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The 16 Personality types If They Were President

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Being president is a position only a privileged few will get to experience. Holding political office requires a level of propriety and leadership that not everybody can handle. Most U.S. presidents of the past have been identified as Guardian types, ESTJ, ISTJ, ESFJ, ISFJ. More recent POTUSes like Obama (ENFJ), Bill Clinton (ESFP) and Donald Trump (ESTP) have provided examples of how other MBTI types too can operate as the executive in chief. Here is a general assessment of how each of the 16 MBTI types may differ as president.


As president, INFJ may struggle a bit with anxiety and giving public speeches. For this reason, they would likely delegate their Vice president to handle a lot of the public aspects of being president while INFJ works more directly with leaders and representatives on a more intimate level. INFJ’s priority would likely be to focus on social problems like poverty and health care and take measures to create economic prosperity for all citizens. INFJ would be a very idealistic president inclined to exercise a lot of diplomacy and attempt to foster cooperation with all nations. People might criticize them for being too soft and unrealistic. INFJ would definitely be opposed to militaristic intervention but at the same time, feel strongly compelled to take action against nations that commit crimes against humanity. An INFJ president would likely be very sensitive to public opinion of their performance in office and actively avoid reading any negative press about themselves to protect their sanity.


The ENFJ president is likely to be marked by the special connection they establish with the people. They know how to play to the public and inspire them with their starry-eyed idealism. As president, ENFJ would likely enjoy engaging with the press and giving speeches that are inspiring and heartwarming. Their opponents may criticize them for promising more than they can deliver and perhaps using too much power in carrying out their agenda. ENFJs may be able to get away with a lot thanks to their charming persona and ability to capture the minds and hearts of the people. Their efficacy as president will largely depend on their ability to engender the support and cooperation of the populace. Getting people on board with their vision is their greatest skill but they will likely rely on the logistical talents of their counsel to figure out how to make their ideas a reality.


As president, the INTJ is liable to be a very stoic and professional-looking president who brings an element of gravitas to the oval office. They will likely earn respect for their composure and conduct and also their direct and to-the-point style of communication. At the same time, because of their private nature, the public may perceive them as hiding something or not giving full disclosure as to what they are really up to. If they are not careful, the INTJ president can come across as a bit shifty or someone with a hidden agenda. Nevertheless, whatever the INTJ president focuses on, they approach with great caution and calculation. They think long-term and can devise effective plans that leverage their strong foresight. The INTJ president will likely be more focused on resolving and improving systemic issues that require technical insight and large picture thinking to understand and address properly.


The ENTJ president just reeks of competence and confidence. Straight out the gate, they will set about taking effective steps of action and getting everything in order. They will waste no time and will seek to make their term in office a most productive one. The ENTJ president can easily command the respect and cooperation of their constituents. Although they can be bossy and are inclined to be very commanding (and a bit egotistical) people can’t help but feel like ENTJ knows what they’re doing. They seem to embody what you would want from a presidential leader and they are able to get results. This is not to say that they get everything right, especially when they have to reconcile and balance their political agenda alongside public opinion. People may feel that the ENTJ is a bit out of touch with the concerns and needs of the everyday person. ENTJ is typically interested in laying the groundwork for the future they envision and funding bold programs for technological innovation.


The INTP president is likely to be a very thoughtful and innovative leader. They may do many things differently in terms of customs and rituals associated with the presidency. The INTP president will likely be inclined to skip a lot of the pomp and circumstance and for the most, they may operate in a very low key behind the scenes manner. When they deal with the public, the persona they project may be a little quirky, sarcastically humorous and self-aware. INTP may be sensitive to other people’s perception of them as president. Negative press and criticism can get under their skin especially if it is inaccurate or false sensationalism. As president, INTP would likely make a significant effort to help the people and be a very humanitarian leader. They would likely work hard to find ingenious solutions to the persistent social and economic problems that hurt and divide society.


The ENTP president is someone who is irreverent but charismatic. They enjoy the theatrics of being president and looking cool while doing it. They are inclined to be characters who make jest and try to poke fun during even tense situations. As president, ENTP is inclined to try new things and propose innovative solutions and legislative ideas. ENTP’s critics may complain that they are feckless, unrealistic and trying to ruin the country with their sacrilegious policies. ENTP will likely be in favor of pushing for things on interest factor alone. Furthermore, the ENTP president is inclined to be someone who does not have a strong overarching plan or agenda that they are trying to push. They may rely heavily on their coterie of advisors and experts to help figure out the logistics of making their plans a reality. More likely, their approach to the presidency is likely to be characterized by a desire to be different and leave a legacy that will be remembered fondly by history.


The INFP president is someone who will likely put first the interests of the people and try to use their presidential power to affect social change and progress. As president, INFP will likely try to exercise their Te especially when their competency as a leader is called into question by their critics. They may be perceived as soft, hippy-dippy and unrealistic. The INFP president may aim to accomplish some pretty ambitious goals revolving around social reform. They are likely to focus their gaze on things like raising the minimum wage, universal basic income, and other socialist ideas as a means of stemming poverty and protecting the lower and middle class from the upcoming economic takeover by robots. INFP may rely on the input of their counsel but they may largely be stubborn and intractable when it comes to sticking to their values even when it flies in the face of logical pragmatism.


