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6 Best Paying Careers For the INTP

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As one of the most academically proficient MBTI types, the INTP personality has great potential for scoring a high earning career. According to a national sample, INTPs  report a preference for jobs that provide a variety of tasks, allow them to work independently and distinguish themselves through achievement.

Additionally, INTPs express the highest rate of dissatisfaction with their jobs along with INFPs. As introverted thinking types, they prefer working in quieter environments with little interruptions. With their analytical minds, they enjoy tasks that involve sorting things into a logical order. They are excellent problem solvers able to address technical issues and formulate creative fixes that are marked for their ingenuity. Here is look at 6 highly profitable careers recommended for the INTP personality type.

6. Technical Writer – Median salary: $70,930.

Technical writers have the duty of redacting documents with complex, or technical information in an approachable, easy to understand way. Classic examples of this are instruction manuals, specialized journal articles, how-to guides and other publications that engage in advanced language.

Part of a technical writer’s duty might involve the distribution of technical information in social media or other communication means, always making sure to understand the content and make it approachable for the general population.

Most technical writers work for the engineering, computer or medical fields, and can be either office workers or freelancers. Subsequently, payment wildly differs between companies and industries, though the national average rests at $70,930.

It is well-known that INTPs’ love for knowledge makes them seek information. Technical writing allows them to satisfy that natural curiosity by providing nonstop data flow, while at the same time enabling them to exercise their creativity through writing.

Their independent nature is respected as well, as writing grants them a degree of control over their own time and efforts, and require little to no cooperation with others.

5. Economist – Median salary: $102,490.

Economy, as a discipline, is the field that studies the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services, as well as the effects they have upon the general population. Subsequently, an economist is a specialist that analyzes said elements, collects data associated with it and outline trends and possible outcomes.

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Subsequently, economists must collect data, organize it accordingly, search for patterns and study the results. Interpreting this information requires the use of quantitative data, but also needs the economist to add qualitative input—they must evaluate the data and draft future trends in the market.

INTPs enjoy dynamism and unpredictability—and that is what they get in the field of economics. Market trends are constantly shifting, so monotony isn’t a concern. Likewise, it puts their problem-solving skills to work, alongside their researching and analytical abilities, and their desire to create systems and models that might help the general population.

4. Software Engineer – Median salary: $103,560.

Software engineers are the creative masterminds behind the design and structure of multiple applications and computer software. They are in charge of planning, developing, executing, maintaining and improving varied system operations.

Usually, software engineers will help produce the ideas brought up by a software designer and oversee each of the development stages alongside programmers, coders, and designers, making sure to keep the process cohesive and solve any potential problematic situation.

They require an elevated understanding of computer programming and software development, as well as a creative and rational mind to come up with quick solutions to unexpected problems. Their versatility and analytical minds are well-rewarded, with a national average of $103,000 without counting benefits.

INTPs are creative and innovative by nature—they seek to change and improve the world through their ideas, and no field is better for this than software development. Likewise, the reduced social interaction would prove beneficial for the INTP, who prefers to work with like-minded individuals, both in interests and in intellectuality.

3. Mathematician – Median salary: $104,700.

Mathematicians are the experts in mathematical studies, and they rely on the execution of complex equations to create or understand advanced theories that might aid in the solution of concrete problems.

Quite often, mathematicians rely on the use of computers and specialized software to aid in the execution of their studies. They might also dedicate themselves to the field of applied mathematics—meaning, the use of said mathematical abilities alongside a different specialty.

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Working mathematicians usually spend a lot of time in their research laboratories and tend to work in solitude. Multiple areas require the support of mathematicians, including but not limited to engineering, medicine, technology development, and federal governments. This versatility and the complicated nature of the job makes mathematicians highly paid professionals in plenty of industries.

Performing mathematics involves a lot of theoretical thinking, the preferred activity of INTPs. It does not require extended socialization, so the absent-minded intellectual can get lost in their analytical thoughts as long as they’d like—after all, they find joy in studying principles and building theories and structures around them.

2. Physicist and Astronomer – Median salary: $117,220.

In charge of exploring the unknown, physicists and astronomers study our universe restlessly to understand the way energy and matter interact. They develop theories that might explain the natural laws of the cosmos beyond current understanding and figure out ways to experiment and put said conceptualizations to the test.

Likewise, astronomers and physicists make use of their knowledge of complex mathematics to analyze existing or hypothetical data and, then, attempt to discover the universe through logic and plausibility. They may also showcase engineering skills and develop equipment and software used to expand their field of study further.

For the science-oriented INTP, few areas would be as exciting as astronomy and physics. The idea of exploring the unknown and discover what no one has seen excites them and sets their mind to work. Far from the monotony of desk jobs, INTPs thrive through the constant intellectual stimulation, the possibility to design complex plans, and the potential to help out humanity, one step at a time.

1. Data Scientist – Median salary: $117,345.

Data scientists have the task of gathering complex, structured and unstructured data to analyze it and acquire the information required to accomplish the goals established by the organization.

Subsequently, a data scientist must give a sense of order and analytical interest to unstructured data, compare it with structured data and create organized models and programs that can translate into an executable plan for the organization.

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Other than knowledge and experience in the IT field and data mining skills, these scientists must have advanced analytical abilities and be able to absorb information, simplify it, and notice patterns that might change the course of action of an organization.

INTP individuals love to gather knowledge for the sake of it and reach the bottom of a situation in order to build something completely new—both essential abilities for data scientists. The automatic nature of the job, at the same time, reduces the chance for needless socialization, a task most INTPs find tiring.

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