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John F. Kennedy’s Birth Chart

jfk birth chart

Born on May 29, 1917, in Brookline, Massachusetts, John F. Kennedy served in both the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate before becoming the 35th president in 1961. As president, Kennedy faced a number of foreign crises, especially in Cuba and Berlin, but managed to secure such achievements as the Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty and the Alliance for Progress. On November 22, 1963, Kennedy was assassinated while riding in a motorcade in Dallas, Texas.

John F. Kennedy, nicknamed “Jack,” was the second oldest of a group of nine extraordinary siblings. His brothers and sisters include Eunice Kennedy, the founder of the Special Olympics; Robert Kennedy, a U.S. Attorney General; and Ted Kennedy, one of the most powerful senators in American history. The Kennedy children remained close-knit and supportive of each other throughout their entire lives. [edit] JFK chart

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” – JFK

Moon in Pisces/Moon in House IX
Life rhythms are marked by detachment from customs and outdated habits.
Loner tendencies with a need for solitude. Real serenity can exist only
when living according to inner demands. With the Moon in the 9th House,
the world is like extended family. There’s a need to widen the private world,
and link unknown matters with familiar ones.

The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth.” – JFK

Midheaven in Aries
A desire to build everything, and build it bigger and better than
before. Incapacity to settle, with a constant thirst for revival.
Dynamic and independent: all these factors contribute to turn the
destiny into a roller coaster, but this does not really upset you since
the most important thing for you is that you never get bored and that
you can use up all your energy.

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Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.” – JFK

Ascendant in Cancer
You are dreamy, with a psychological nature that is oriented towards
nostalgia for things past, towards your mother and your family. Your
instinct and your need to protect yourself from the outside world are
highly developed. Your inner life is rich, with a vivid and even
unlimited imagination.

Once you say you’re going to settle for second, that’s what happens to you in life.” – JFK

Pluto in Libra/Pluto in House IV
It is impossible to stick a label on these people, and no model can
encapsulate them. They feel they are the bearer of a truth which eludes
ordinary people, parents, and the circles in which they move. When it
is well-integrated, this peculiarity may prove a powerful drive for

Sure it’s a big job; but I don’t know anyone who can do it better than I can.” JFK

True Lilith 24°00′ Я Taurus, in House XI
Assertive, combative, and haughty character endowed with leadership
abilities. One prefers forceful means to dialogue and arouses much
hatred. One makes the difference between one’s few genuine friends and
all the numerous flatterers.


Positions of Planets

Sun 7°51′ Gemini
Moon 17°13′ Virgo
Mercury 20°36′ Taurus
Venus 16°45′ Gemini
Mars 18°26′ Taurus
Jupiter 23°03′ Taurus
Saturn 27°10′ Cancer
Uranus 23°43′ Я Aquarius
Neptune 2°40′ Leo
Pluto 3°16′ Cancer
Chiron 29°26′ Pisces
Ceres 12°46′ Virgo
Pallas 22°16′ Leo
Juno 13°07′ Aquarius
Vesta 25°45′ Pisces
Node 11°15′ Я Capricorn
Lilith 21°51′ Я Leo
Fortune 29°22′ Capricorn
AS 20°00′ Libra
MC 23°46′ Cancer

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Planets in Houses

Sun House 8
Moon House 11
Mercury House 8
Venus House 8
Mars House 8
Jupiter House 8
Saturn House 10
Uranus House 4
Neptune House 10
Pluto House 9
Chiron House 6
Ceres House 11
Pallas House 10
Juno House 4
Vesta House 6
Node House 3
Lilith House 10
Fortune House 4

Positions of Houses

House 1 20°00′ Libra
House 2 17°20′ Scorpio
House 3 19°02′ Sagittarius
House 4 23°46′ Capricorn
House 5 27°18′ Aquarius
House 6 26°15′ Pisces
House 7 20°00′ Aries
House 8 17°20′ Taurus
House 9 19°02′ Gemini
House 10 23°46′ Cancer
House 11 27°18′ Leo
House 12 26°15′ Virgo

List of Aspects

Mercury Conjunction Mars Orb 2°09′
Mercury Conjunction Jupiter Orb 2°27′
Saturn Conjunction MC Orb 3°23′
Mars Conjunction Jupiter Orb 4°36′
Saturn Conjunction Neptune Orb 5°30′
Neptune Conjunction MC Orb 8°53′
Sun Conjunction Venus Orb 8°54′
Moon Square Venus Orb 0°27′
Jupiter Square Uranus Orb 0°40′
Mercury Square Uranus Orb 3°07′
Mars Square Uranus Orb 5°17′
Saturn Square AS Orb 7°09′
Moon Trine Mars Orb 1°13′
Venus Trine AS Orb 3°15′
Moon Trine Mercury Orb 3°23′
Uranus Trine AS Orb 3°43′
Moon Trine Jupiter Orb 5°50′
Venus Trine Uranus Orb 6°58′
Jupiter Sextile MC Orb 0°43′
Mercury Sextile MC Orb 3°10′
Jupiter Sextile Saturn Orb 4°06′
Sun Sextile Neptune Orb 5°10′
Mars Sextile MC Orb 5°20′
Uranus Inconjunction MC Orb 0°03′
Mercury Inconjunction AS Orb 0°35′
Mars Inconjunction AS Orb 1°33′
Mars SemiSquare Pluto Orb 0°09′
Moon SemiSquare Neptune Orb 0°27′
Sun SemiSquare MC Orb 0°55′
Venus SemiSquare Neptune Orb 0°55′
Mercury Quintile Neptune Orb 0°04′
Neptune SemiSextile Pluto Orb 0°35′

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