The ENFP president is a leader with natural charm and rapport with the public. They may enjoy a healthy amount of popularity and positive approval ratings based on personality alone. As president, they enjoy interacting with the press and public and they do so with a lot of warmth and congeniality. As president, the ENFP would likely rely on their capacity to inspire and motivate others around their goals. They would probably put a lot of effort into fostering a collaborative atmosphere and open channels of communication be it with the people or with the other branches of government. The ENFP president will be keen to make an impact on the world and may especially shine at boosting the morale of the nation during a time of crisis or tragedy.


An ISTJ president is likely to be reserved and dignified and someone who prefers to lead from behind. As president, the ISTJ may be most interested in bolstering the country’s economic health and tweaking taxation. An ISTJ president is likely to emphasize fiscal responsibility and will likely seek to rein in the budget and save money by cutting out unnecessary programs. ISTJs may, by and large, prefer a more conservative and smaller form of government. Furthermore, the ISTJ president is likely to know the Constitution up and down as well as possess an impressive body of knowledge about laws and regulations. They are likely to express a strongly patriotic attitude and respect and admiration for the servicemen and servicewomen who defend the country.

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The ESTJ president is likely to relish the power and authority they wield as the Executive in Chief. They are poised to command a lot of respect for their tough-minded and capable form of leadership but may not offer the sort of inspirational idealism that the ENFJ would promote. They are likely to make no bones about what they intend to do and won’t resist calling shots from the very outset of their presidency. The ESTJ president will likely take an interest in executing their plans with efficiency and competence. They are not inclined kowtow to their opponents or back down from a political confrontation.


The ESFJ president is liable to put a lot of emphasis on social programs. They would likely promote progressive and inclusive policies that leave no citizen behind. As president, the ESFJ may take pleasure in the opportunity to address the nation and keep them posted about what they are doing and trying to accomplish. Regardless of their personal views, the ESFJ president would seek to be highly respectful of all the customs, traditions and duties associated with the office of president and would seek to uphold them responsibly. Critics of the ESFJ’s performance as president may include their bipartisan unwillingness to take a hard stance on anything. And, despite their best intentions, in the pursuit of carrying out their humanitarian goals, ESFJ may make decisions while failing to consider the contingent logistical ramifications that come with it.


The ISFJ president is likely to feel especially humbled by the magnitude of responsibility associated with the honor of being president. They may be rather serious and dutiful in carrying out this role for which they may be very intimidated as an introvert. As president, the ISFJ will no doubt uphold the dignity of the position and strive to make their country proud. Under the ISFJ presidency, there will likely be little in the way of radical change but ISFJ may work to get the budget under control and rein in the government spending. They may adopt a more isolationist policy that focuses first on their own country and getting its house in order. Furthermore, the ISFJ president may set about doing some “house cleaning” so to speak and cutting down on wasteful practices and policies. They may focus on consolidation and conservation of resources and try to create as much sustainability and security for the long term future of their nation.


The ESFP president is likely to treat their job as the commander in chief like the performance role of a lifetime. Whatever they do, they do it with charm and humor. They bring levity to the oval office that helps take the edge off even the more stressful aspects of being president. As president, the ESFP is likely to enjoy handling public relations and meeting with foreign dignitaries with whom they are bound to leave a great impression. Because they are so likable and nice, the country is bound to be on as good of terms with other nations as you could hope for. Critics of the ESFP presidency may perceive them as being more interested in the glitz and glamour of being president than carrying out serious political agendas. The ESFP president may occasionally make impulsive and ill-advised decisions on account of their strong but capricious emotions. They may find themselves in compromising and humiliating situations of their own doing when they allow their feelings to cloud their judgment.


The ISFP president may be more elusive than the ESFP president but carries much of the same qualities and strengths. They above all will set about making themselves comfortable in the role they must play and they will likely take creative liberties in fashioning their workspace and office to their liking. They may spend very little time in the office though and may prefer an ad hoc work environment that is maybe outdoors or in some unconventional location. As president, the ISFP may be noted for their private and soft-spoken demeanor. They may seem enigmatic but are eager sincere and passionate about delivering on whatever promise their presidential campaign proclaimed which might include restoration, renovation, and revitalization of infrastructure and giving dilapidated and impoverished areas of the country a gorgeous makeover. The ISFP president may also have programs for mental health and rehabilitation as a focus in their agenda.

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As president, ESTP will immediately seek to test and flex their power and grab the bull by the horns so to speak. They will likely go on a lot of field trips in between the administrative stuff. Their objective is to get a lot done in a short amount of time but like all presidents, they will discover that Congress can make that very difficult. The tenuous process of getting bills passed through Congress may be the biggest bane to the ESTP’s presidency. This can make it very tempting for them to abuse their executive orders to override and circumvent the obstructions of Congress and accomplish what they want to accomplish. Public opinion about them may be divided. On the one hand, ESTP may be admired for their chutzpah and assertiveness but on the other hand, they may be despised as a despot or someone who is seen as abusing their power as president and disrespecting the democratic process. In ESTP’s mind, they just want to make things happen and not allow their opposition to cause their term in office to be a failure in getting anything substantive done.


The ISTP president is someone who likely does not pay lip service to the political pundits, parties and critics. Despite this, they may nonetheless be sensitive to criticism although they maintain a rather phlegmatic and dispassionate public demeanor. They want to be appreciated and respected for their performance as president however and will strive to get things done and make their term in office count. As president, ISTP may be particularly interested in focusing on National defense and military spending. They are likely to be very shrewd but personable. The ISTP president will likely bring a lot of gritty personability to the oval office. Their communication style will likely be terse and to the point but also a bit irreverent. They may seem especially relatable to the common working class citizen and this aspect can add to their appeal and popularity.

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