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6 Best Paying Careers for ENFJ

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ENFJs are extraverts who enjoy working with people and are often found in careers fields related to religion, the arts, and teaching. In a national sample, ENFJ people report that “variety of tasks”, independence and achievement”, teamwork” and “clear structure” as being the most important work environment characteristics for them. Furthermore, ENFJs report a high rate of career satisfaction. ENFJs place significant importance on cultivating positive relations with others and fostering a harmonious work environment. They dislike conflict and will work to quell dissent however they can. Here is a look at 6 careers recommended for ENFJs that also pay very well.

6. Physical Therapists – Median salary: $86,850.

Physical therapists provide professional care to individuals that might need assistance in regaining full movement or treating their pain derived from multiple causes—injuries, rehabilitation, chronic illness, or age-related problems.

They are trained to review a patient’s medical history and, according to their background, assign the proper routine to assist during physical recovery. Most of the time, the assigned method involves exercising, massages, the use of machines, or any other type of equipment approved for therapeutic use—expertise that receives an average payment of $86,850.

ENFJs prefer to enjoy positions that allow them to help others, and they have the talent for it. Likewise, an ENFP’s strong personality and reliable aura inspire trust on many, making them well-suited to support people in vulnerable positions.

This type’s emotional intelligence is an invaluable skill while working as physical therapists—it encourages patients to overcome their limitations, one effort at a time.

5. School Principal – Median salary: $94,390

School principals are professionals that control elementary, middle, and high school institutions. Their duties involve controlling curricular and extracurricular activities, manage the school staff, and ensure the daily activities are productive, safe, and appropriate for the students enrolled.

Principals enjoy a median salary that is directly proportional to the effort invested into the duty—the national average sits at $94,390.

ENFJs enjoy helping others and like to see the result of their efforts—they assist by bonding with those they aid and feel fulfillment in serving others. It is not a surprise, then, that they enjoy working in the field of education.

Particularly, assuming the position of principal allows them to be a positive influence in the life of many children. By overseeing the school operations and monitoring teachers, they can create a harmonious atmosphere for the students to focus on learning and improving their standing in the face of the upcoming future.

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4. Industrial-Organizational Psychologists – Median salary: $102,530.

Psychologists are the professionals in charge of studying, analyzing and understanding human behavior, including their social interactions, emotional state, and cognitive processes. Industrial-organizational psychology is a branch of the discipline that focuses on organizations and companies by studying the human psyche within the workplace.

I-O psychology, then, tries to monitor the well-being of the employees as well as their interactions and associates them with the goals and aspirations of the organization itself. Subsequently, I-O psychologists work alongside human resources and management, coordinating the testing, selection, training, and monitoring of employees, as well as analyzing the general status of the company from a human perspective.

Due to their importance within the structure of an organization, I-O psychologists are the most rewarded professionals within the psychology field, with an average salary of $102,530.

ENFJs tend to seek any profession that allows them to help those that need them the most, so psychology is a field they chase after often. Industrial Psychology, particularly, enables ENFJs to aid many at the same time, in a way that displays their overwhelming leadership abilities and caring nature.

3. Human Resources Manager – Median salary: $110,120.

Human Resources Managers are an essential figure within an organization, as they are in charge of connecting the employees with the managers, and make sure both parts work in harmony towards achieving the institutional goals. The core of their duty is to plan, develop, execute and review most of an organization’s administrative functions, with a focus on the evaluation, recruiting, training and hiring of staff.

HR Managers make sure the organization hires the best talent to achieve its goals and keeps track of the employee’s satisfaction—it’s their duty to make sure they are productive, cooperative, and aligned with the executive intent.

Instead of being locked in an office all day, ENFJs prefer to work with people in social situations, making them perfect for positions related to the human aspect of a company. Likewise, their innate desire to help and assist others turns them into natural managers, as they are capable of leading others to success thanks to their high empathy and wise judgment.

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ENFJ’s altruism and leadership skills turn them into loyal and highly efficient HR managers, as they will always work hard to improve themselves and the environment around them.

2. Public Relations Manager – Median salary: $111,280.

Organizations have to maintain and protect their reputation to the general public, and for such a reason they hire Public Relations Managers. They are skilled professionals in charge of monitor the public image of the organization they work for, as well as design and execute plans to improve it.

To achieve those goals, PR Managers analyze the target population of the organization, design the best approach to establish a link with them, conceptualize the right image for the company, execute the strategies previously created, and review the results obtained.

Considering they are responsible for the public image of their clients, PR Managers receive a payment that matches the efforts invested in their jobs—an average salary of $111,280.

ENFJs are, most certainly, perfect PR Managers. A position focused on the people and how to bond with them is most favorable to ENFJs’ talents, as they get to use their social skills for profit. As PR Managers, ENFJs will use their emotional intelligence to read and understand the interests of the target population—something that makes their strategies genuine, natural, and excellent at improving the image of their clients.

1. Pediatrician – Median salary: $187,540.

A pediatrician is a type of physician specialized in providing care for infants, children, and teenagers. They treat illnesses and injuries, but also monitor their health and administer vaccines. While general pediatricians handle most of these issues, some may specialize in pediatric surgery or the treatment of chronic childhood conditions.

Other than the medical training required to engage in the position, pediatricians also require high communicative skills, as they must interact with children and get them to be honest about their symptoms and condition. Likewise, children are not always honest about themselves, so pediatricians must be able to understand non-verbal cues.

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The highly empathic nature of the position, as well as the required extraversion and social skills, make pediatrics the preferred choice for ENFJs engaging in the medical field. Professions dedicated to helping children and families are highly rewarding for the selfless ENFJ, and their sharp social skills allow them to be in-tune with both families and kids, allowing them to understand them beyond verbal language.

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