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Defense Mechanisms Each Zodiac Sign Is Likely To Use

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The Defense Mechanism Each Zodiac Sign Is Likely To Use

Famous psychoanalyst, Sigmund Freud introduced many ideas that have left an indelible mark on the world of psychology. Among them was the concept of the ego as being the center of our sense of self and identity. The ego, he believed, forms boundaries around itself separating what is and isn’t part of it’s self schema. When the ego is confronted with distressing feelings that threaten the self-concept, it employs defense mechanisms as a means of psychological protection against lowered self-esteem, depression, etc. Freud’s daughter Anna expanded on these ideas in her book “The Ego and the Mechanisms of Defence”.

Here I present to you a frivolous union of pop psychology and astrology to assess the defense mechanism each zodiac sign is likely to employ according to me.


Acting Out – Aries is a zodiac sign associated with impulsivity and intrepitude. It is also the first sign of the zodiac and as such is also viewed as the “baby”. Babies are immature, self-centered and temperamental – just like Aries. The Aries person is typically direct and confident but they also have a propensity for acting in immature ways when frustrated or emotional. When they are unable to articulate with words their anger or hurt, they may react in a physical way like punching walls, throwing objects or flipping tables.


Social Comparison – Being a sign that is known for it’s affinity for wealth, status and sensual pleasure, Taurus no doubt takes a special interest in living the good life. Social comparison is a defense mechanism whereby a person compares themselves to someone less fortunate in order to boost their self esteem or feel better about their situation. A Taurus with an unhealthy preoccupation with status and maybe an inferiority complex might be inclined to reframe their circumstances relative to those who are worst off..


Dissociation – Gemini is the sign of the twins which represent the sign’s highly dual nature. They can be coquettish going from hot to cold and switching perspective, mood and attitude without warning. Geminis are often accused of being two-faced and capricious. For this reason, it is possible that they may be guilty of dissociation, a defense mechanism whereby a person may disengage from themselves and slip into an alternate identity that is treated as a separate entity with a separate attitude.


Displacement – Cancer is an emotional zodiac sign and as such, they have a penchant for absorbing other people’s negative energy or harboring that of  their own. They can build up negative feelings created in one bad relationship that carry over into their other relationships. For instance at work they may develop a lot of resentment they are unable to express towards a boss and at home that resentment may cause them to lash out in a disproportionate way over minor things.


Rationalization – Being a proud sign who’s ego is resistant to any and all attacks on it’s bearing, Leos may be inclined to reframe disappointment and rejection in a way that allows them to save face. For instance, they may meet and fall in love with a person they genuinely thought to be incredible and perfect but after being dumped by said person may later reframe their notions of them as having been suspect all along. Or they may look for a satisfying excuse to justify why it happened as a means of mitigating their sorrow over the relationship’s closure.


Repression – Virgo is associated with modesty and conservatism and they may be inclined to living a puritanical lifestyle. They are very judgemental and self-critical as well, in addition to being perfectionistic, anal and neurotic. Virgo is also the sign associated with the virgin which is to say that they try to hold themselves to a high, if not self-abnegating, standard. They may repress themselves for moral or religious reasons but also for health. Virgo is also associated with health and wellbeing and this may manifest in abstinence from an unhealthy diet.


Reaction Formation – Libras are all about harmony and they strive to maintain balance in their relationships with all people in their lives. They are nice individuals who care about their social status, public image and standing with people. But Libras also get unhappy and angry and despite their charming and friendly facade, they may harbor some unglamorous and dark feelings. They would rather conceal that side of themselves from others and instead of expressing those negative sentiments, they may deliberately mask it with an overly positive attitude that belies what they really feel.


Undoing – Scorpios are deeply passionate and sensitive despite their intense, forceful nature. They are capable of destructive rage during which they may say and do things to loved ones they will later regret not long afterwards. Following such episodes, they may try to overcompensate with desperate acts of sweetness to gain forgiveness or redemption in the eyes of those they hurt or wronged. In a fit of rage they may have lambasted another person’s intelligence only to later on say and do everything they can to nullify what they did and make amends..


