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Taurus Sun Taurus Moon – “Very Down to Earth””

Those born with their sun in Taurus and moon in Taurus are the consummate Taurean in both heart and mind. Although their rising sign may modify how they outwardly behave, at their core, they very much identify and resonate with the characteristics and attributes of the Taurus zodiac sign. Taurus sun Taurus moon men and women display a calm and easy going way about them that puts others at ease. They are solid and steadfast; not easily ruffled or thrown off by the disturbances and stressors that would upset and discomfit more anxious types of people. They tend to maintain a grounded outlook that is not easily influenced or threatened by circumstances whatever they may be.

This is not to say that they do not get stressed, worried or angry, but rather that they are more resilient and resistant to such mental states or at the least the expression of them. The Taurus sun Taurus moon person exhibits more self-control and decorum that prevents them from unraveling at the seams or unleashing sudden bursts of emotion at every provocation. They value harmony and simply do not care for or need negative energy and drama poisoning their lives. They are highly responsive to structure and color and possess a keen sense for what works well on a visual and aesthetic level.

Taurus sun Taurus moon men and women are therefore inclined to possess fine and discriminating tastes that allow them to put together beautiful compositions that please the senses. They may excel in the culinary arts, or as a designer of fashion, graphics or interior layout. People with this sun-moon combo are likely to hold strong creative talents and artistic ability of one form or another. They enjoy indulging their senses and express an open mind when it comes to trying new foods and pleasures. They are also creatures of habit who take comfort in the rhythms of a familiar routine where they know what to expect. They have a tendency to settle into a groove and dislike being in fast paced environments that require them to constantly adapt to frequent changes.

Hardworking and persistent, the Taurus sun Taurus moon personality is one that focuses on their ultimate objectives and is able to stick with a plan of action all the way to completion. They are not easily deterred or discouraged when results do not come right away. They play the long game tend not to seek after instant rewards but instead to develop solid foundations that are enduring. Because security and financial stability are so important to them, money is bound to be a strong motivator for them. Not because they have an inherent love of money but rather a pragmatic appreciation for what money can provide them. People with this sun-moon combination are bound to possess a good mind for business that can allow them to build wealth and success through entrepreneurship and sound investments.

Taurus Sun Taurus Moon compatibility

The Taurus sun Taurus moon personality is someone who takes special pleasure in the physical aspect of relationships. They have a deep desire for close intimacy and to immerse themselves in the sensations that being in love gives to them. They are loyal and steadfast partners who don’t mind exclusivity because they are not very interested in going through a carousel of shallow relationships.

Once they become attached to someone, that person becomes like another one of their possessions. They are devoted and try to build something beautiful together with their partners. At times, Taurus sun Taurus moon men and women can become complacent and too comfortable in their routines. This can make some partners bore of the relationship if the Taurus is paired up with a fire or air sign. Water and earth are like to enjoy the best compatibility with Taureans.

Taurus Sun Taurus Moon + Ascendant Combinations

Taurus Sun Taurus Moon Aries Rising – Your approach to life is to seize the day and tackle the task at hand with energy and enthusiasm. You maintain a calm attitude in the face of complications and problems and are able to assess hairy situations rationally and sensibly.

Taurus Sun Taurus Moon Taurus Rising – You are salt of the earth kind of person. You exemplify sensuality, beauty, and poise. You are very resourceful and prudent and put yourself in the best position possible to succeed and acquire long term prosperity.

Taurus Sun Taurus Moon Gemini Rising – You are a fun and talkative person with conservative values. You have great ideas especially in the realm of design and money-making schemes. You can be very crafty and clever when it comes to finances and litigation.

Taurus Sun Taurus Moon Cancer Rising – You are shy but very caring and protective of those in your fold. You prize stability and security and seek to create firm foundations for yourself and your family members. A shrewd business person.

Taurus Sun Taurus Moon Leo Rising – You come across as very attractive and someone who enjoys the attention. You are also fond of luxury and keen on living a good life. You are proud and prefer to be in positions where you can be in control over your own livelihood.

Taurus Sun Taurus Moon Virgo Rising – On the surface you are soft-spoken and a bit shy. You come across as modest although you have attractive qualities and physical features. You can be very difficult to please but are generally casual and easygoing.

Taurus Sun Taurus Moon Libra Rising – You are very personable and well liked by many. People find you to be friendly and attractive and your sense of style is admirable. You know how to look your best and also have a Midas touch when it comes to decorating and designing your environment.

Taurus Sun Taurus Moon Scorpio Rising – You come across as mysterious, private and not to be messed with. It is not easy to decipher your character but people feel attracted to your quiet strength and animal magnetism.

Taurus Sun Taurus Moon Sagittarius Rising – You seem jovial and light-hearted and tend to display a very open mind to new things. Inside, you are bit more cautious and tentative than you appear but you don’t want to seem like a bore.

Taurus Sun Taurus Moon Capricorn Rising – You appear serious and mature. People tend to trust you because you seem so well put together. You know how to make an impression and can earn power and prestige thanks to your considerable drive and work ethic.

Taurus Sun Taurus Moon Aquarius Rising – On the surface, you are distinctive in appearance and also in your thinking. You can be very stubborn and unwilling to compromise your principles, freedom and sense of personal sovereignty.

Taurus Sun Taurus Moon Pisces Rising – On the surface you appear lost and dreamy and usually willing to go with the flow. At your core, you are calm and emotionally stable with a fondness for luxury and comfortable lifestyles.

