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Taurus Sun Cancer Moon – “The Sensual Intuitive”

The Taurus sun Cancer moon man or woman is someone with a deep well of sensitivity and feeling. They have an underlying need for security and stability that makes them tentative and cautious. They are not impulsive and always keep their priorities in mind before doing something that might be foolhardy or risky. They are kind and sympathetic souls although this may not be obvious. There is often a protective wall buffering their emotions serving as a defense mechanism against predators and those who would try to exploit or hurt them. They do not trust easily and will take some time before you really get to know them. When they are not guarded emotionally they can be ebullient and exhibit a loveable charm that is endearing.

The Taurus sun Cancer moon personality is one that is likely keen on having a big beautiful family but will not do so until they are financially ready and capable of providing for one. They love children and likely have a close relationship with their mother. Those who were not lucky enough to have a strong maternal presence in their youth are bound to grow up envious of others who did. They like to eat and be cooked for and doted on even when they are adults. The Taurus sun Cancer moon individual is someone who can at times appear like a tower of strength and at other times seem vulnerable and childlike. They emotionally strong and self-sufficient in their own right but having the support of people who love and care about them can embolden them to be more daring and spontaneous.

This sun moon combination suggests a person who has a natural mind for business. They are good appraisers of value and have an intuitive sense for what works and what doesn’t. They are creative and can recognize a good idea when they see one. It can seem like they have a magic touch at times. They grind hard to create the security they desire because they do not like being dependent on others for that. They want to have their own stuff and their own place and space to themselves. They don’t mind sharing with people they like but can be otherwise territorial and protective of what’s theirs. People with their sun in Taurus and moon in Cancer who acquire great success can become hermits who prefer staying indoors with everything they need in the security of their cozy castle.

People with this sun-moon combo may also carry a strong interest in history and collecting things from the past such as vintage works of arts and memorabilia. They tend to impute special significance to objects that carry sentimental value. They are inclined to hold on tenaciously to what they love and may have trouble letting go of whatever they are attached to be it people or objects. They generally try to maintain a certain sameness in their lives and cling to what is familiar and safe to them. Changes to their routine or lifestyle may come few and far between because doing so can unsettle them emotionally and create dreaded anxiety inside them. They do not get caught up in them

Taurus sun Cancer Moon Compatibility

Loving and nurturing, the Taurus sun Cancer moon man or woman is a tower of emotional strength upon which others can lean on. They display great empathy and concern for others and a psychic-like ability to sense when something is wrong. They may have a tendency to worry for the people they care about. Security and stability is paramount for them and a central focus in their lives.

They are attracted to people who are established and in a better financial and social position than they. They do not seek to be dependent upon others but they appreciate having a strong and capable partner who is also a great asset to them. Being a good provider is an important qualification to the Taurus sun Cancer moon personality. They are not overly concerned with romantic idealism and display a more pragmatic approach to dating and the selection of their mates.

Taurus Sun Cancer Moon + Ascendant Combinations

Taurus Sun Cancer Moon Aries Rising – In public, your instinct is to go forth with courage and gumption, but inside, you are always worried about the repercussions. You are more cautious and indirect than you often appear but when you are inspired with conviction, you have the capacity to move mountains.

Taurus Sun Cancer Moon Taurus Rising – You live in the world of your senses and seek to establish security and comfort in your lifestyle. Although you seem even keel on the outside, your emotions are often fluctuating in response to what goes on around you. You are likely fond of romance and a sucker for sappy sentimentality.

Taurus Sun Cancer Moon Gemini Rising – You come across as friendly and engaging if not a bit nervous and awkward. You feel things deeply but tend to change the subject rather than immerse yourself in your emotions. You tend to rationalize your feelings and communicate what you feel in a matter-of-fact way.

Taurus Sun Cancer Moon Cancer Rising – You come across as a sympathetic and receptive individual. Your heart goes out to people who need emotional support. You strive to create security and stability for yourself and the people you care about.

Taurus Sun Cancer Moon Leo Rising – You come across as someone with a healthy ego and confidence. You can be emotional and passionate and often go with what your heart or gut tells you. You can be a bit clingy and dependent on others for validation and compliments.

Taurus Sun Cancer Moon Virgo Rising – You are acutely aware of things that most people do not think much about. You can be neurotic and prone to undue worry because of the pressure you place on yourself. You tend to downplay your abilities and often avoid drawing excessive attention to yourself.

Taurus Sun Cancer Moon Libra Rising – You come across as a friendly and socially active person. You display a nice sense of style and have many attractive qualities. You detest violence and strive to be cordial and decent with everyone.

Taurus Sun Cancer Moon Scorpio Rising – You are a private individual with powers of insight. You are good at reading people and understanding them intuitively. You are very patient and tactical in your approach. You tend to take your time before making most decisions and stick by them once you do.

Taurus Sun Cancer Moon Sagittarius Rising – You value the importance of travel and experiencing a wide range of what life has to offer. You are most comfortable at home but you also enjoy exploring faraway places vicariously through books and movies.