Compensation – This is where an individual compensates for an area in which they are deficient by over developing themselves in another area. Sagittarius is a sign that is noted for being good humored with an optimistic outlook. They are often talented, confident and athletic individuals who are competitive and take great pride in their abilities. They are typically very open minded and if they discover that they are inadequate in some area, they will likely find something else in which they can excel and earn acclaim.


Compartmentalization – Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn which is associated with restriction, duty and structure. Capricorns are considered to be workaholics who are able to structure and regiment their lives to accomplish their ends. They are pragmatic and resourceful workaholics who will do what they must to achieve their ends. Sometimes their ambitions may supercede their moral rectitude and cause them to violate their own values. They might try to section-off that act as a special circumstance so as to avoid dealing with the cognitive dissonance and guilt it would create for them.


Projection – Aquarians are supposed to be eccentric, unorthodox and inventive visionaries. As such they are likely to see things with a unique and unconventional perspective that may or may not be practical or realistic. They may develop some paranoid and neurotic tendencies and may sometimes take themselves too seriously and have difficulty coping with their inner demons. They might be prone to unwittingly projecting some of their fears and negative aspects of the personality onto others without realizing it.


Denial – Pisces is ruled by neptune, the planet of illusion and fantasy. This is why the sign of Pisces is associated with escapism, fantasy and spiritual insight. It is a sign that is not always in touch with reality and often blinded by naive idealism. Pisces people are deeply sensitive and may have difficulty in coping with personal problems or confronting them honestly. Instead they may often choose to believe what they want to believe and pretend problems don’t exist or that they can resolve them in ways that are delusional and unrealistic.


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  • article Astrology

    How The Signs Got Expelled From School

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    How The Signs Got Expelled From School
    How The Signs Got Expelled From School

    How The Signs Got Expelled From School

    Students can be expelled for many different reasons and the range of rules vary from school to school. Here is a look at the violation for which each astrology zodiac sign is likely to get expelled from school.


    Aries likely got expelled for fighting and insubordinate behavior. Aries is a fire sign that is prone to being impulsive and temperamental. Their fiery emotions can sometimes get the best of them and land them in hot water with figures of authority who try to keep them in check. An undisciplined Aries may be inclined to fly off the handle without considering the consequences but with maturity, they may learn to exercise more restraint and utilize more diplomacy and tact.


    Taurus likely got expelled for smuggling or selling doobies and other banned substances on school grounds. Taurus is a sign that is resourceful and business savvy. Even at a young age, many of them will likely be ahead of the game in terms of their hustle and they might even dabble in some risky money making ventures. Taurus knows a lucrative opportunity when they see one and wherever there is a demand, they can find a way to supply.


    Gemini likely got expelled for disruptive behavior. Geminis are known for their gift of gab and energetic enthusiasm, but sometimes this quality can get them in trouble when they don’t know when to stop. Geminis are most likely to be the ones who teachers have to repeatedly chastise for talking in class. They get caught whispering or thoughtlessly blurt out inappropriate statements and even use profanity sometimes just for the sake of shock value and getting a laugh out of their classmates.


    Cancer likely got expelled for getting caught being very “intimate” with their girlfriend/boyfriend on school grounds. Cancers are very lovey dovey with their beloved and a part of them may want their romantic canoodling witnessed by others. As a result, they may make only a half hearted attempt at finding a secret pocket of the campus to do the deed before Romeo and Juliet eventually get caught and suspended indefinitely.


    Leo likely got expelled for violating dress code. Leos are often dramatic and attention hungry and they may sometimes dress in provocative or flamboyant ways to grab people’s eyeballs. Most schools may have a dress code that prohibits and clothing that is too revealing, offensive in some way, or poses some type of security risk. Leos may for whatever reason decide to flout those guidelines to wear what they want in the name of their self-proclaimed right to self expression.


    Virgo likely got expelled for viewing age-restricted material on school computers or on their own phones while in class. Virgos are associated with being prudish and analytical but apparently it turns out a lot of Virgos are repressed pervs. During their youth, they may have to battle to keep their impulses in check but sometimes their curiosity will likely get the best of them. Maybe this is why some Virgos develop weird fetishes later in life.


