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The 5 Stages of INTP Anger

intp anger

INTPs have emotions like everyone else, but managing them effectively can be challenging to them. They tend to bury and ignore negative emotion because they scarcely understand what they are feeling and have almost no comfortable way of expressing it. When INTPs become angry, it is likely due to an issue they have avoided, or allowed to persist for too long. Here is the progression of INTP anger in 5 stages.

Stage 1: INTP responds with sarcasm and gives smart-ass answers. They question the purpose validity, and justification for things they are being told or asked of. They may do this to an obnoxious degree and become slightly uncooperative.

Stage 2: INTP develops a salty attitude and stops sharing their opinions because they are convinced you will not listen to them anyway. They now cease to care and respond to questions with very terse and dismissive responses. They don’t bother to elaborate or give further insight, seeing it as no longer worth the effort.

Stage 3: INTP begins withdrawing and gives you the silent treatment. Whatever social rapport they may have had with you is now one-sided. They speak only when addressed directly. Otherwise they do not initiate any communication and trying to get information out of them becomes like pulling teeth.

Stage 4: INTP stops showing signs of dissent. They comply with requests in an almost unthinking and numb way. This is not because they have changed their tune. This is the midpoint in the transition from critical thinker to emotional outburst.

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Stage 5: In their mind, INTP has acquired enough evidence and connected enough dots to validate their anger and now they finally snap. A barrage of unbottled fury is unleashed as INTP mercilessly lambastes the object of their anger with detailed criticisms and insults that really sting because of how accurate and truthful they are.

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