sun in sagittarius moon in cancer

Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon Personality

Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon Lively yet sometimes shy, the Sagittarius Sun Cancer moon man or woman is a dynamic individual with strong emotions. They are fun and enthusiastic especially when among people they are close and comfortable with. Creative and curious, they enjoy immersing themselves with new things and experiences and they have no problem…
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Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon

Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon Personality

Hyper-Protective Scorpion – The scorpio sun Cancer moon man or woman exudes strength and sensitivity. They are wired to look after and protect the people they care about and are likely to make great parents and leaders. They are tremendously resilient and able to cope with and overcome all sorts of emotionally distressing events. The Scorpio-Cancer sun moon combination softens some of the intensity of Scorpio’s edge. They are deeply intuitive and adept at picking up on subtext and detecting lies. They often love mysteries and history.

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