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10 Famous People Born During a Lunar Eclipse

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One of the most important astrological events is a lunar eclipse, which occurs when the sun, earth, and moon align in such a way that the moon is obscured by the earth’s shadow.

There are three types of lunar eclipse: total, partial, and penumbral. During a total eclipse, the entire moon is obscured by the earth’s shadow. A partial eclipse occurs when only a portion of the moon is in shadow, while a penumbral eclipse happens when the moon passes through the earth’s outer shadow. Each type of eclipse has a different effect on the moon’s appearance. A total eclipse causes the moon to turn a deep red or coppery color, while a partial eclipse results in only a portion of the moon being darkened. A penumbral eclipse generally goes unnoticed, as it causes only a slight darkening of the moon’s surface.

Throughout history, lunar eclipses have been seen as omens of doom and disaster. Those who are born during a lunar eclipse are said to be destined for greatness. While there is no scientific evidence to support these claims, Lunar eclipse babies are believed to be more sensitive and compassionate than others and may be more in tune with their emotions and the emotions of others. This heightened sensitivity can be both a blessing and a curse, but it ultimately allows lunar eclipse babies to lead more authentic and fulfilling lives.

They may also be creative and imaginative, with a deep understanding of the human psyche. People born during a lunar eclipse may find themselves drawn to careers in the arts or psychology, where they can use their unique insights to help others. Whatever path they choose, those with lunar eclipse energies are sure to make their mark on the world. Here is a list of 10 public figures who came into this world during a lunar eclipse, some of which might surprise you.

image credit_ Hugo Burnand _ Clarence House _ PA Media
image credit: Hugo Burnand _ Clarence House _ PA Media

1. Kate Middleton: Born January 9, 1982 (blood moon in Cancer)

According to legend, a blood moon is an omen of bad luck. On the night of January 9, 1982, a blood moon in the sign of Cancer loomed over the town of Reading, England, where Kate Middleton was born. Coincidence? Some might say so. But others believe that the blood moon was a sign that Middleton was destined for greatness.

After all, she would go on to marry Prince William and become the Duchess of Cambridge. And while she has faced her share of challenges over the years, she has always managed to rise above them with grace and dignity. Whether or not you believe in omens, there’s no denying that Kate Middleton is one of the most fascinating women of our time.

Chris Pizzello _ Invision_Associated Press
Chris Pizzello: Invision_Associated Press

2. Jonah Hill: Born December 20, 1983 (Penumbral lunar eclipse in Cancer)

Jonah Hill was born during a penumbral lunar eclipse in Cancer on December 20, 1983. Jonah Hill is an American actor, writer, and director. He is best known for his roles in the films ‘Superbad’, ‘Knocked Up’, and ’21 Jump Street’. Hill began his career in comedy, writing and starring in the film ‘Clerks II’. He has since appeared in a wide variety of films, including the Academy Award-winning ‘Moneyball’ and the Martin Scorsese-directed ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. In addition to his work in front of the camera, Hill has also directed two films: the coming-of-age comedy ‘Mid90s’ and the action-comedy ’22 Jump Street’.

He is set to reprise his role as Schmidt in the upcoming third installment of the ‘Jump Street’ franchise. He has achieved all this despite being born during an inauspicious astrological event – proving that the stars don’t always align as we expect them to. For Jonah Hill, this may explain his success in both comedy and drama roles. He has the ability to tap into both the light and dark side of human nature, making him a uniquely gifted actor. Whatever the reasons for his talent, there’s no denying that Jonah Hill is one of Hollywood’s brightest stars.

image credit_ Gage Skidmore
image credit: Gage Skidmore

3. Donald J. Trump: Born June 14, 1946 (blood moon in Sagittarius)

Donald J. Trump was born on June 14, 1946, during a total blood moon in Sagittarius. His birth coincided with a period of great upheaval in the world, as World War II had only recently ended and the Cold War was beginning to take shape. Trump’s birth chart is said to be very powerful, with an emphasis on Mars and the Sun. These planets are associated with ambition, aggression, and ego.

The fact that Trump was born during a total eclipse is also significant, as this phenomenon is often seen as an omen of great change. In Trump’s case, it foretold a life full of drama and controversy including his rise to the presidency. From his early days as a real estate developer to his role as the 45th president of the United States, Trump has never been one to shy away from the spotlight. While there are many factors that have contributed to Trump’s success, it is interesting to note that his birth coincided with one of the most significant events in history.

image credit_ Jordan Strauss_Invision_AP
image credit: Jordan Strauss_Invision_AP

4. Jack Harlow: Born March 13, 1998 (penumbral lunar eclipse in Virgo)

Jack Harlow was born March 13, 1998, in Louisville, Kentucky during a penumbral eclipse in Virgo. Harlow is now a successful rapper and songwriter. He has released several mixtapes and singles, including “What’s Poppin’” and “First Class.” In addition, he has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the music industry, such as Lil Wayne and Chris Brown. There’s no doubt that Harlow is a rising star in the world of hip hop.