    Libra likely got expelled for having an inappropriate relationship with the teacher. Libra may sometimes act mature for their age and in some cases may be able to charm the socks off of their teacher. Before you know it, they’re having secret liasons and crossing boundaries so that they can consummate their unsanctioned relationship. The gig will go bust when they slip up and accidently send a salacious text to the wrong recipient.


    Scorpio likely got expelled for hacking school computers and accessing classified data. Scorpio is the sign most associated with a love of secrets and an ability for uncovering them. If a Scorpio wants to find out something, there’s a strong possibility that they will find a way to do so. Scorpio might hack into school servers to download academic papers and make them available to the public like the late hacktivist, Aaron Schwartz did. Or they might just try to fraudulently alter their grades.


    Sagittarius likely got expelled for cussing out their teachers. Sagittarius is known for having mouth on them and that mouth can get them in trouble. They are inclined to speak their minds and say sometimes controversial or provocative things but it typically comes from a place of honesty. On the other hand, when they are mad, they may have less inhibitions than most about saying what they really feel and their opinions may be delivered with some extra colorful language.


    Capricorn likely got expelled for cheating. Capricorn is an astrology sign associated with hard work and discipline because they are highly ambitious and success oriented. Sometimes, highly ambitious people in the grips of their drive, may resort to unscrupulous means of attaining their goals for whatever reason. If Capricorn feels unprepared for an exam or incapable of performing to a satisfactory standard on their own merit and ability, they may engineer a way to cheat if they can get away with it.


    Aquarius likely got expelled for instigating a rebellion or riot against the school authorities. Aquarius is a sign associated with being a force for change and revolution wherever oppression exists. They are the ones who are most liable to tryi and rally their fellow classmates around a cause and get them to protest en masse. Authority figures may recognize them as the ring leaders responsible and seek to punish them exclusively for their subversive behavior.


    Pisces likely got expelled for pulling the fire alarm either as a prank or to avoid taking the test they didn’t prepare for. Pisces are generally kind and non violent but, may nonetheless get up to their share of mischievous behavior. They may take desperate measures to cover their arse when in deep trouble. Pisces is known to often lie and deceive to avoid experiencing the sting of the natural consequences of their bad decisions. More often than not, this will no doubt turn around and bite them down the road.

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  • article Astrology Pisces Sun and moon astrology

    Pisces Sun Libra Moon – “The Charming Trouble-Maker”

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    Pisces Sun Libra Moon

    Pisces Sun Libra Moon

    Pisces Sun Libra Moon

    The pisces sun libra moon personality is bound to be someone who is a lover and not a fighter. They are super friendly and personable and people tend to find them attractive. They like people and they cherish their relationships. They probably idolize beauty, love and romance and they love canoodling with their significant other. For them, harmony and balance is key to their emotional well being. When their world is in a state of flux, they can become argumentative and hypercritical until they can restore order and make things right again. They are very idealistic and have a keen interest in fairness and what they hold to be morally right. They try to hold themselves to their own personal standard and their sense of equanimity may allow them to be excellent moral arbiters.

    The libra sun-pisces moon combination suggests a person who likes to keep it classy and they have a distaste for rude, petulant people. They try to be diplomatic because inside they are highly empathetic and are able to identify and understand other people’s point of view fairly well. They want to smooth things over as much as possible but they will also take a firm stance when necessary. They can be a bit naive and tend to see things from an idealized perspective that may not be in concord with reality. They tend to see the best in people and often give the benefit of the doubt, but this sometimes can set them up to be manipulated by people who exploit such kindness.

    Pisces Sun Libra Moon woman

    The pisces sun libra moon female is likely to be light and airy in temperament and very friendly. They are likely to be popular and able to strike up friendships almost everywhere they go. People find the libra sun pisces moon girl to be very compassionate and fun loving. They are loyal to their friends and have their backs when they get in trouble. They are often there for their loved ones but rarely need the same in return because they generally have their priorities in order. The Pisces sun Libra woman is liable to be easy going but not a pushover. Even though they like to keep the peace, they can become a bit catty when they’ve reached the end of their wits and become highly stressed. This Pisces female recenters themselves by spending time with their friends and talking things out. They recharge themselves from being in the company of people they love and respect.