Taurus Sun Cancer Moon Capricorn Rising – You are an industrious and competent individual. You come across as methodical and hard working but are also sensitive and conscientious. You have a knack for business and perform well in roles that require responsibility and diligence.

Taurus Sun Cancer Moon Aquarius Rising – On the outside, you appear distinctive, friendly yet detached. There is actually a lot of emotional depth to you and you are someone upon whom others can look to for emotional support.

Taurus Sun Cancer Moon Pisces Rising – People find you to be compassionate and understanding and they appreciate your quirky humor. You are a sincere and creative person who feels things on a deep level.

Robert Pattinson – Born: May 13, 1986
In: London (United Kingdom)
Sun: 22°07′ Taurus AS: 14°11′ Taurus
Moon: 8°17′ Cancer MC: 18°54′ Capricorn

Penélope Cruz – Born: April 28, 1974
In: Alcobendas (Spain)
Sun: 7°32′ Taurus AS: 28°48′ Aries
Moon: 22°53′ Cancer MC: 15°49′ Capricorn

Dave Gahan – Born: May 9, 1962
In: Chigwell (United Kingdom)
Sun: 18°04′ Taurus AS: 7°08′ Taurus
Moon: 21°21′ Cancer MC: 15°17′ Capricorn

Pierce Brosnan – Born: May 16, 1953
In: Drogheda, County Louth (Ireland)
Sun: 25°16′ Taurus
Moon: 6°24′ Cancer

Carmen Electra – Born: April 20, 1972
In: Cincinnati (OH) (United States)
Sun: 0°14′ Taurus AS: 4°41′ Capricorn
Moon: 26°32′ Cancer MC: 27°41′ Libra

David Icke – Born: April 29, 1952
In: Leicester (United Kingdom)
Sun: 9°21′ Taurus AS: 27°55′ Libra
Moon: 13°11′ Cancer MC: 7°53′ Leo

Johan Cruyff – Born: April 25, 1947
In: Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Sun: 4°27′ Taurus AS: 25°20′ Leo
Moon: 2°17′ Cancer MC: 12°31′ Taurus

Bettie Page – Born: April 22, 1923
In: Nashville (TN) (United States)
Sun: 1°13′ Taurus AS: 10°29′ Pisces
Moon: 9°10′ Cancer MC: 18°37′ Sagittarius

Lena Dunham – Born: May 13, 1986
In: New York (NY) (United States)
Sun: 22°36′ Taurus
Moon: 14°16′ Cancer

Tchaikovsky – Born: May 7, 1840
In: Perm (Russia)
Sun: 16°35′ Taurus AS: 6°43′ Cancer
Moon: 27°30′ Cancer MC: 21°23′ Aquarius

Socrates – Born: May 20, -466 (467 BC) (Julian cal.)
In: Athens (Greece)
Sun: 22°23′ Taurus
Moon: 25°54′ Cancer

Robert Oppenheimer – Born: April 22, 1904
In: New York (NY) (United States)
Sun: 1°58′ Taurus AS: 27°03′ Gemini
Moon: 23°28′ Cancer MC: 2°58′ Pisces

Soren Kierkegaard – Born: May 5, 1813
In: Copenhagen (Denmark)
Sun: 14°31′ Taurus AS: 28°50′ Leo
Moon: 20°49′ Cancer MC: 15°29′ Taurus

Willie Nelson – Born: April 30, 1933
In: Abbott (TX) (United States)
Sun: 9°28′ Taurus AS: 22°08′ Capricorn
Moon: 9°40′ Cancer MC: 10°36′ Scorpio

Valentino (fashion designer) – Born: May 11, 1932
In: Voghera (Italy)
Sun: 20°23′ Taurus AS: 13°43′ Cancer
Moon: 22°55′ Cancer MC: 19°16′ Pisces

Anthony Quinn – Born: April 21, 1915
In: Chihuahua (Mexico)
Sun: 0°35′ Taurus
Moon: 20°49′ Cancer

Emily Vancamp – Born: May 12, 1986
In: Port Perry, Ontario (Canada)
Sun: 21°38′ Taurus
Moon: 2°20′ Cancer

Erik Satie – Born: May 17, 1866
In: Honfleur (France)
Sun: 26°11′ Taurus AS: 2°13′ Leo
Moon: 4°52′ Cancer MC: 10°41′ Aries

Ulysses S. Grant – Born: April 27, 1822
In: Point Pleasant (OH) (United States)
Sun: 6°23′ Taurus AS: 16°18′ Capricorn
Moon: 23°03′ Cancer MC: 9°34′ Scorpio

Steve Winwood – Born: May 12, 1948
In: Birmingham (United Kingdom)
Sun: 21°20′ Taurus AS: 11°53′ Taurus
Moon: 0°13′ Cancer MC: 17°18′ Capricorn

Jason Biggs – Born: May 12, 1978
In: Pompton Plains (NJ) (United States)
Sun: 21°32′ Taurus AS: 10°44′ Leo
Moon: 22°10′ Cancer MC: 29°18′ Aries

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