Taurus Sun Taurus Moon Celebrities

Chris Brown – Born: May 5, 1989
In: Tappahannock (VA) (United States)
Sun: 15°09′ Taurus AS: 14°55′ Leo
Moon: 17°54′ Taurus MC: 6°29′ Taurus

Kelly Clarkson – Born: April 24, 1982
In: Burleson (TX) (United States)
Sun: 4°13′ Taurus
Moon: 16°33′ Taurus

Karl Marx – Born: May 5, 1818
In: Trier (Germany)
Sun: 13°56′ Taurus AS: 22°51′ Aquarius
Moon: 11°16′ Taurus MC: 13°36′ Sagittarius

Katharine Hepburn – Born: May 12, 1907
In: Hartford (CT) (United States)
Sun: 21°02′ Taurus AS: 7°58′ Scorpio
Moon: 27°31′ Taurus MC: 16°10′ Leo

Grégory Lemarchal – Born: May 13, 1983
In: La Tronche (38) (France)
Sun: 21°49′ Taurus AS: 24°36′ Aries
Moon: 25°58′ Taurus MC: 12°00′ Capricorn

Melanie Martinez (singer) – Born: April 28, 1995
In: Astoria, Queens, New York (NY) (United States)
Sun: 8°14′ Taurus AS: 15°19′ Scorpio
Moon: 0°14′ Taurus MC: 25°18′ Leo

Iggy Pop – Born: April 21, 1947
In: Muskegon (MI) (United States)
Sun: 0°44′ Taurus AS: 29°21′ Cancer
Moon: 7°26′ Taurus MC: 12°08′ Aries

Otto Klemperer – Born: May 14, 1885
In: Breslau (Germany)
Sun: 23°53′ Taurus AS: 5°18′ Libra
Moon: 23°04′ Taurus MC: 6°51′ Cancer

Dennis Rodman – Born: May 13, 1961
In: Trenton (NJ) (United States)
Sun: 22°10′ Taurus AS: 16°37′ Capricorn
Moon: 3°14′ Taurus MC: 10°51′ Scorpio

Jeffrey Dean Morgan – Born: April 22, 1966
In: Seattle (WA) (United States)
Sun: 2°14′ Taurus
Moon: 25°26′ Taurus

Jean-Paul Gaultier – Born: April 24, 1952
In: Bagneux (94) (France)
Sun: 4°29′ Taurus AS: 25°27′ Libra
Moon: 9°57′ Taurus MC: 2°44′ Leo

Bernard Madoff – Born: April 29, 1938
In: New York (NY) (United States)
Sun: 8°45′ Taurus AS: 28°49′ Leo
Moon: 2°16′ Taurus MC: 22°55′ Taurus

Florence Nightingale – Born: May 12, 1820
In: Florence (Italy)
Sun: 21°40′ Taurus AS: 22°28′ Virgo
Moon: 23°54′ Taurus MC: 21°01′ Gemini

Andie Macdowell – Born: April 21, 1958
In: Gaffney (SC) (United States)
Sun: 0°50′ Taurus AS: 3°45′ Taurus
Moon: 26°25′ Taurus MC: 20°41′ Capricorn

David Boreanaz – Born: May 16, 1969
In: Buffalo (NY) (United States)
Sun: 25°36′ Taurus
Moon: 29°09′ Taurus

Ann-Margret – Born: April 28, 1941
In: Valsjobyn (Sweden)
Sun: 7°27′ Taurus AS: 9°58′ Gemini
Moon: 24°42′ Taurus MC: 11°22′ Capricorn

Jean Rochefort – Born: April 29, 1930
In: Paris 20e (France)
Sun: 8°21′ Taurus AS: 1°16′ Leo
Moon: 16°05′ Taurus MC: 9°50′ Aries

Tim Roth – Born: May 14, 1961
In: London (United Kingdom)
Sun: 23°24′ Taurus
Moon: 20°24′ Taurus

Joanna Lumley – Born: May 1, 1946
In: Srinagar (India)
Sun: 10°35′ Taurus AS: 14°47′ Scorpio
Moon: 11°01′ Taurus MC: 21°20′ Leo

Stanislav Markelov – Born: May 20, 1974
In: Moscow (Russia)
Sun: 28°58′ Taurus
Moon: 9°36′ Taurus

Joe Cocker – Born: May 20, 1944
In: Sheffield (United Kingdom)
Sun: 28°58′ Taurus AS: 27°56′ Aries
Moon: 1°02′ Taurus MC: 10°15′ Capricorn

Camille Lacourt – Born: April 22, 1985
In: Narbonne (11) (France)
Sun: 2°18′ Taurus AS: 16°32′ Leo
Moon: 27°01′ Taurus MC: 5°48′ Taurus

Carol Burnett – Born: April 26, 1933
In: San Antonio (TX) (United States)
Sun: 5°45′ Taurus AS: 15°04′ Aries
Moon: 24°23′ Taurus MC: 9°40′ Capricorn

Hô Chi Minh – Born: May 19, 1890
In: Hoang Tru (Vietnam)
Sun: 27°51′ Taurus AS: 20°17′ Taurus
Moon: 28°40′ Taurus MC: 9°10′ Aquarius

Giovanni Falcone – Born: May 18, 1939
In: Palermo (Italy)
Sun: 26°48′ Taurus AS: 26°21′ Libra
Moon: 20°01′ Taurus MC: 0°20′ Leo

Bob Sinclar – Born: May 10, 1967
In: Tréboul, Douarnenez (29) (France)
Sun: 19°06′ Taurus
Moon: 28°25′ Taurus

David Suchet – Born: May 2, 1946
In: London (United Kingdom)
Sun: 11°26′ Taurus
Moon: 24°17′ Taurus

Will Arnett – Born: May 4, 1970
In: Torento (Canada)
Sun: 13°46′ Taurus
Moon: 1°41′ Taurus

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