    Pisces Sun Libra Moon man

    The Pisces sun Libra moon man is a likely to conduct themselves like a classic gentleman who with suave and decorum. They are likely well-mannered and well-groomed and they feel best when they’ve put some time and energy into their appearance. They may exhibit a bit of vanity and self absorption but for the most part they are pretty modest. They tend to be chivalrous and polite and are typically well liked and on good terms with almost everybody. They are a Pisces male who is deeply sensitive and their hearts seek someone with whom they can truly meld with in a beautiful and poetic romance. They are fantasy-prone and they often imagine themselves as being a dashing heroic type. They just enjoy the idea of love and when in a relationship, they savor the experience.

    “You don’t need to go to church to be a Christian. If you go to Taco Bell, that doesn’t make you a taco.”
    Justin Bieber (pisces sun/libra moon born March 1

    Pisces Sun Libra Moon love

    In both romantic relationship and friendship, the pisces sun libra moon person is most compatible with Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn sun signs with a moon in Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini or Leo. The Pisces sun Libra moon person is someone who is likely addicted to love and they may be something of a serial dater. They are likely to be smooth and flirtatious and will probably play the field before they finally find the one they want to spend the rest of their life with. They are sensitive and romantic and have a propensity for making thoughtful and creative romantic gestures for their beloved. They have great compatibility with those who enjoy being doted on and are willing to indulge the romantic fantasies that this Pisces tries to bring life to.

    Pisces Sun Libra Moon celebrities

    • Justin Bieber – Born: March 1, 1994
    • Rob Kardashian – Born: March 17, 1987
    • Ornella Muti – Born: March 9, 1955
    • Brittany Daniel – Born: March 17, 1976
    • Josef Mengele – Born: March 16, 1911
    • Nina Hagen – Born: March 11, 1955
    • Michael Caine – Born: March 14, 1933
    • Sidney Poitier – Born: February 20, 1927
    • Aileen Wuornos – Born: February 29, 1956
    • Brooklyn Beckham – Born: March 4, 1999
    • Thora Birch – Born: March 11, 1982
    • Nat King Cole – Born: March 17, 1919
    • James Van Der Beek – Born: March 8, 1977
    • Lupita Nyong’o – Born: March 1, 1983
    • Trevor Noah – Born: February 20, 1984
    • JWoww – Born: February 27, 1986


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  • article Astrology Libra Pisces Relationships

    Are Libra and Pisces a Good Match?

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    libra and pisces dating
    libra and pisces dating

    libra and pisces dating

    Libra and Pisces pros and cons

    On the question of astrology-based romantic compatibility, air and water signs are elementally uncomplimentary. Generally, this makes Libra and Pisces not compatible. However, that is not necessarily the case, since astrological synastry is predicated on how well the planets in each person’s birth chart aspect with each other.

    But all that aside, do Libra and Pisces get along? Whoever says that Libra and Pisces don’t get along is discounting the potential affinity people of these two signs may share. The rapper Eminem for example, is a Libra who has repeatedly collaborated with singers Rihanna and Skylar Grey, both of whom happen to be Pisces females. Is it coincidence or sun sign chemistry?

    Here is a look at the Libra and Pisces relationship compatibility and why Libra and Pisces as best friends and lovers is a real possibility.

    1. Libra and Pisces Codependency

    Pisces and Libra share a similar proclivity towards losing themselves in their partners. Libra’s ruling planet Venus is exalted under the sign of Pisces and so being with Libra may likely bring out strong romantic feelings in Pisces. Pisces people are often prone to emotional ups and downs for which they may develop ill-advised coping mechanisms. They are known to engage in escapism and sumptuous vices such as laziness and drug and alcohol abuse. Libras try to keep the peace and maintain a spirit of goodwill and so may be ill-at-ease about giving tough love when their partners fall into bad habits. Libras being lovers of sensual delights themselves may be susceptible to their own share of vices and may sometimes serve as an enabler to those of Pisces.

