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35 signs you are an ESFP Personality

esfp personality signs

ESFPs are one of the 16 MBTI personality types. This personality type constitutes roughly 10% of the general population and is more commonly found among females. ESFP belongs to the temperament group known as the “artisans” alongside ISTP, ISFP and ESTP. Like them, ESFP are more grounded in the here and now and place higher regard for the material world and sensory stimulation. Here are 35 signs you or someone you know is an ESFP.

  1. You are highly concerned with your appearance and being physically attractive.
  2. You are noted for your friendliness and for being a good sport.
  3. You tend to be hip on what’s trendy and popular.
  4. You have an eye for beauty and know how to create visual appeal.
  5. You have good hand-eye coordination and kinesthetic intelligence.
  6. You love to perform and entertain others with your talents and skills.

  1. You score as the Enneagram type 2 a.k.a. “The Helper”.
  2. You enjoy giving people advice but tend to overestimate the depth of your insight.
  3. You strive to be authentic and are good at detecting when people are being fake.
  4. You like to lift other people’s spirits with your humor and positive energy.
  5. You don’t like being alone and desire companionship whenever possible.
  6. You radiate warmth and festivity.
  7. You can be very impulsive and vulnerable to various sensory temptations.
  8. You have a low tolerance for anxiety and tend to avoid negative situations altogether.
  9. You tend to look on the “bright side”.
  10. You don’t have a mean or stingy bone in your body.
  11. You are very affectionate and can be dramatic in your emotional expression.
  12. You tend to wear your heart on your sleeve and fall in love easily.
  13. You enjoy popularity and find it easy to make friends wherever you go.
  14. You are highly sociable and prefer careers that involve working with people.
  15. You have a youthful exuberance and joy for living.
  16. Your spending habits can be highly indulgent and exorbitant.
  17. You give generously without expecting anything but appreciation in return.
  18. You enjoy parties and participating in lively celebrations and social get togethers.
  19. You prefer doing things that stimulate you physically more than mentally.
  20. At school, you were more interested in socializing than learning and studying.
  21. You are highly distractible and reactive to your environment.
  22. You have no desire to control others and mostly just want people to enjoy themselves and be happy.
  23. You are interested in making the most of each moment and opportunity.
  24. You love being the center of attention
  25. You’re highly observant and can often sense when something is wrong with someone before others can.
  26. You typically treat everyone as a friend (but are capable of deep dislike if crossed)
  27. You are a hands-on learner and great improviser.
  28. You’re a true appreciator of the “finer things in life,” like good food, good wine and aesthetic beauty.
  29. You often do not handle criticism well and tend to take things very personally.

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