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What Each MBTI Type would Do With An Apple

Apple pie, apple juggler and teacher holding an apple.

An apple a day keeps the doctor at bay. Here’s what the 16 MBTI personalities are apt do with an apple.


INFJ eats the apple because it is good for their health and then plants the seeds for the benefit of future generations.

planting seed


Looks at the apple and wonders if the Tree of Good and Evil in the garden of Eden was actually an apple tree. INFP then eats the apple and make-believes they suddenly have eye-opening knowledge and wisdom.

spiritual wisdom


INTJ allows the apple to rot. Studies the decomposition process in an attempt to learn how to reverse entropy and discover the secret to eternal youth.

scientist dog lab


INTP observes some aspect about the apple and then has an epiphany about the universe that is somehow connected to apples.

mind blown universe


Thinks about how to improve apples. Patents their idea, markets their idea and makes a fortune. Cha-ching.

steve jobs


Conducts experiments with several apples to find a new app-lication for them. Accidentally discovers the cure for AIDS.



Uses the apple as a metaphor to teach moral truths.

apple tree slap


Makes corny pun jokes about apples or snaps cute photos of their pets with apples.

cats and apples


Looks at the apple and identifies what type of apple it is and inspects it’s level of ripeness. Rattles off a number of statistics and facts they’ve collected about apples and compares how the apple ranks with other apples they’ve eaten.

eating sour apple


Looks at the apple and is suddenly reminded of a memory related to apples. May suddenly relive a traumatic apple incident from their childhood.

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bad memory


Makes their popular apple pie recipe for the family or friends.

apple pie


Eats the entire apple seeds and all.

eats whole apple


Incorporates the apple into a drawing or painting, writes a song about apples or wears it in a hat like Carmen Miranda.

carmen miranda


Grabs a handful of apples and juggles them like a circus performer. Drops one by accident but eats it anyway.



Temporarily stops talking while they eat the apple sensually and savor the wholesome flavor.

penelope cruz eating apple


Tries to sell it to someone who looks hungry enough to pay a lot of money for it.

hungry girl


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