    2. Libra Enjoys Pisces’ Imaginativeness

    Libra and Pisces both have fertile imaginations but Pisces is a sign that is especially fantasy-prone. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions, and so even the most extraverted Pisces is likely to have a rich inner world that they withhold from others. The Pisces is typically an HSP (highly sensitive person) and this sensitivity causes them to form deep impressions about the world that may often seem strange, amusing and sometimes ingenious. Libras love art and beauty and as a Venus-ruled air sign, they are likely to be creative thinkers who appreciate creative people. The Libra and Pisces love relationship may cultivate a symbiotic bond that feeds on one another’s poignant thoughts and observations.

    3. Pisces and Libra Have a Taste for the Finer Things

    Libra and Pisces love and hold special appreciation for beautiful things. They are both idealists who want to make life as enjoyable as possible. Consequently, these two will likely be on the same page with regard to how they budget their finances. They may love to eat out and splurge on nice things like fine dining and gourmet cuisine. Sensual stimulation and entertainment will be a centerpiece of the relationship and a source of quality time bonding. They likely will show their love through gifts and physical acts of affection like massages and making each other bubble baths. Both Pisces and Libra may be inclined towards vanity projects and materialistic goals. Rather than chastise or shame, Libra and Pisces may be equally supportive and encouraging of one another’s indulgences (within reason).

    4. Libra and Pisces As Business Partners

    In addition to the romance, there may exist a good potential for Libra and Pisces business compatibility. Successful business ventures often require a combination of creativity and strategic acumen. This is something for which Libra and Pisces together may prove formidable as a team. Pisces being a mutable sign, may provide the visionary half of the equation while Libra’s cardinal energy can initiate action on Pisces’ ideas and handling logistics especially where networking is concerned. Libras are typically charming and adept at working with people and this quality may serve them well as business managers and sales reps. Libra’s ruling sign Venus is also associated with money and wealth which suggests they may be very capable as accountants and in maintaining their finances. Pisces for their part are friendly and sociable but more capricious and unreliable. They stereotypically are less assertive and of a moody temperament that is less suited for the demands that come with business management especially when it restricts their creativity.

    5. Libra and Pisces How to Make It Work

    On it’s face, there are number of challenges presented in a Pisces-Libra love match. Libra’s need to be liked and their flirtatious nature may pose an problem for the sensitive and jealousy prone Pisces. Pisces doesn’t need a partner that will frequently put their insecurities on alert. Trust is very important to them and they may have trouble understanding why Libra needs so much attention from people outside the relationship. In order for the union to work they are going to have to be a little more understanding of each other’s disparate personality traits.

    Libra may find Pisces to be a little too easy going and lacking in excitement and vitality. Libra may have to slow down and adjust to Pisces speed in order to appreciate the special magic that Pisces offers. Both signs have a penchant for indecision or flip-flopping, but Pisces may take the cake on this one. Libra will place greater importance on stability and consistency from their partners and will be sorely disappointed should Pisces flake out on them or fail to follow through on their commitments. Libra must try to understand and have compassion for Pisces’ emotions and how strongly it pulls them in one direction or the other.

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    Dear Libra

    The Twelfth Sign of the Zodiac – Pisces – February 19 – March 20

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  • article Astrology ENFJ mbti list Myers Briggs


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    ENFJ and Astrology Signs: Zodiac and the MBTI

    No two ENFJs are completely alike. Everyone of us has a unique experience and that experience has a seismic impact on how our personalities develop along with the panoply of psychological issues that may arise out of them. The Myers-Briggs is a great tool for sketching out a profile of who we are based on our self-reported behavior preferences, but the picture it paints is not a complete one.

    The Myers-Briggs does not account for all the idiosyncratic personality traits that are too specific or simply outside the bounds of what the 8 cognitive functions could accurately encompass. The MBTI cannot explain for example, why one INTP enjoys baseball and another INTP loathes it, or why one ENFJ is way more family-oriented than another.

    The zodiac is similar to the MBTI but is a typology that seems to emphasize slightly different dimensions of personality. The 12 zodiac signs of western astrology are definitely caricatures, but they at least offer another interesting side to the story even if it is not entirely accurate or supported by scientific evidence. Any credibility or authority astrology might hold seems to stem entirely from it’s ancientness.