He began writing songs as a teenager, and eventually caught the attention of a local record label. In 2018, he released his debut mixtape, Loose. The project was well-received by critics and fans alike, and Jack quickly became one of the most buzzed-about young rappers in the game. His meteoric rise to fame is a testament to his immense talent – and perhaps also to the cosmic alignment that occurred on the night he was born.

JonBenet Ramsey
JonBenet Ramsey on People Magazine

5. JonBenet Ramsey: Born August 6, 1990 (partial blood moon in Aquarius)

JonBenet Ramsey was born on August 6, 1990, during a partial eclipse in Aquarius. JonBenet was a six-year-old girl who made headlines in 1996 after she was found murdered in her home in Boulder, Colorado. JonBenet’s case remains unsolved, and her murder has been the subject of intense speculation and public scrutiny.

JonBenet was a beautiful child, and her death has been described as a “tragedy” and a “nightmare.” JonBenet’s family has been through a lot since her murder, and they continue to hope that one day her killer will be brought to justice. In the meantime, they have established the JonBenet Ramsey Foundation, which is dedicated to helping other families affected by violence.

Howie Mandel on the set of AMT
Howie Mandel on the set of AMT

6. Howie Mandel: Born November 29, 1955 (partial blood moon in Gemini)

Howie Mandel is a comedian known for his voice acting in the animated children’s show “Bobby’s World.” He has also been a judge on the TV show “America’s Got Talent.” In 2009, he was inducted into the Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame. In addition to his work in comedy, Mandel is also an accomplished magician and has appeared in several television specials. He has been married to his wife Terry since 1980 and they have three children together.

In an interview, Mandel spoke about how OCD has affected his life. He explained that he was diagnosed with the condition when he was a child, and that it has always been a part of his life. OCD can be a debilitating condition, but Mandel has learned to live with it. He takes medication to help control his symptoms, and he has developed coping mechanisms that allow him to live a relatively normal life. Despite the challenges of OCD, Mandel has found success in his career and is an inspiration to others who are living with the condition.

Anthony Fantano @theneedledrop
Anthony Fantano @theneedledrop

7. Anthony Fantano: Born October 28, 1985 (blood moon in Taurus)

Anthony Fantano was born under a total lunar eclipse on October 28, 1985. Fantano is a YouTuber known for his in-depth music reviews and insightful commentary. His knowledge of music and willingness to experiment with new sounds has earned him a loyal following among music lovers. While some have criticized Fantano for his lack of formal training, there’s no denying that he has a true passion for music.

In recent years, Fantano has also become known for his frank discussions of mental health and depression. His openness about his own struggles has inspired others to seek help and start important conversations about mental health. Fantano’s unique blend of wit, wisdom, and musical expertise has made him one of the most respected voices in the online audio community.

Michael Chandler at 2012 MTV Movie Awards
Michael Chandler at 2012 MTV Movie Awards

8. Michael Chandler: Born April 24, 1986 (blood moon in Scorpio)

Michael Chandler is a professional MMA fighter who has competed in Bellator and the UFC. He is a former Bellator Lightweight World Champion, and is also a two-time NCAA Division I All-American wrestler. He began his MMA career in 2009, and he has since compiled an impressive record of 23 wins and 7 losses. In 2020, Chandler signed with the UFC, and he is currently ranked #5 in the UFC lightweight division. Chandler is widely considered to be one of the best lightweight fighters in the world, and he brings a wealth of experience and skill to the Octagon.

Will Sasso
Will Sasso

9. Will Sasso: Born May 24, 1975 (blood moon in Scorpio)

Will Sasso is an actor and comedian who was born during a total lunar eclipse on May 24, 1975 in Ladner, British Columbia, Canada, to a family of Italian descent. He first gained prominence on the sketch comedy show MADtv, where he impersonated celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. He has also appeared in a number of films and television shows, including Three Stooges and Curb Your Enthusiasm. It was his role as Curly in The Three Stooges that truly made him a household name. Sasso has since reprised his role in a number of spin-offs and cameo appearances. Thanks to his enduring popularity, it’s safe to say that Sasso has made quite a name for himself.

image credit_ Brian Solis
image credit: Brian Solis

10. Damon Wayans: Born September 4, 1960 (blood moon in Pisces)

Damon Wayans was born on September 4, 1960, during a total lunar eclipse. His mother, Elaine, was a homemaker, and his father, Howell Wayans, was a supermarket manager. Damon was the fourth of ten children. Damon went on to become a successful actor, writer, and producer. A successful comedian, actor, writer, and producer, Damon Wayans is best known for his work on the sketch comedy series In Living Color. Wayans first came to prominence as a cast member of the show, where he created some of the most iconic characters, including Homey D. Clown and Men on Film. He also went on to star in several popular movies, such as Major Payne and The Last Boy Scout. In recent years, Wayans has starred in the sitcoms My Wife and Kids and Lethal Weapon. He has also produced and directed a number of films. A versatile entertainer with a sharp sense of humor, Damon Wayans is one of the most successful comedians of his generation.

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