ESFJ Weaknesses: 7 Struggles of the ESFJ Personality

The ESFJ is described as the “caregiver”, “consul” and “provider”. These helpful souls have a desire to support others and foster cohesion and teamwork to achieve a common goal. Practical skills like organization and social intelligence are among their positive characteristics but this personality also comes with its share of struggles. Here is a look…

12 Shades of ESFJ: MBTI & the Zodiac

ESFJ and the Zodiac The ESFJ personality has been dubbed as the “Logistical Provider” by David Keirsey in his book “Please Understand Me II”. As such, the ESFJ personality is noted for their desire to nurture and make provisions for the people around them. They work to make people feel welcome and valued and strive…

6 Best Paying Careers For ESFJs

The ESFJ person is an extraverted sensor who enjoys working with people. In a national sample, ESFJs reported a preference for clear structure, loyalty/security, variety of tasks, independence and achievement and teamwork as being the most important characteristics desired in the workplace.  ESFJs seek to be of service to others and are most often found…

6 Reasons Why I Think ESFJ Types Make Terrible Leaders

Not every person is suited for positions of leadership. Leadership qualities can be taught to some extent but certain types like ENTJs are just born with it. (more…)
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