    Nevertheless, whether by coincidence, cognitive bias, or cosmic truth, many people find some validity to what astrology says about them. It’s possible that the zodiac when combined with the MBTI, can form a more detailed portrait of ourselves. It’s worth considering, I think.

    There is more to astrology than just your sun sign though. If you want to find a more complete picture of who you are according to astrology, you can check out this free Natal Chart calculator widget to generate a your astrological birth chart complete with all planetary aspects and more. Here is a look at how the ENFJ personality type may vary by zodiac sun sign.


    ENFJs are considered to be natural leaders and so is the sign of Aries. An ENFJ Aries person may therefore be a rather courageous individual who is able and willing to initiate bold new endeavors that others may be too timid to begin. They want to improve the world as a positive force for good, and their bravado inspires others to follow their lead and learn from them. People are likely to be attracted to the ENFJ Aries’ enthusiasm, drive and competitive edge. They have a positive attitude and candid nature that engenders trust and loyalty. They enjoy and appreciate the contributions of other people and they also desire to be admired by them.

    Their ego is tempered by their need for approval and acceptance by a group. Despite their forceful nature, they rely on charm and wit, rather than brute aggression to get what they want. Aries is known for having a short fuse, but an ENFJ Aries may be better able at managing their intense and impulsive energy more constructively. The ENFJ Aries likely has high regard for people of strong character and principles who are also reliable and hard-working. As a leader, the ENFJ Aries may also be very personable and good at delegating people according to their individual abilities and strengths.

    “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” 

    - Maya Angelou (ENFJ Aries born April 4)


    The ENFJ Taurus probably has an understated confidence and charm that others are attracted to. They are likely to be especially popular and admired for their physical beauty or sparkling charm. The ENFJ Taurus may have a more calm temperament than that of the Aries ENFJ who is more impulsive and fiery. This ENFJ probably has some very attractive features though thanks to Taurus’ ruling planet Venus – the planet of aesthetics. The ENFJ Taurus likely places a special premium on harmony and cordiality and they utilize tact and diplomacy like a politician.

    They are visionary and good at long term planning, and insuring themselves against disasters especially financial ones. Security is likely to be very important to them, and so they are likely to be more prudent about the risks they take and are inclined to exercise more caution than the ENFJ Aries might. The ENFJ Taurus may have a taste for luxury and comfort and are likely motivated by the acquisition of material wealth but also to empower others to do the same. They may also have a a bit of vanity and a preoccupation with maintaining their youthful appearance. This might lead them to taking a number of preventative measures such as getting botox and facelifts as well as a number of other weird unorthodox techniques they might swear by.

    “No decisions should ever be made without asking the question, is this for the common good?” 

    - Michael Moore (ENFJ Taurus born April 23)


    The ENFJ Gemini is bound to have a gift for gab and a sparkling wit. They are popular and magnetic and they love attention and social activity. Their personality is likely to be that of an especially histrionic people-pleaser who wants to spread the love and be loved. The ENFJ Gemini may be a social chameleon who seems able to blend in just about anywhere and get on well with people of all types. They’re respectful, compelling and highly likeable and are likely to be rather erudite and well read and possibly take a special interest in theological studies, mythology and fiction.

    The ENFJ Gemini may possess strong communication skills and a highfalutin vocabulary with which they may enchant and impress listeners. Geminis are known to be a bit coquettish and prone to changing their minds suddenly but as an ENFJ, this Gemini may be more resolved and committed to their decisions. Their moods can switch very suddenly as well, from congenial and friendly to imperious and bossy. They are likely to be noble of heart however and they probably consider themselves a work in progress. The ENFJ Gemini is likely to be young at heart and may maintain a youthful, spirit and active mind even when they become ripe in old age.

    “I think my mouth just opens and I spontaneously say things that occur to me.” 

