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33 Strong Signs You’re a True INFP


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Who doesn’t love an INFP? They’re sincere, loyal and their heads are filled with love and magic. If there is any doubt as to whether you are one, here is a checklist of 33 signs to consider.

  1. You have the capacity to feel compassion for even the most hideous creatures (ie: tarantulas).
  2. You are easily offended and find it hard not to take criticism personally.
  3. Your mood swings tend to be extreme. You experience exuberant highs and depressive lows.
  4. Even if you are shy or introverted, you long to experience deep emotional connections with others.
  5. You tend to value the company of animals more than that of humans.
  6. Your imagination is an energizing retreat from the sometimes cold reality that demoralizes you.
  7. You like to help others but do not want to bother others with your problems.
  8. People feel comfortable confiding in you and come to you when seeking a sympathetic ear.
  9. You get a euphoric “buzz” after receiving gratitude or praise for something noble or helpful you’ve done.
  10. The opinions of others and the impact of your actions on them really matter to you.
  11. If possible, you would rather see a serial killer reformed and redeemed than simply executed.
  12. People sometimes try to take advantage of you because of how nice you are.
  13. You are not naturally firm and “laying down the law” is a challenge for you unless you are angry or stressed to the limit.
  14. You read self-help 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=cf12868d1d2e9d820f1b04d193e708ec& cb=1495867019075
  15. You volunteer your time, suffer physically and still feel like you have to do more because there’s so much need out there.
  16. You easily and sometimes very intensely get emotionally invested in fictional characters.
  17. You rarely give up on people.
  18. Mean remarks can easily take the wind out of your sails.
  19. You are willing to drive further to go to a different store where you won’t have to encounter unpleasant customer service people.
  20. You notice changes in people even when they’re acting completely the same as usual.
  21. You are moved to tears when someone (less fortunate than you in some way) tells you, that you’ve made their day.
  22. Under stress, you will hit an irrational boiling point so fast, you almost seem bipolar.
  23. Seeing other people upset makes you feel uncomfortable. It physically hurts you to see someone embarrassed can cringe and blush on behalf of others.
  24. You have never been angry with someone without eventually feeling guilty about it.
  25. You always seem to take the blame and give the credit.
  26. You silently apologize to a spider you are about to kill.
  27. You can literally be depressed for weeks about a tragic story you heard on the news.
  28. You are a hopeless romantic.
  29. You help every person in need… even if the person that you’re helping has been a complete ass to you.
  30. You know how your pets are feeling! Or at least you think you do.
  31. You overhear (what you interpret as) a cruel joke and feel bad for whoever is the butt of the joke.
  32. Simple things like the word ‘Pudding’ Make you laugh!
  33. An INFP sometimes forgets what people say, but always remember how they made them feel.

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