restaurants. Outdoor activities are plentiful here and you could explore the neighboring Channel Islands with its whale watching, hiking, picnicking and kayaking. Water sports fans will enjoy Santa Barbara’s beaches where they can take part in paddle boarding, surfing and much more!

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