    - Helena Bonham Carter (ENFJ Gemini born May 26)


    A Cancer ENFJ is likely to be someone who is very conscientious and caring about people. They are very warm, humorous and socially conscious. Beneath their sensitivity and compassion is the heart of a champion who draws strength from the people they fight for. There is no limit to what they can do when they have the emotional support and backing they need. The ENFJ Cancer has a vision that is unifying, and their passion burns bright. They want to better the world, their communities and their family, and are likely very to be very interested in humanitarian and altruistic activities.

    They bring people together and possess a lot of tenacity and courage and are able to inspire others with their wisdom. They are vocal and communicative and people take solace in their leadership as a force for good. The ENFJ Cancer is likely to be an especially kind bellwether who is very persuasive and able to motivate and uncover the potential in other people. People love their energy and spirit and look to them as a source of comfort and guidance when times get tough and hope is dim.

    “It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership.” 

    - Nelson Mandela (ENFJ Cancer born July 18)


    The ENFJ Leo is likely to be pretentious and theatrical with an appetite for the spotlight. They may appear a bit histrionic and vain but beneath their bravado is a sincere person who genuinely wants to uplift people. They are creative and cheerful and are bound to be very popular. People love their energy and youthful spirit which has the capacity to infect everyone around them. They are confident but not arrogant although sometimes they can seem a little full of themselves.

    ENFJ Leo may be rather sure-minded and can become set in their way of thinking at the exclusion of other’s advisement. They are egalitarian and fair but, can be a bit imperious and domineering when in pursuit of a goal. They have strong instincts and more often than not, their intuitions serve them well and are on the money. They have the ability to see the best in people and tap into their talents and strengths in order to delegate and provide roles and tasks they find meaningful and satisfying. The ENFJ Leo is an unlocker of potential and their positive outlook brightens and boosts the morale of everyone around them.

    “Even as far back as when I started acting at 14, I know I’ve never considered failure.” 

    - Jennifer Lawrence (ENFJ Leo born August 15)


    The ENFJ Virgo may be more vocal than the typical Virgo and more modest than the typical ENFJ. This person could be very perceptive and insightful especially in regards to human behavior. A Virgo ENFJ likely has a perfectionist streak and may be very self-critical and a bit hard on themselves. They place a lot of pressure on their own shoulders because they high expectations they are striving to achieve. They want to be respected and appreciated for their valuable perspective and contributions. Although they can be very demanding, they know how to deal with people in effective ways that don’t engender hostility.

    They are highly conscientious and genuinely interested in understanding others and are very engaging conversationalists who are also good listeners. Their special insight into human nature allows them to pick up on what others are feeling which prompts them to act as a compassionate therapist and sounding board for their troubles. They are analytical and they actively read into the subtexture behind people’s words. They enjoy the company of others and playing the role of host at parties and events. The ENFJ Virgo is also likely to be health conscious since Virgo is a sign concerned health and well-being. Ironically, many Virgos are smokers .

    “Geniuses always think it’s easier than we make it out to be.” 

    - James Lipton (ENFJ Virgo born September 19)


    The ENFJ Libra is a classy character with a lot of charm and charisma. They are true “people persons” who thrive on social interaction and rubbing elbows with lots of interesting individuals. They are enthusiastic and sanguine with great taste and style. They are very liberal and fair but they may have a tendency to sit on the fence rather take a strong side. They have a big imagination and a lot of lofty idealistic visions of what they hope for the world. The ENFJ Libra takes great pleasure in helping others and being an advocate and champion of humanity.

    They have a bit of a hero complex and feel they can be everything for all people. The extent to which they give of themselves may come at great expense to their own needs. Their sense of self is so entangled with their external persona and the role they play in respect to their community or circle. They are super friendly and loyal to their loved ones and they  are likely to have very few enemies. The Libra ENFJ is likely to be very attractive and popular. Although they may not be materialistic necessarily, they probably have a taste for the good life and an appreciation for art and the beauty and poetry of life.  

    “Perhaps we’ve never been visited by aliens because they have looked upon Earth and decided there’s no sign of intelligent life.” 

