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6 Best Paying Careers for the INFP Personality

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The INFP is an introverted personality that prefers quieter and more intimate work environments where they can concentrate. They are not very interested in detail work and tedious routine tasks but rather work that involves creative thinking and discovery. Furthermore, in a national sample, INFPs reported “independence and achievement” and “variety of tasks” as being the most important work environment characteristics to them. Many INFPs are drawn to careers in writing and counseling and also the arts. For INFPs who want to pursue fulfilling careers that also pay very well, here is a list of 6 high paying jobs that are recommended for the INFP personality type.

6. Occupational Therapist – Median salary: $83,200.

Occupational therapists are skilled professionals in charge of assisting individuals in their efforts to perform the occupations they wish to do. These activities can be anything—from taking care of personal hygiene, to engaging in sports. Due to the nature of this assistance, occupational therapists usually work with disabled or chronically ill people.

Considering they engage with the patients during the process of treatment and recovery from potential illness or disabilities, occupational therapists provide physical assistance towards individuals struggling to perform regular occupations without help, studying their circumstances and helping them improve their life quality by giving life-changing advice and skills adjusted to their particular case.

INFPs enjoy assisting those that might need their help, and their nurturing nature means they will do whatever it takes to cause a positive impact. Likewise, occupational therapy is not routine-bound—each individual requires tailor-made assistance, giving the creative INFP an escape from monotonous work and a direct look at the result of their hard work.

5. Veterinarian – Median salary: $90,420.

Veterinarians are medical professionals that guarantee the health and well-being of animals by studying, researching, diagnosing and treating any potential illness, disease or injury. To practice their profession, they must have a doctoral degree in veterinary medicine, as well as an active state license.

Typically, veterinarians should be capable of advising owners about animal handling and health concerns, diagnosing potential health issues, surgery, vaccinate animals, use the proper equipment and, if needed, perform animal euthanization. Many veterinarians specialize in particular animals, and therefore salaries vary—the average sitting at $90,420.

INFPs are all about vocation and inner passion, and if the veterinarian career is their calling, few would be more dedicated to guaranteeing animal well-being, regardless of external circumstances. Their nurturing and sensitive nature fit the health industry, and their commitment will cause a tangible, positive change in the lives of many.

While the prospect of facing euthanization or terminally ill animals may affect the idealistic and sensitive INFP, the reward of being a positive force in the lives of many is more than enough.

4. Postsecondary Education Administrator – Median salary: $92,360.

Education is, usually, one of the careers sought after by INFPs, even though the salary is not amongst the highest. However, a solution for this predicament is to aim for a position as a postsecondary education administrator, handsomely rewarded with a national average of $92,360.

As the name indicates, they are the ones in charge of overseeing different departments and segments within public and private colleges and universities. Education administrators can aim at multiple areas—the student affairs one is particularly appealing for INFPs.

Within the position, they would engage directly with students, providing advice on academic and personal issues within their limits, listen to their concerns and act upon them, as well as organizing and structuring programs and activities within the campus.

INFPs idealistic nature is welcomed within this environment, as they are in a position where they can work actively towards achieving the results they visualize. Likewise, the hands-on approach suits their interests and allows a degree of independence, even within the rigid academic structure.

3. Nurse Practitioner. – Median salary: $110,930

Nurse practitioners are considered—alongside nurse anesthetists and nurse midwives—advanced practice registered nurses. This designation means they have a post-graduate education, skills, and abilities that capacitate them for more complex activities and can work independently— it is not a surprise they are highly valued, with their average salary surpassing the $110k barrier.

In particular, nurse practitioners provide primary care and preventive treatments for the general population and those with special needs—people with physical or mental disabilities, children, or elderly citizens. A nurse practitioner may specialize in a given area, though it is not required.

Despite their reserved nature, INFPs have a strong preference for occupations where they can keep direct contact with people, particularly the type that they are equipped to help. Health services, then, are particularly appealing for them, preferably those where they can work independently, as they dislike rigid structures and limitations.

As nurse practitioners, INFPs would put their nurturing instinct and selfless nature to work, investing their time and energy into one of the noblest causes there can be.

2. Fundraising Manager – Median salary: $111,280.

INFPs are passionate in their beliefs, and quite often they commit deeply towards a cause that aligns with their inner values. That is why a career as a fundraising manager can be a handsomely rewarded option for the INFP.

Fundraising managers often work with organizations dedicated to humanitarian causes. Taking this into consideration, it’s their duty to plan, design, execute and oversee campaigns meant to encourage donations towards that particular cause and organization.

To achieve this, they usually know a plethora of techniques and strategies—from the organization of events to the use of social media to spread the message towards an interested audience.

A fundraiser manager position channels the dedication and creativity INFPs reserve for the causes they are passionate about and turns them into positive change. For INFPs this is very important, as they can be unmotivated in the workplace with relative ease. However, by focusing on an activity they are personally invested in, the INFP can transform the idealistic desire to make the world a better place into a reality.

1. Psychiatrist – Median salary: $199,838.

A psychiatrist is a medical professional that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness and disorders. Their profile as trained medical doctors allows them to perform full studies to address the physical and mental causes and consequences of psychological issues.

To properly treat a patient, psychiatrists engage in psychotherapy, medication, and a plethora of options that explore the different elements affecting mental health, both directly and indirectly. As physicians, psychiatrists receive an average salary of nearly $200,000.

INFPs’ innate sensitivity, as well as their bright minds and interest in helping others, makes them particularly sharp and caring psychiatrists. While they may risk getting too emotionally involved with the woes they might witness, their abilities will allow them to solve multiple problems by direct action.

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  1. I am not sure I could be a psychiatrist – that would drain me and I would have no time for my loved ones.

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