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New Moon in Gemini: Horoscope for each Zodiac Sign

new moon gemini

A new moon starts on Monday, May 30 2023 and it will be in Gemini. The Moon is not visible in this phase as it is located too close to the Sun; however, this is the time when the Moon’s orbital motion around Earth brings it into alignment with the Sun, making it a perfect time to make wishes for the future. The energy of a new moon can be used to set intentions and plant the seeds for positive change. For example, if you want to manifest more love in your life, you can write down your intention on a piece of paper and place it under your pillow during the new moon. As you do this, imagine what it feels like to have your wish come true. The power of intention is strong, and by harnessing the energy of the new moon, you can bring your dreams into reality.

The aspect of the new moon in Gemini is one of curiosity and discovery. This is a time when we are open to new ideas and experiences. We are curious about the world around us and want to learn more. This is an ideal time for traveling, both physical and mental. We are also more communicative during this phase, and our words carry more weight. So be careful what you say, as it may have a greater impact than you intended. The new moon in Gemini is a time of new beginnings, when we are open to exploring the world and discovering all that it has to offer. This is an ideal time to start a new project, learn something new, or connect with others in a meaningful way. So whatever it is that you are hoping to manifest in your life, make sure to put your heart and mind into it during this potent New Moon phase.


At this point in time Aries, you will feel a greater sense of attunement to your immediate surroundings. You want to be around people and interact with them in a heartfelt and authentic way. Your ability to understand and identify with other people empathically is better right now. You have the motivation and willpower to express some things that have been on the back of your mind. Now is a good time to embark on new mentally stimulating challenges like starting a new book or learning a new skill. Additionally, you may be in the mood to travel or get around more, see the sights and really absorb your local environment in a way you haven’t before.


At this time, you are more likely to spend money on a whim and possibly engage in some emotional spending as well. Hopefully, you will do so only within the bounds of your budget. There may be some special items that you’ve been thinking about. Now may be the time to go ahead with the purchase or otherwise get serious about doing whatever you need to do to acquire them eventually. Objects of sentimental and nostalgic significance may also be at the forefront of your mind at this time. Your personal values are highlighted and you may feel emboldened to stand by and assert your opinions and convictions.

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For you Gemini, you may feel better able to integrate your feelings with your identity in a more constructive and healthy way. Your emotions and desires are in better sync with one another and you are able to shed some sanitizing light on your subconscious needs and motivations. You are likely to conduct yourself in a more sensitive and authentic manner perhaps with a bit more vulnerability and depth than you normally do. You are motivated to express what you really feel and articulate your thoughts and actions in a more sincere and personal manner.


For you Cancer, you may be taking inventory of your inner feelings and evaluating them through a more detached and universal lens. This is a chance to release yourself from some of the emotional baggage stemming from a wounded ego. Upon reflection you may discover and realize that a lot of the negative emotion and resentment possibly lingering in your mind are kind of meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Reframe your perspectives to focus on love, positivity and doing what makes you happy. Otherwise, you stand at risk of wasting valuable mental energy on toxic, emotionally draining trivialities.


You are in the mood to hang with friends and connect with others in a casual and convivial setting. This is a good time to join a club or expand your social circle or network. There is a spirit of generosity and idealism that motivates your actions right now. You can do a lot of good within your community or on a larger scale. Seize the opportunity to set some goals and take meaningful action towards their fulfillment. This can be an eventful chapter in your life if you allow it to be.


At the moment, you may have a chance at a fresh start in your professional life. You may be starting a new job, have an urge to explore a different career path or simply desire to clear the slate on your professional agenda. This is your chance to chart a new course and pursue a career path that might be more emotionally satisfying to you. Following your intuitions and feelings as a professional will likely bring successful outcomes.


This can be an especially fortuitous time for you dear Libra. You benefit if you can keep a lighthearted mood and openness. Doing so may attract interesting prospects and opportunities. You may be inspired to travel, learn or seek new and enlightening experiences. Your spiritual beliefs are highlighted and you may be somewhat sensitive to the troubling events unfolding around the world. The news these days may often sour your grapes but by maintaining a spirit of optimism you can be a blessing and ray of sunshine to others at the very least.


Your feelings are psychic-like in its sensitivity, Scorpio. At this time you may be especially attune to the motives and emotions of yourself and everyone around you. Right now, you have the capacity to bring healing and illuminating insight to the benefit of others. Emotionally, this may be an opportune time to successfully estrange yourself from the bond of those with whom you are unhappy. You are likely to feel motivated to get squared away with your finances and settle any debts and obligations you can.


You’re standing with others is of special concern to you at this time Sagittarius. The security and stability of your relationships is something you are compelled to devote attention and care to. You may become something of a chameleon in your attempt to be everything to everyone you care about. Fortunately, you may be able to earn some degree of popularity with others, striking the right chord and hitting the right notes. If you go on a date, you are likely to hit it off well or at least leave a good impression whether or not it leads to anything lasting.


At work, you are feeling emotionally attached to what you do, Capricorn. Hopefully, you are not enduring a toxic work environment. If you are, this may be an auspicious time to do something about it. Furthermore, you may be able to set the tone for coworkers and colleagues on how to improve and make things better for everyone. People will appreciate your conscientious efforts and this may be an opportunity for you to showcase how you really feel about the people you work with which may improve work relations and team cohesion.


With the dawn of this new moon, you are in the mood for new romance and excitement, Aquarius. This is a propitious time to play the field and mingle if you are single. Sparks are likely to fly or at the very least you will have fun. Creative endeavors are likely to be fruitful at this time, so feel free to be bold and experiment adventurously. You may find that you are able to articulate your creative ideas and inspirations with greater clarity and depth.

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For you dear Pisces, life at home may be the primacy of your concern. It may be that you feel the need to spend more time at home or that there are domestic concerns in need of your attention. This is a good time to do some house cleaning so to speak and get your room in order. Not just in your physical home but also with regards to your emotional headspace. This is a good time to clear your head and recharge yourself before you go out and confront the world with whatever ideas and plans you have in mind.

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