    - Neil deGrasse Tyson (ENFJ Libra born October 5)


    The ENFJ Scorpio is likely to be a deeply passionate person who does things in a big way. They possess tremendous will power and emotional strength. They have surprising resilience and resolve in light of tragedy and distressing events. The ENFJ Scorpio is able to be that pillar of strength that others depend on to help them overcome. This ENFJ may be a bit more intense than the usual and they may also exhibit more forcefulness and vigor. Although they seem always cheerful and upbeat, they may conceal deep emotional pain. They do not like to show weakness or worry others with their troubles.

    They rely primarily on themselves for coping with emotional turmoil and they do so effectively. They love to include their loved ones in what they do and they make a concerted in supporting them in their endeavors and interests. The ENFJ Scorpio will likely take a very active role as a parent and devote a lot of their energy in steering and rearing their children up to be well-rounded and upstanding citizens and humans.

    “One of the things I’ve never been accused of is not caring about people.” 

    - Joe Biden (ENFJ Scorpio born November 20)


    The ENFJ Sagittarius person is someone who likely speaks their mind and is probably a bit sassy. They are very open minded yet opinionated and they are prone to getting into arguments and debates over their ideas. As a Sagittarius, this ENFJ is definitely a seeker of higher meaning and self actualization. They are likely to have a strong intellectual bend and also a spiritual side that believes in metaphysical truths beyond the empirical scientific ones. The ENFJ Sagittarius is fun and humorous with an optimistic outlook.

    They are a hopeless idealists who never give up hope and hold on dearly to their faith in humanity. They want to see and experience much and are truly students of the world. The curiosity they have is insatiable and throughout their lives, they never stop learning. Higher education is likely to be of interest to them but they may also be self-driven autodidacts who satisfy their intellectual appetites outside of conventional academia.


    A Capricorn ENFJ suggests someone who takes themselves rather seriously. A person who may have been very precocious as a child and exhibits a sense of maturity and responsibility that is distinct to their character. They are likely very ambitious and plan their futures far in advance. They develop a picture of what they want and devise a way to go about achieving their lofty goals which may at least in part revolve around public service and human interests.

    The ENFJ Capricorn may be a workaholic and have a tendency to bury themselves in their work at the expense to family life. They are probably excellent if not slightly austere parents who try to instill character and virtue into their progeny. They are excellent leaders who know how to instruct and inspire with their vision and virtuous ideals. They have a sense of humor that is probably dry and subtle but hilarious. The ENFJ Capricorn is highly respectable and likely to be admired for the aire of sophistication and suave they exude.

    “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” 

    - Martin Luther King, Jr. (ENFJ Capricorn born January 15)


    The ENFJ Aquarius is bound to be free spirited and innovative. It is likely this ENFJ is especially clever and outside-the-box with their thinking. They may appear a bit eccentric and unique in both appearance and in the ideas they generate. The Aquarius ENFJ is probably inventive and interested in working on ambitious projects that are centered around advancing and improving society. At the same time they may have a rebellious streak that motivates them to fight the system and attempt to reform it. They themselves are highly independent and are proponents of individual freedom which fuels their desire to empower others.

    “Meanings are not determined by situations, but we determine ourselves by the meanings we give to situations.” 

    - Alfred Adler (ENFJ Aquarius born February 7)


    The Pisces ENFJ is highly imaginative and prone to flights of fancy and escapism. They are truly idealistic with a kind and sensitive temperament that makes them such sweethearts. They are very selfless and have a hard time saying “no” to others. They don’t want to feel like they’ve let others down and consequently place a lot of pressure on themselves to meet their needs. The ENFJ Pisces is fun and full of life and they brighten the lives of everyone around them.

    They are eternal optimists who despite their demons are always able to find the silver linings in the clouds. They keep the storm clouds of depression at bay with relentless positivity and idealism. Sometimes their commitment to their ideals may cause them to be in denial blinding them from the harsh reality. They have a dark side and may suffer from self doubt but they coach themselves to stay strong. They never want to lose faith and they fight to uplift themselves and those around them to reach their true potential.

    “Someone once said about me that I talk to everyone the same, no matter what age they are. I don’t see kids and adults. I see everyone the same.” 

    - Dakota Fanning (ENFJ Pisces born February 23)

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