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12th House: The House of Secrets

12th house

12th House: The House of Secrets

Mode: Cadent (Mutable) Water
Planetary Dignity: Neptune/Pisces

The 12th house in astrology is known as the House of Secrets and self undoing. The 12th house is the final house and thus represents the end or termination of cycles. It corresponds with the sign of Pisces and its planetary ruler Neptune. This house represents the end point in our spiritual journey and is a sort of graduation to a higher level of spiritual and personal enlightenment. Additionally, the 12th house is associated with the dissolution of the ego and a liberation from the constraints and barriers that the ego constructs around itself. The 12th house is about transcendence and spiritual evolution that focuses on service to others and connection with the collective consciousness that unites us all. The 12th house is also connected with hidden enemies and secrets. 

Things that we conceal from others and from ourselves because they are too painful or unbearable to deal with directly. To this end, house 12 also represents the lies we tell ourselves that lead to our own self destruction. Self-sabotage, and self-denial about bitter truths and harsh realities that we avoid facing. This is the battle and challenge that confronts us in the 12th house. The 12th house forces us to draw into ourselves to find inspiration and healing for our soul and emotional wounds. Additionally, the 12th house is associated with hospitals, prisons, psych wards, monasteries and other places of isolation. It relates to our mental health and sense of inner peace and wholeness. It concerns meditation, yoga, spiritual awakening, psychedelics and mind-altering substances in general which can include alcohol. 

The 12th house involves the world of our subjective experiences and imagination. It can indicate something about how in or out of touch we are with reality and our attitude towards the real world. Having an afflicted or poorly aspected 12th house can signify a lack of objectivity and ability to handle the real world responsibilities and harsh realities they are exposed to. Such a person may be ill-equipped to deal with reality in appropriate ways and may consequently resort to unhealthy coping mechanisms and excessive escapism. Missing items and missing people are also highlighted in this house. A sudden disappearance or estrangement from others can be signified by the placements and aspects of the 12th house in the birth chart. This has to do with physical separation and isolation but not psychological separation. Emotionally, the 12th house stimulates and desire for communion and deeper spiritual connection.

Furthermore, the 12th house concerns Karma both positive and negative. If we have been racking up positive Karma it is likely we will be able to cash out and reap the rewards of our actions. If we have been putting out negative energy then it is likely that it will come back to bite us through our 12th house.

The path to our redemption and personal healing therefore, maybe found through the particular form of service and selfless devotion ascribed to the 12th house. Mars in the 12th house for example can indicate that we may be of service to others within environments that contain an element of danger and aggression such as prisons and the military. 

Such a person may possess special courage and passion that allows them to bring healing and charitable service to places that carry a high degree of risk and danger. In a very selfless and courageous way, they may put themselves in harm’s way in order to help someone else. This may even extend to a martyr-like self-sacrifice symbolically similar to the crucifixion of Christ or the immolation of Joan of Arc. The 12th house calls us to dissolve our ego and reduce the boundaries that separate ourselves from others. Up to this point, our ego has strived to differentiate itself and distinguish itself from its environment. 12th house, therefore represents an awareness and urge to reunite and reconnect with the universe to which we are all a part. It is a recognition that we are but a part of a larger whole and that our material existence and sense of self is but an illusion.

The 12th house concerns a departure from materialistic concerns and a greater interest in something higher and spiritually profound. Its desire is to connect with the divine energy and universal love that is of a higher vibration than the more personal form of love represented by Venus. At the same time, the 12th house also concerns a lot of things hidden from our knowledge and awareness both good and bad. It is associated with esoteric knowledge and wisdom of which only awakened and enlightened souls can access. This house can also deal with negative things that are hidden such as weaknesses, secret enemies, and private affairs. The 12th house is somewhat obscure and ambiguous. It is associated with illusion and deception and things of which we cannot fully grasp or quantify. Thus, the 12th house is very mystical and magical in nature.

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